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Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
Section - 6.6. How can I receive NetWare popup messages?

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
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   With Client for NetWare, use WINPOPUP. Add it from Add/Remove
   Programs/Windows Setup, in the Accessories components. Keep this
   loaded or you won't be able to see or send pop up messages. WINPOPUP
   will receive messages from Bindery and NDS clients, but you can only
   send messages to Bindery clients. Novell's SEND command in a DOS
   session will let you send messages to NDS clients.
   You can force WINPOPUP to load by keeping a copy of it in SYS:PUBLIC
   (or any other public place) and enforce a System Policy to run it
   on start-up. In Default Computer/System/Run, insert an entry with a
   way, the users don't have any excuse for not seeing pop up messages.
   NOTE: Enforcing a policy like this will prevent any other programs
   that run from this Registry entry (like SAGE.EXE from MS Plus) from
   running. If you have to, include an entry for SAGE.EXE as well (No
   error messages come up if the file is missing, so no worries if some
   machines don't have Plus) or any other programs that run from this
   Registry key (Example: MSPSRV.EXE; Print Agent for NetWare). Again, if
   a machine doesn't happen to have the file, the user won't notice an
   error message or anything.
   There are numerous Winpopup replacements available for download as of
   September 1998. Most of these can force-start and even prevent the
   user from stopping them.
   For all of Novell's clients, their supplied NWPOPUP works just fine.
   NWPOPUP however, looks for a Novell version of NETWARE.DRV (Yes I mean
   the old 16-bit driver) and won't work with MS's NETWARE.DRV stub.

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