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Win95 FAQ Part 9 of 14: Maintanence
Section - 9.10. How do I set up user profiles so I can keep my own desktop clean?

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 9 of 14: Maintanence
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   User Profiles go a long way in keeping your computer clean, if you
   have several users using it.
   Go to Passwords Control Panel (which is always there even for
   non-networked machines) and in the User Profiles tab, select "Each
   user has their own settings". Also turn on the Custom Desktop and
   Custom Start Menu.

     * 9.10.1. Why user profiles is a really cool and useful feature,
       even for stand alone computers! 
   Read all about it in Page 7 here. You can keep custom settings
   for every Win32 app, not just for the desktop and start menu. It's
   also good if you destroy your Registry by accident; at least half of
   it is saved.

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