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This is the Frequently Asked Questions list for
This FAQ is cross-posted to  Please don't hesitate 
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The latest version of this FAQ may be retrieved using Usenet, the World
Wide Web, ftp, email, gopher, or even telnet.  See the FAQ "Introduction
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month old, it is obsolete.  The main ftp site for the FAQ is

The folks at CRIM Software Test Center sponsor a web site
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The folks at Cigital sponsor a web site for the FAQ, at

This file is Copyright 2001, 2002  by Raymond Rivest.  Danny R. Faught is the
original author.  Permission is granted to distribute this file unedited
and in its entirety, provided the "Date" header is no more than one month
earlier than the date of distribution.  This information is provided
without any express or implied warranty.

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