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comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (3/6)
Section - -S- Tutorials on various subjects

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Top Document: comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (3/6)
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Warning: Several of the following sites, unfortunate, do not seem to be
kept up to date with regards to ftp site URLs, reflecting code from the
current versions of Tcl, etc.

There are often questions concerning X security, in particular
relating to Tk's default requirment to refuse to perform send
actions when the user is using xhost rather than xauth for
his/her security.  See <URL: >
for a tutorial on X security.  Also see
<URL: >

Vivek Khera <URL: > has written a primer on
setting up your environment for xauth (by default a requirement under
Tk 3.3) in the document
<URL: >
(or <URL: >.

Kevin Kenny <URL: > has also written a series
of documents on how to resolve various xauth situations. See
<URL: > for details.

See also <URL: > .

Nat Pryce <URL: > has begun a project to collect
Tcl programming idioms or patterns.
See <URL: > for
the root of this document.
See <URL: >
is another document he has on a similar topic.
Nat has also written instructions on better integrating Tcl/Tk scripts
with the Windows NT shell.  See
<URL: > for the

Frank Pilhofer <URL: > has written
an article on getting dynamic extensions written in C++ to work.  It
can be found at
<URL: > in
various formats.  The text only covers Unix issues.

Cameron Laird <URL: > has written a
number of extremely useful Web pages full of tips for Tcl programmers.
Start at <URL: > and
look through the pages there.  For instance, at
<URL: >
you will find an article discussing Tcl compilers.  At
<URL: >
you will find various examples of Tcl coding examples.  The
<URL: >
page provides pointers and info on "how to use C with Tcl".  There are many
other useful pages for Tcl programmers found here.
Also, take a look at
<URL: >
which covers the considerations that should be taken when modularizing one's
<URL: >
you will find discussions relating to the various problems relating to
linking programs under the various Unix platforms.
Cameron has begun
<URL: >
which covers his personal notes on online tcl tutorials and
that he recommends.

A brief introductory tutorial to Tcl/Tk can be found at
<URL: >.  Another
one is available at
<URL: >.

Yet another tutorial is a software package that is downloadable.  See
<URL: > for the details.
It covers Tcl 7.6, 8.0, 8.1 on Unix, Windows 95/NT and Macintosh.

A tutorial from 1994 is located at
<URL: >.
Another tutorial, on Tcl and Tk in 5 easy lessions, can be found at
<URL: >.

You can check out the first module to a Tcl/Tk class, which is available
at a price from the author, at
<URL: >.

An online "cookbook", which is a great resource, can be found at
<URL: >.

A brief tutorial on Tcl, Tk, and Expect can be found at
<URL: >.
This was written by Will Morse <URL: >.

Another Tcl presentation appeared at
<URL: >.
A third appears at
<URL: >.
There is at least one another link at
<URL: >
These three last tutorials are still alive (at least today), and seem to
cover Tcl7.x and TK4.x.

Foils from a Tcl/Tk class taught in German by
M.Boltes <URL: > was found under
<URL: >.
There also appears to be one or more German Tcl related postscript documents at
<URL: >.

Materials from a course taught at the University of Chicago
can be found at
<URL: >.

Tom Tromey <URL: > has provided his
Tcl style guide at
<URL: >.

John Ousterhout has written an engineering style guide that describes
the coding, documentation, and testing conventions that will be used
at Sun in the coding of the C code in the Tcl core and has graciously
made it available to other Tcl/Tk developers.  It is located at
<URL: > and
<URL: >.
A second style guide, covering the writing of Tcl scripts, can be found at
<URL: > and
<URL: >.

A tutorial titled "User interfaces with Tcl/Tk" can be found at
<URL: >.  It
was written by Fintan Culwin <URL: >.

A tutorial covering SCO's Visual Tcl can be found at
<URL: >.

A brief tutorial on Tcl can be found at
<URL: >.
This is a portion of the Python Tkinter Life preserver documentation
which can be found at <URL: >.
The beginnings of an intro to Python/Tkinter can be found at
<URL: >.

A short manual on Tcl (cira 1994) in Japanese was found at
<URL: >.

Another non-English introduction to Tcl can be found at
<URL: > and
at <URL: >.

Mac Cody <URL: > has the syllabus from a Tcl
class he has conducted available online at
<URL: >.

Jean-Claude Wippler <URL: > has written a tutorial on
how to use a Tcl extension.  See <URL: > for
pointers to his work.

A small Expect tutorial is at <URL: >.

A guide to some of the criteria in making particular program design decisions
can be found at <URL: >.
Its author is Alexandre Ferrieux
<URL: >.

A Tcl-Java tutorial can be found at
<URL: >.
This is the basis of a tutorial presented at the 1998 Tcl conference.

There's a Tcl manual at
<URL: > but
there was some concern about the accuracy of the info.

There is a brief introduction to Tcl and Tk by the developer .com site at
<URL: >.
This article appears to be related to Red Hat Linux Unleashed. and appears
to have been written by Rick McMullin.

A Linux Tcl-Tk-HOWTO can be found now at
<URL: >
Eventually it will appear at
<URL: > and
<URL: > as well as many Linux mirror sites.
It is a collection of documents describing how to use Tcl and Tk on
a Linux system.

A guide to using namespaces and packages is available at
<URL: >.
A guide to creating object commands can be found at
<URL: >.

A collection of "how to" guides is available at
<URL: >.
One recent one discusses the internationalization programming features
of Tcl 8.x.

>From the "Tcl/Tk for Programmers" book, find chapters on
Tcl Basic syntax <URL: >,
Regular Expressions <URL: >,
Tk Way of Thinking <URL: >,
Geometry Management <URL: >,
and Browser Plugin <URL: >.

See <URL: > for the
second public beta release of the XML sources for the core Tcl/Tk
documentation.  <URL: > is the web
site which discusses more about the effort.  Also, see
<URL: > for web based versions of
the Tcl and Tk man pages.  Some more up to date work on this effort has
been put on <URL: >.

See <URL: >
for a tutorial on the tk option command.  Donal Fellows also has
an article about getting the Tk send to work.  See
<URL: >.

See <URL: > for an article on
using Tcl as a scripting language for a C application.

See <URL: > for _Tcl for Web Nerds_ -
an online book by to provide basic Tcl information
for someone using Tcl as a web programming language.

<URL: >
is an introduction on the use of the Tcl-DP extension.

A summary of the way that Tk makes uses of resources, from a perl/Tk
perspective, can be found at
<URL: >

The "Tcl for Web Nerds" resource at
<URL: > provides an overview of

For information at building Tcl extension using Cygnus's Cygwin
environment, take a look at
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >

A tutorial concerning linking with static tcl and tk libraries can be found
at <URL: >.

A tutorial on how to use Turkish letters with Tcl/Tk 8.2 can be found
at <URL: >.

A tutorial for Tcl and Tk can be found at
<URL: >.

A collection of web based Tcl/Tk tutorials can be found at
<URL: >.

A tutorial discussing the use of Xlib to draw into a Tcl/Tk window can
be found at <URL: >.

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Top Document: comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (3/6)
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