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Section - 3. What is this newsgroup about?

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The original charter for can be found at
<>.  Here's an
excerpt (with corrections):


    For the purpose of this discussion, we will assume that a system is
    composed of hardware, software, people, and procedures. The
    proposed group should be chartered to include discussions
    characterized by the following list of subjects, compiled from
    preliminary discussions:

        system test automation
        system test planning
        system test optimization (e.g. minimize regression testing)
        test tools
        test metrics
        measurement technology
        nature of testing under various development models
            (e.g. object-oriented, real time, etc...)
        testing in a rapid prototyping environment (i.e. sans spec)
        relationship of various classes/types of tests to requirements, ...
        conference and symposium announcements
        the definition of "software testing" and its relationship to
            SQA and debugging.
        requirements traceability
        risk-based testing
        the most useful form of specifications and functional
            requirements from the tester's point of view.
        testing techniques, e.g., structured testing using control
            flowgraphs and basis path testing, equivalence class
            partitioning, boundary value analysis, cause-effect graphing,
            path predicate testing, data flow testing, program slices,
            data object state and usage analysis, data flow anomaly
            analysis, and sensitivity analysis.
         test coverage criteria, e.g., statement (C0), path, branch (C1),
            module (S0), and call-pair (S1) coverage criteria.

    All levels of testing for both hardware and software should be
    considered appropriate subject matter. While it is likely that the
    group will take on a software flavor early on, we should try to
    generate interest and input from people with hardware and system
    testing experience and perspective. It is especially important that
    we foster discussion of *system* level testing issues, since this
    is the weakest area of our collective knowledge.

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