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Subject: RSI-UK Mailing List FAQ

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This is the FAQ for the RSI-UK mailing list.   The FAQ is posted to, uk.answers, and  once a month and is
posted to the mailing list semi-monthly.  The initial version of
the FAQ was written mostly by Douglas Hall in May 1999.  The latest
version is always available from 

As most people who will be reading this FAQ will have got RSI through
keyboard use, the information and advice is angled towards this set of
sufferers. However most of the information/advice will apply to people
with RSI from other causes.

Advice given on the internet is no substitute for expert medical advice.
Always consult your GP.


Subject: Table of Contents

1.  Changes since last posting, marked # 
2.  What is RSI?
3.  What are the symptoms of RSI?
4.  What causes RSI?
5.  What are Adverse Neural Dynamics?
6.  What are trigger points?
7.  How can I prevent my RSI getting worse?
8.  What treatment can I get for RSI?
9.  Is it psychological?
10. What support is available in the UK?
11. What is RSI-UK?
12. Where can I find information about RSI on the Web?
13. Are there any good books on RSI?
14. Further Information

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