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SGI graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    SGI graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is one of the Silicon Graphics FAQ series, which consists of:

    SGI admin FAQ - IRIX system administration
    SGI apps FAQ - Applications and miscellaneous programming
    SGI audio FAQ - Audio applications and programming
    SGI diffs FAQ - Changes to the other FAQs since the last posting
    SGI graphics FAQ - Graphics and user environment customization
    SGI hardware FAQ - Hardware
    SGI impressario FAQ - IRIS Impressario
    SGI inventor FAQ - IRIS Inventor
    SGI misc FAQ - Introduction & miscellaneous information
    SGI movie FAQ - Movies
    SGI performer FAQ - IRIS Performer
    SGI pointer FAQ - Pointer to the other FAQs
    SGI security FAQ - IRIX security

Read the misc FAQ for information about the FAQs themselves. Each FAQ is
posted to comp.sys.sgi.misc and to the  and 
newsgroups (whose purpose is to store FAQs) twice per month. If you
can't find one of the FAQs with your news program, you can get it from

( is home to many other FAQs and informational documents,
and is a good place to look if you can't find an answer here.) The FAQs
are on the World Wide Web at

If you can't use FTP or WWW, send mail to with
the word 'help' on a line by itself in the text, and it will send you a
document describing how to get files from by mail. Send the
command 'send usenet/news.answers/sgi/faq/misc' to get the SGI misc FAQ,
and similarly for the other FAQs. Send the command 'send
usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email' to get the
"Accessing the Internet by E-Mail FAQ".

You may distribute the SGI FAQs freely and we encourage you to do so.
However, you must keep them intact, including headers and this notice,
and you must not charge for or profit from them. Contact us for other
arrangements. We can't be responsible for copies of the SGI FAQs at
sites which we do not control, and copies published on paper or CD-ROM
are certain to be out of date. The contents are accurate as far as we
know, but the usual disclaimers apply. Send additions and changes to

Topics covered in this FAQ:
   -2- How can I run a program on one machine and display it on another?
   -3- Does the DISPLAY environment variable work for GL applications?
   -4- Why doesn't the DISPLAY environment variable seem to work?
   -5- Why do I get DGL errors when I try to run a GL program?
   -7- What tools does SGI provide to help with the customization
   -8- What are the important login and resource files for IRIX 4.0.x?
   -9- What is the sequence of events that occur at login time in IRIX
  -10- What is the difference between .xsession and .sgisession in IRIX
  -11- Why do 4Dwm, toolchest, Workspace, etc. not recognize an
       environment variable I set in my shell's startup files in IRIX
  -12- How can I change desktops without using the mouse and Desks
  -13- How can I turn off the IRIX 5.2 Magic user environment?
  -14- How can I display my own background image under Indigo Magic?
  -15- Where is the default value of PATH set?
  -16- Why can't I log in after copying /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession to
  -17- How can I find out what fonts are available?
  -18- How can I use the Alt key as a Meta key in an xwsh window?
  -19- How can I configure my keyboard like a VT100?
  -20- Can I put a single large picture in the 'clogin' display?
  -21- How can I change clogin's background to an image?
  -23- What are resources?
  -24- How can I set resources?
  -25- How can I use resources to run the same program twice with
       different attributes?
  -26- Does the GL recognize resources?
  -27- How can I know what resources I can set for an application?
  -28- What is a good approach to take in looking for resources?
  -29- What is the precedence for resource files?
  -30- Why do long resources cause X to crash mysteriously in IRIX 5.2?
  -31- 4DWM
  -32- Where can I learn more about the Window Manager?
  -33- What files affect the window manager and what is their
       relationship to each other?
  -34- Do I need my own .4Dwmrc file?
  -35- Can I run a different window manager?
  -36- How can I choose a different window manager as the default?
  -37- How can I recover from a failed window manager customization
  -39- How can I log into pandora/clogin without bringing up graphics?
  -40- How can I restart the console?
  -41- How can I start and stop the graphics system?
  -42- How can I restart the X server?
  -43- How can I run 'xinit' manually, rather than automatically from
  -44- How can I start X on a remote host with no users logged in?
  -46- How can I convert images to and from other formats?
  -47- How can I convert models to and from other formats?
  -48- What is the format of SGI's RGB files?
  -49- How can I compress RGB bitmaps?
  -50- How can I make a screen dump?
  -51- Why does the IRIX 5.3 desktop recognize but not deal with JPEG
  -53- Can I use 4Dgifts code in my application?
  -54- What does ERR_WMANIPC mean?
  -55- How can I translate screen (x,y) coords into world (x,y,z)
  -56- How can I translate world (x,y,z) coords into screen (x,y)
  -57- Why does nothing happen when I call mapcolor(index, R, G, B)?
  -58- Why can't 'cc' find some standard Xwindows functions?
  -59- What is a GL widget?
  -60- I'm using the GlxMDraw widget and it doesn't seem that colors are
       being installed correctly.  Overlays in the GlxMDraw widget are
       displayed in red and gray instead of the colors I specify.
       What's wrong?
  -61- Is there a way to switch between single and double buffering
       within a GL widget on the fly?
  -62- Why doesn't my X server use backing store? How can I turn it on?
  -63- What is "/dev/tport" used for?
  -64- Why is OpenGL's glDrawPixels slower than IrisGL's lrectwrite?
  -66- Why do I get a "Broken Pipe" error when I close an X client
  -67- What do the errors in my 'xdm-errors' file mean?
  -68- Why doesn't SGI's xlock lock my screen?
  -69- Why can't my XView application find its fonts?
  -70- After running a few programs, the colors change as the cursor
       moves. The colors are usually all wrong in other windows.
  -71- How can I make my X Server use a 12-bit PseudoColor, 12-bit
       TrueColor or 24-bit TrueColor visual by default?
  -72- When I try to run UIM/X uxserverd, I get an error message saying,
       "license file has been modified, cannot start the UIM/X license
  -73- I just upgraded from IRIX 5.2 to 5.3. Why does my PI or VGX say
       "extension GLX missing on display :0.0"?
  -74- Why does my X server (Xsgi) grow inexorably?
  -75- Why does my GL application run slower on newer SGI hardware than
       it did on older SGI hardware?
  -77- What books about the X Window System and OSF/Motif do you
  -78- Does the IRIX 5.2 Magic user environment display on an X
  -79- What about OpenGL?
  -80- Which SGI machines can run OpenGL now? Which will in the future?
  -81- What's this about a copyright dispute over virtual desks in
       Indigo Magic?

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