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comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (March 07, 2005) (1/6)

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	For more information concerning Tcl (see "part2"),
(see "part3"), (see "part4"), (see "part5"), or (see "part6").
Also (see "bibliography/part1").

Index of questions:

I.   Origin of comp.lang.tcl, the FAQ information, and
	to whom do I contact for more information about the FAQ?
II.  What is Tcl?  Tk?  Extended Tcl?  What is Tcl _not_?
III. Do these packages run on my machine?
	A. Unix
	B. MacOS
	C. INTEL DOS-like systems
	E. AmigaDOS
	F. NeXT
	G. Other
IV.  Other than C, What languages can talk to tcl/tk?
	A. Shell
	B. C++
	C. Modula-3
	D. Eiffel
	E. Ada
	F. Perl
	G. Prolog
	H. Other
V.   What training material is available?
	A. Books
	B. Training courses, etc.
	C. Time-related seminars, conferences, workshops.
VI.  Where do I report problems, bugs, or enhancements about Tcl - or -
	what is comp.lang.tcl?

End of FAQ Index


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