What are headaches?

At least 50 percent of people has suffered from headaches at some point in their lives. Headaches are a common ailment that can arise from a number of physical problems.

How to treat headaches

The vast majority of headaches are harmless and can be treated with a pain reliever. However, self-treating headaches may run risks and rather than treating the problem you may just be getting accustomed to medicines.

Healthy lifestyle

Keeping a healthy lifestyle, good diet and exercising regularly can help to fight stress and the many factors that cause anxiety, which may prevent headaches.

Tension fighting yoga

Because tension and anxiety often bring on headaches, different yoga poses -which favor relaxation- may be very beneficial to prevent and relieve headaches and migraines.

Massaging the pain away

Some relaxing and tension relieving massages may be very effective in relieving headaches.

Harmonizing shiatsu

Shiatsu is a traditional Oriental technique dating back thousands of years, involving finger pressure. It can fight against headaches, especially those brought on by stress.

Secret Chinese finger techniques

Among the different manual therapies, Chinese massages may be particularly effective in treating headaches, neck tension and fatigue.

Do-it-yourself massages

These self-massages are ideal for fighting against headaches. They are simple, they don't require too much preparation and can be done at any moment.

Massages area-by-area

There are a number of specific massages that may relieve headaches, depending on the area affected by the pain.

Relief from the feet

Reflexology has been used as a natural healing art for thousands of years in China, Malaysia and India. The technique helps overall health and relieves aches and pains by the application of pressure on the base of the foot, toes, edges of the heel, palms of the hands and upper part of the hands.

Serenity with water

For thousands of years ancient cultures have used water as a natural medicine to treat a number of ailments, especially those brought on by stress or excessive tension. It is an effective therapy for many ailments, including headaches.

More solutions

Acupuncture, gem therapy, chromotherapy, and magnetic therapy may work as other effective alternative remedies for headaches. We've put together a brief summary of each.

Nature's way of helping

Nature provides us with a number of medicinal plants that can be very helpful in treating our health and fighting against headaches. There are also a number of essential oils (mentioned in the Essential oils from A to Z box) for external use, they are extracted from botanical plants and can be used on the skin or for their aroma.

Headache fighting foods

Headaches are not isolated occurrences. They are symptoms of a number of physical and mental imbalances.

Detoxifying diet

A weekly detoxifying diet can be a great way to accompany a treatment for headaches, because it cleans toxins from the body and energizes the mind and body. This diet is indicated only if the person is healthy and has consulted his doctor.