What are allergies?

An allergy is a catch-all word for a wide variety of reactions to substances such as pollen, cat hair, or other substances that the body determines to be foreign. Statistics state that nearly 15 percent of the current population suffers from allergies, and in some cases serious allergies.

What can trigger allergies?

There are a number of different allergy-causing substances a person might react to, depending on their genetics. These are some of the most frequent allergens, allergy diagnosis and treatments.

Anti-allergenic house

Our homes are our sanctuary for getting away from every day tension. However, they aren't always allergy free.

Prevention is best…

The key in treating any allergy is preventing exposure to the trigger allergen. Since this isn't always possible, there are a number of other ways to reduce symptoms for some cases, such as hay fever and insect bites.

Exercises, yes or no?

For decades physical exercise and sports were discouraged for allergy and asthma sufferers, especially among children and young adults. Exercise, is an important activity for everyone, including patients who have asthma or other allergic disorders.

Emotional balance

Beyond physical allergen factors that trigger a crisis, it's known that emotional tension can also play a factor in triggering an allergic reaction. Breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditation techniques can be beneficial exercises for preventing and relieving symptoms.

Yoga, a moving philosophy

Calming the nervous system, relaxing body and mind and harmonizing emotional states are the three fundamental conditions needed to help prevent and relieve allergic reactions. Yoga helps us to attain these three objectives through the practice of certain postures or asanas.

Healthy energy

Reiki is a natural healing art for personal growth using the hands. This ancient technique is not only beneficial for physical health but also emotional and mental well-being.

The power of water

Water is one of the most powerful curing sources in nature, with therapeutic and preventative properties. Using hydrotherapy techniques is simple and inexpensive.

Reflexes and well-being

Foot reflexology is a massage technique based on ancient Oriental medicine. Today, this therapy is widely known as a complementary treatment, used in clinics and hospitals throughout the world.

Healthy aromas

Aromatherapy is the practice of therapeutically using pure aromas, as a natural treatment for a number of disorders, among them allergies. This treatment is a good complementary therapy to help to reestablish physical and psychological balance and harmony.

Natural relief

There are a number of medicinal herbs that might be very beneficial for the prevention and relief of allergy symptoms. The following is a guide to many therapeutic plants, with simple recipes to be used every day.

What causes food allergies?

In treating food allergies, the first step is finding out what foods you are allergic to, keeping in mind that many times they may be several. Food and allergic reactions vary from person to person.

Defenses get ready to act!

The most sure and simple treatment for getting over an allergy is avoiding the allergen itself, but also reinforcing your immune system with a healthy and balanced diet.

Soothing recipes

There are many recipes based on foods, including beverages and pastes for topical use, that help soothe some allergic processes.