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Network Computers and* newsgroups FAQ v1.10
Section - 15. What should I do if someone posts a wildly off topic article to one of the* newsgroups?

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  Unfortunately there will always be users who don't know what the
 newsgroup is actually for, and who don't bother to read this FAQ or
 the charters or even the newsgroups line before posting.

  If you see an article in a* newsgroup which
 has absolutely nothing to do with Network Computers you should under
 no circumstances reply, quote, or discuss it in the Network Computer
 newsgroups. Several articles saying why an article is off topic are
 just as annoying and off topic as the original article.

  Instead you may like to e-mail a polite note to the person who posted
 the original article including this FAQ, explaining what the newsgroup
 they posted to is for. Someone who gets several copies of the FAQ is
 unlikely to post another totally irrelevant article.

  You should not be rude or abusive when someone makes a simple mistake
 about where to post, however stupid that mistake may have been. Also
 don't attack people who are slightly off topic, this section only
 applies to "wildly off topic articles". "Spam" is also different
 matter, see section 16.

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