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Win95 FAQ Part 11 of 14: Disk Compression
Section - 11.7. The DriveSpace 3 driver takes 100 KB and I can't load it high! How do I do it?

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 11 of 14: Disk Compression
Previous Document: 11.6. The DriveSpace driver takes 60 KB and I can't load it high! How do I do it?
Next Document: 11.8. How do I start my computer WITHOUT loading the DriveSpace driver?
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   Ahh... monster driver! This thing is so big because it needs to have
   compression routines for the three types of compression: UltraPack,
   HiPack, and Standard.
   If you have enough upper memory, make the DRVSPACE.SYS /MOVE entry in
   CONFIG.SYS the very next DEVICE= right after EMM386. This will eat 100
   KB of upper memory of course, and the rest of your real mode drivers
   probably won't fit in upper memory afterwards.
   Win95 will unload this monster driver from conventional memory when
   you run Win95, provided you didn't try to load it high. Do yourself a
   favor and run your DOS programs in DOS sessions.

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