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[rec.scouting.*] Leader Hints (FAQ 13)

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This file contains a number of ideas for the Cub Scout Leaders.
It shows ways to reward your cub scouts for their behaviour and
attendance, how to deal with kids suffering from Attention Deficit
Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
It also gives a couple of program ideas and games for your cub meetings,
and general information on jungle book names and cub scout promises.

Also have a look at the other files in the rec.scouting FAQ series,
especially the following:
  - for general unit administration (See unit-administration)
  - for cub laws and promises (See scouting-around-the-world)
  - for pointers to other resources (See introduction)

If you know a good idea that hasn't been included in this FAQ,
please do all of us the favour and post it on rec.scouting. Drop me
a copy too to make sure that I include it in this file.

The FAQs are archived at:

As the FAQ files are updated regularly, make sure that you have the
latest copy in your hands. The release date of this FAQ is indicated
in the line starting with "Last-Modified:" at the top of this file.
Files older than three months should be considered as outdated.


This file or parts of it may be freely used, printed and re-distributed
as long as you enclose this paragraph and keep the references to the
respective contributors and to the maintainer (listed below) intact.

-- Bill Nelson <>
Original maintainer:
  Danny Schwendener  v/o "Spike"       
   Wolfsmeute Orion/Glockenhof, Sihlstr. 33, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

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