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Network Computers and* newsgroups FAQ v1.10
Section - 16. What should I do if I see "spam" in one of the* newsgroups?

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  "Spam" is defined as multiple posts of identical articles to many
 newsgroups. If you see the same totally off topic message in all the
 Network Computer newsgroups and in other newsgroups you read the
 chances are it is spam.

  Unlike people who post wildly off topic articles because they don't
 know what the group is for sending the FAQ to a spammer won't do any
 good, and the From: header is likely to be forged in spam anyway.
 Instead you should send a copy of the entire article which you think
 is spam, including /all/ headers, to the administrators of the site
 which the spam was posted from. As with off topic posts never quote,
 reply to, or discuss spam in the Network Computer newsgroups.

  For more information about usenet spam and junk e-mail and how to
 report it see the "Help! I've been Spammed! What do I do?" FAQ which
 is available at
 Also see the network abuse clearing house at

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