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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (The Email system)

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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions List ( The Email system )

For more information about the files which make up the total UnixWare FAQ,
see the "FAQ Overview" file posted regularly on the Internet newsgroup


This is the Email section of the UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions file
maintained on the Internet. Its maintainers is Andrew Josey
(andrew(a) Suggestions and contributions are always

The purpose of this document is to give answers to frequently asked
questions on Email configuration in UnixWare 2.x for the "mailsurr"

This document in this revision does not cover sendmail in detail. There is a
package included on the freebird archive at that will
automatically update the system to use sendmail.

If you have UnixWare 2.1.2, please note that the Sendmail version included
with the Internet FastStart is known to have some security problems and is
not covered by this FAQ - contact SCO for configuration information.

If you are setting up Email for the first time, please check Questions M2
and M15 first, which document known problems in the Email system and give an
overview of key steps to setup for internet mail. If you use dialup PPP see

This document and the other FAQ files may be found on the world wide web at

This document may also be obtained by anonymous ftp from the freebird
archive at


Small print: This file is Copyright 1997 Permission is granted
for copying for non-commercial use. Many proper names of companies and
software mentioned in these files are trademarks of their respective owners.
All views are those of the individual contributors and not of their



M1) What is the default Mailer on UnixWare ?
M2) Are there any mail related bug fixes for UnixWare 2 ?
M3) Is there any documentation describing the mail subsystem?
M4) I've seen mention of the createSurr command and autoconfiguration
    of the mail subsystem - what is this and what does it do?
M5) Where are the configuration files used by the mail subsystem?
M6) How do I set the domain name used in the From: line?
M7) What other configuration parameters can I set in the
    /etc/mail/mailcnfg file?
M8) How does mail get delivered and how does the /etc/mail/mailsurr file work?
M9) How can I setup mail aliasing?
M10) How are uucp and smtp handled by the mailsurr file?
M10.1) How do I setup uucp over TCP between two UnixWare machines?
M11) I want to setup uucp outbound over a modem, how do I setup
     the uucp files?
M12) How do i restart smtp - do I need to reboot?
M13) How do I setup mail logging?
M14) How do I setup Smart Routing - using pathrouter ?

M15) What do I need to do to Set Up an Internet/Uucp Mail Gateway on UnixWare2?
M15.1) Setup mail alias lookups via DNS, NIS or MHS (/etc/mail/lookupLibs)
M15.2) Set the mail domain information in /etc/mail/mailcnfg
M15.3) Setup any header rewrite rules (/etc/mail/rewrite)
M15.4) Customizing /etc/mail/mailsurr (/usr/lib/mail/mailsurr.proto)
M15.5) Setting up delivery lines to mail-servers, list-processors etc
M15.6) Activating mail logging
M15.7) Setting up suitable defaults for mailx users
M15.8) If you have local users, then add other mail-user agents
M15.9) Update /etc/profile
M15.10) Setting up smart routing between uucp and internet zones
M15.11) Add a rule to mailsurr.proto to catch mail to unknown local users.
M15.12) Setup uucp over the connection server for  uucp over
M15.13) Setup mail alias files
M15.14) Install an alternate incoming smtpd
M15.15) Install the TCP/SPX wrappers so as to monitor who is connecting.
M16) I have UW2 and my inbound smtpd keeps dying. Is there a fix?
M17) I have UW2 - smtpd now runs as a daemon - is there a way to run
     it from inetd? Running from inetd makes it more reliable and also
     can be wrapped.
M18) I have UW2  and my outbound smtp  does incorrect routing to MX
     record sites and also continually bounces mail when sending
     to an unknown user when it should only bounce once - is there a fix?
M19) I'm having trouble routing email from my local machine to the net.
     I'm connected to a local internet provider and can run Mosaic etc
     but can't send email. What do i need to do to make this work?
M20) Mail sent to my domain does not arrive locally on the
     machine. It gets here but the local mailsystem does not recognise it
     as local.
M20.1) How can I set other mail domains besides my real domain
            to be treated as local?
M21) I'm using UnixWare2 and when mail arrives locally the Return-Path:
     header has the format @myprovider:remotedomain!user or @domain:user or
     @domain:user@domain.  Is there someway to put this into normal
     domain address format?
M22) Large mail alias lists don't seem to work on UnixWare 2. Is this
     a known problem?
M23) smtp mail to hosts which only have MX records and no valid A
     records never gets there? This is with the 2.0 developer release.
M24) How do I make the mailsystem send mail for local addresses off
     to another host if they are not found locally without setting up
M25) How can I get mailx/dtmail to add fullname information to
     the From: line?
M26) How can I set the From: line  (hiding the internal hosts to a
     mail domain)?
M27) I want to setup a cluster of machines, with a single mail
     gateway machine.
M28) How can i make bounced email go to the postmaster if the user
     address is invalid?
M29) How can i debug mail delivery?
M30) How can i debug the /etc/mail/rewrite rules?
M31) How can I use the rewrite rules to rewrite a To: header
     of the format uunet!domain!user to user@domain?
M32) I have  tcp installed yet i only want to do transfers over
     uucp. How do i make the mailsurr file exclude the smtpqer delivery lines?
M33) I'm sending to a SCO system over uucp which only understands
     RFC822. The UnixWare mailsystem inserts an extra From line which
     upsets the SCO mailer.
M34) Where are outgoing messages stored for smtp?
M35) Mail is bouncing back with problems about an invalid
     From header line, what should I do?
M36) After changing the system owner to another user and
     deleting the original user, mail is still being sent to the original
     system owner for example when a new package is installed,
     and errors stating "unable to send to " appear after adding a package.
M37) Why when I send local mail does my PPP link get established, for
     example when I pkgadd or pkgrm a package?
M38) Is it possible to change the sender address with
mailsurr's translation facilities?  The man page indicates
that only the recipient address can be changed.
Am I going to have to move to sendmail?
M39) How do I setup a POP3 server on UnixWare ?
M40) I'm using UnixWare 1.x and  I can't find the createSurr command,
     what should i do?
M41) How do I setup my mail to be autoanswered?
M42) How do I setup my mail to be forwarded?
M43) How do I setup a mail-server?
M44) How do I  setup a mailing list - such as Listproc ?
M45) How do I  make sendmail the default mailer?
M46) Mail of the address format @mylocal.domain:user@mylocal.domain is not
     delivered locally, how can I fix this?
M47) dtmail won't restart after my machine was switched off.
M48) Inbound mail is addressed to <>
     and does not get delivered to the local user.
M49) I'm using PPP but don't have the interface up when the system
    creates the mailsurr file, and thus it does not detect my IP
    link - what can I do?
M50) How can I set mailalias in the form : user@site  maps to local user?
M51) What is the /etc/mail/smtpcnfg file in tf2100/UW2.1?
M52) How should I setup Mail via PPP?
M53) How can I setup mail to handle virtual hosts's mail?
M54) I need to print all incoming mail as well as send it to local users.
M55) Mail loops - its forwarded by my provider but then goes into a loop - any ideas?
M56) Mail delivery does not seem to be case insensitive - any ideas?

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