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comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (5/6)

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	For more information concerning Tcl (see "part1"),
(see "part2"), (see "part3"), (see "part4"), or (see "part6").

	One source for software mentioned in the catalog is the various
Usenet or comp.lang.tcl article archives - in many cases, the authors
posted their programs to the newsgroup.  A Contact address with ??? at
the end means that I was unable to verify the address.  Also, Contacts
without addresses or marked as Unknown mean that I had limited to no
information about the contact person.  The Updated field indicates the
date when the catalog entry's URLs were updated, not necessarily when a package
itself was updated.

	A WWW form to submit entries to this catalog is available at
<URL: >.  This provides you an interface not
only to submit new items, but to submit updates or to browse the
catalog as needed.

Index of questions:

XIII. Since Tcl/Tk appear to be extensible, are there any common extensions?


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