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SGI graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -72- When I try to run UIM/X uxserverd, I get an error message saying, "license file has been modified, cannot

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Top Document: SGI graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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                start the UIM/X license server".
Date: 07 May 1993 00:00:01 EST

  You probably have been given a bad key.  The most frequent causes of
  incorrect keys have been incorrect capitalization and incorrect IP

  The program that generates the UIM/X key requires that the "host ID"
  (or IP address) be in hexadecimal format.  If you feed it the
  standard form of IP address (i.e., 123.45.678.90) it will generate
  the wrong key and will not complain.

  To ensure that you are is giving the correct information when
  requesting a UIM/X key, please do the following:

  Hostname:  Type in 'hostname' at the prompt, and be sure to say
  exactly what it says (including capitalization, if any).

  Host ID:  Type in 'hostid' at the prompt, and be sure to say exactly
  what it says.  You will be reading back a series of numbers of the
  form 0xc030c844.  The leading 0x indicates that the following number
  is hexadecimal.

  The key generating script is highly sensitive to capital letters.
  Make sure you confirm the case of the letters, both when getting the
  hostname/hostid and when having your key read back to you.

  If this still doesn't fix the problem, you may have mixed files
  between UIM/X 1.0 and 2.0.  Completely remove UIM/X, re-install it,
  and reproduce a Uimx2_0.license file with the correct information.

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