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Network Computers and* newsgroups FAQ v1.10
Section - 17. Charter for

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  The content of posts to should be
 current, textual, information, and must relate to the Network Computer
 (NC). This includes press releases and news items, as well as any other
 topical announcements relating to Network Computers. The group will
 also be used to distribute information relating to the
 computer.* newsgroups, for example a FAQ.

  Although this group is intended primarily for announcements relating
 to Network Computers which comply with Network Computer Inc's
 standards, other posts which are closely related to the topic of NCs
 will also be accepted if the moderators believe they are relevant and
 will be of interest to readers.

  Advertising is not permitted, unless the document contains information
 of interest to the intended audience of the newsgroup. For example an
 advert for a Network Computer exhibition or conference would be

  Repeat postings are not not acceptable unless there has been a major
 change to the information contained, or the posting is an accepted
 regular posting like a FAQ.

  This newsgroup will be moderated. Moderation policies:
 The moderators will accept any post which is in keeping with the above
 charter, and will NOT give more importance to announcements from any
 one company. Submissions which are clearly inappropriate will be
 rejected without a reason, any other marginal post will be returned to
 the sender with a note from the moderator explaining their decision.

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