Anti-allergenic house

Our homes are our sanctuary for getting away from every day tension. However, they aren't always allergy free. A number of allergens can be found in our homes. Here are some general rules for avoiding allergic triggers in your home that can be bothersome for some family members.

Our homes are our sanctuary

+ The air we breathe carries a lot of different micro particles of different sizes. Some originate in the home and others enter the home through windows, doors and heating systems. For most people micro particles floating in the air do not cause any problems. But for those who suffer from allergic symptoms –including asthma–the allergic triggers may be found in their own homes. Take a number of precautions to help prevent allergies:

  1. ∎ Reduce or get rid of any factor that triggers asthma and allergies.
  2. ∎ Use filters and air conditioners to keep the house cleaner and more comfortable.
  3. ∎ Try to prevent or get rid of dust mites, especially in the bedroom.
  4. ∎ Limit fans and vacuum cleaners, because they can stir up dust and a number of allergens found in the air. A fan with an air filter can relatively be an alternative solution. If that doesn't work, cover air conditioning vents with cheesecloth to filter pollen and use a high efficiency particulate air filter.


  1. Smoke. Don't allow smoking in your house. Avoid wood stoves and fireplaces.
  2. Animals. If you have pets, consider keeping them outside or perhaps ask someone else to take care of them. If you must keep your pets indoors, do not allow them in the bedroom and be sure to bathe them often.
  3. Mold. When there is a high level of humidity, mold can be a problem, especially in the bathroom, kitchen and basement. It's best to keep these places well ventilated and clean. Install dehumidifiers in basement and other areas of the house where molds tend to collect. Clean these devices every week. Don't collect too many indoor plants as soil encourages mold growth.
  4. Perfumes or strong fumes. Perfume, air sprays and chemical cleaning products, paint and talc can be allergy triggers and should be avoided. Limit exposure to chemicals.

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