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comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (2/6)
Section - -IX- Where can I find the FAQ and who do I contact for more information about it?

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Top Document: comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (2/6)
Previous Document: -VIII- Are there any mailing lists covering topics related to Tcl/Tk?
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	I keep pointers to the authority locations of the various Tcl FAQs
of which I am aware at <URL: >.
I am also going to attempt to keep a copy of this file up to date on
<URL: > in files
named tcl-faq.part0[1-5].  Make sure you pick up the newest ones there.
There are mirrors of the user contribution archive site maintained
elsewhere - for instance, it appears that huji, denet, luth, obspm,
th-darmstadt, sunsite, univie all have some portion of the user contrib
archives available.  Also, I will be posting it on a regular basis to
at least <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl >, <URL: news:news.answers >, and
<URL: news:comp.answers >.

	Many FAQs, including my particular ones, are available on the
archive site <URL: >.
The subdirectory and name under which a FAQ is archived appears in the
Archive-name line at the top of the article.
For example, this part of the comp.lang.tcl FAQ is archived as
<URL: >.
There is a Northern European archive for the FAQ at
<URL: >
as well as a French location for the FAQ at
<URL: >.  A great WWW site for
these archives can be found at <URL: >.

	There is also a mail server from which you can obtain a copy of
the FAQ.  Send an email message to <URL: > or
<URL: > with the word help in the body of
the message to find out how to use it.

	Also, this FAQ is available from within gopher (by looking at
any one of the gopher holes presenting news.answers or FAQ lists), from
WAIS servers (such as the comp.lang.tcl.src), from a number of sites
which have available via ftp archives of news.answers and comp.answers
(use archie to locate one of these sites available around the world),
and probably other resources as well.

	Other news.answers/FAQ archives (which carry some or all of the FAQs
in the <URL: > archive), sorted by country, are:


<URL: gopher:// >
<URL: >

mail-server		<URL: >
	Send "get avail FAQs"


<URL: gopher:// >


<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: gopher:// >

mail server		<URL: >


<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: gopher:// >
<URL: gopher:// >
<URL: >

FSP			<URL: fsp:// >
mail server		<URL: >
			<URL: >
			<URL: >

The Netherlands

<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: gopher:// >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >
<URL: >

mail server		<URL: >


<URL: >
<URL: telnet:// >

anonymous UUCP	chx400:ftp/info_service/Usenet/periodic-postings
mail server		<URL: >


<URL: >

United States

<URL: >

	Various Uniform Resource Locator (URL) ids for the
comp.lang.tcl FAQ exist.  My personal copy is found at
<URL: >.  The user can use a
WorldWideWeb (WWW) client to access the Tcl FAQ from this point.
Another FAQ page is
<URL: >.
Yet another is
<URL: >.

	A WWW URL where the FAQ is treated simply as one
long scrollable document (suitable for doing a search against, for
instance) is <URL: >
though there are reports that this server is not responding to HTTP

	A archive of the newsgroup is available from
<URL: > where the archive is organized
by collecting each month's worth of postings into its own file.  This
archive has been kept since January 1993.

	There is a Tcl room on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).  Contact
Don Lindsay <URL: > for details on the #TCL room.

	The FAQs also can be found in many of the various archives for
<URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > as well as mirrors of the neosoft ftp site.
I must warn you though that in many cases, the copies of the FAQs
found around the internet are woefully out of date.  The PURL points to
the authority location and should be available to all.

	Let me know when you find the FAQ in new and unusual locations
so I can update this resource guide!


From: FAQ General information
Subject: -X- On what sites can I find archives for comp.lang.tcl?

	At <URL: >, the
<URL: news:comp.lang.tcl.announce > postings are archived.  Details
regarding a mailing list of postings to this newsgroup are also
at the WWW site.

	At <URL: >,
the first few months worth of articles on <URL: news:fr.comp.lang.tcl > are
available, while the current articles are available at
<URL: >.
FTP access to individual articles from March through October 1997
are available at <URL: ftp:// >.

	One ftp archive of old <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > articles is available
from <URL: >.
<URL: > (Jan Newmarch) maintained it.
It contains articles from July 1993 thru December, 1993.

	Another archive is available as <URL: >
and is stored as a series of monthly archives.  It is maintained by
<URL: > (Kazuro Furukawa).  Archives for 1992-1996,
as well as for January thru April 1997 ar available.

Another such site is
<URL: >,
which covers from December 1993 through April of 1996 (with what
appears to be various holes in coverage).

	One way to access old <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > articles is to
get one of the published CD-ROMs.  CD ROM World's 1993 CD-ROM claims to
include 40 meg of articles.  InfoMagic's 1996 Tcl/Tk CD-ROM makes the
same claim.

	More interesting ways to access a portion of the newsgroup are
<URL: comp.lang.tcl"> > and a number of
the USENET interactive archive sites.  The first gives you access to a
small number of recent news articles.  The latter includes
<URL: comp.lang.tcl"> >,
<URL: comp.lang.tcl.announce"> >,
and <URL: > (which provides
a mechanism for sending you email when new postings which match your favorite
search query appear; unfortunately, most of the historical clt access is no
longer available here).
Another site would be
<URL: comp.lang.tcl"> >
<URL: comp.lang.tcl.announce"> >.

	At <URL: >, one gets the
opportunity to do WAIS searching against various databases, one of
which appears to be the comp.lang.tcl newsgroup.

	At <URL: > or
<URL: > you will find a
MacOS Sherlock plug-in for searching <URL: >.

	A fantastic Internet resource is Tcl-URL, found at
<URL: >.  This is a weekly summary of
the <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > highlights.  Other sites with this information
include <URL: >.

<URL: > is yet another attempt at providing users access to
<URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > and <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl.announce > via WWW.

	Also see
<URL: >
for a variety of resources.

Andreas Kupries <URL: > has made compressed archives
of some of 1998 and 1999 postings to comp.lang.tcl available.  See
<URL: > for links.

Unified Technologies Corp. has announced the UTCorp Free Access News
Server (FANS) -- a public, freely accessible news server which will mirror
select USENET newsgroups.  At the moment, it mirrors comp.lang.tcl
and comp.lang.tcl.announce.  The news server runs using TclNNTPD
<URL: >, a newly released,
open-source, TCL-only coded NNTP news server.  To access this server, use
<URL: nntp:// >.  See
<URL: > for more info.


End of comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (2/5)
Tcl - The glue of a new generation.  <URL: >
Larry W. Virden <> <URL:>
Even if explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing in this posting should 
be construed as representing my employer's opinions.

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  Announcements archived at
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  Tcl/Tk at ]]

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Previous Document: -VIII- Are there any mailing lists covering topics related to Tcl/Tk?

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