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Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions

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Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents
    1. Welcome to the Stagecraft FAQ

 About these newsgroups (/netiquette/)
    1. What is this newsgroup for? What is appropriate here?
    2. Posting guidelines and suggestions
    3. Where can I find out more about newsgroups?
    4. Is archived anywhere?
    5. Can I get by email?

 Scenery (/scenery/)
    1. Vacuum forming information?
    2. foam surface treatment

 Lighting (/lighting/)
    1. Where do I find PMX (GoldenScan,RS232) protocol info?
    2. Where do I find more info about DMX512?
    3. What's a 'Ghost Light'?
    4. What's the pinout for Socapex?
    5. What's the pinout for Lectriflex?
    6. How do I make my own gobos?
    7. Dimming fluorescent tubes.
    8. Flicker effects - TV, fire, cinema.
    9. How do I get rid of spill (stray light) from my lanterns?
    10. Which should I buy, ETC or Strand?
    11. Keystoning slides for rear projection
    12. How do you light a 'Glitter-ball'

 Sound (/sound/)
    1. What's the XLR pinout?
    2. What is phantom power?
    3. How do I connect balanced and unbalanced equipment?
    4. Music stands.
    5. Sound effects CDs

 Props and special effects (/props/)
    1. How do I ring an on-stage phone?
    2. Audrey II for Little Shop of Horrors
    3. Stage Blood recipes
    4. How do I hang an actor?
    5. Flickering candles
    6. Masks?
    7. Cutting styrofoam or Polystyrene
    8. Toffee glass / Candy glass bottles?
    9. How can you make realistic whip marks on an actors back?
    10. Flying People
    11. Spliffs? Joints? Reefers? Marijuana cigarettes?
    12. Smoke, fog, haze, CO2, LN2? What's the difference?
    13. How do I clean my smoke machine?
    14. How do you make smoke rings?
    15. Pyrotechnics - explosions, flashes, smoke
    16. Refilling beverage cans
    17. Welch vacuum forming pump
    18. Berry Stains
    19. How do you cut mirror?

 CAD and other software (/cad/)
    1. Are there any lighting symbols freely available for

 Other miscellaneous stuff (/misc/)
    1. How do I contact ArtSearch?
    2. What's a Green Room?
    3. Why are stages painted black?
    4. Teasers & Tormenters

 Other resources (/other_resources/)
    1. Are there any related mailing lists?
    2. What are some good books?
    3. What magazines are there?
    4. Any other online resources?
    5. Which newsgroups carry Stagecraft related material?

 Show production, tour management and arts management
    1. What about copyright?
    2. Saving money on posters, flyers, programs.
    3. 'Net access while touring
    4. Directories and Yearbooks
    5. Script publishers information

 Stage Management (/stage_management/)
    1. What are cue lights?
    2. What should be in a stage managers toolkit?

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