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[] Wagner Books FAQ

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  Wagner Books FAQ for - PART 1

This is the list of Wagner-related books for
composers.wagner (hmcw). Books are added to this list either when the
book or its author is mentioned in the newsgroup, or when the book is
published or republished.

Given that the primary language of the newsgroup is English, this FAQ
concentrates on titles that are available (although they are not
necessarily in print) in that language. A few books in other
languages, of relevance to matters discussed in the newsgroup but not
available in an English translation, are included. Where a book is a
translation from another language, the original title and the original 
language are given.

This list only scratches the surface of a vast literature. Many of the
books listed here contain their own bibliography, which will be of
assistance to those readers who wish to explore specific subjects in
more depth. In addition to the books listed here, there is an
extensive Wagner literature in German, French and other languages.
Various academic journals and other publications, such as the
programme books of the Bayreuth Festival, contain many articles about
Wagner, his writings and his musical and dramatic works.

This booklist is a supplement to the main FAQ for hmcw, which can be
found at: (HTML edition)

Recently updated or new entries are marked with a * at the beginning
of the line in the table of contents. This version supersedes all
previous versions.

Number of books listed in this version: 360.


The bibliographic fields used are as follows:

%T Title. Except where otherwise indicated: where the book described
is a translation (check for a %F field), the title of the translation
appears first, followed by the original title in the original
language. Some books have alternative titles, for example a US title
and a UK title, or the respective titles of the paperback and hardback
editions. Therefore some entries contain several %T fields.

%M Language. Where the book described is a translation, this is the
language of the original, not the language of the book described.
Where the book is neither a translation nor in English, this field
indicates the language, which should be obvious from the %T field
anyway. The original language is not necessarily the language of first
publication. If no language is indicated, the book is in English as

To avoid any confusion, from version 1.21 on, we have indicated an
original language with a * in the %M field.

%A Author(s) or editor(s). The latter are indicated by (ed). Where the
book described is a translation there might be listed both the editor
of the original and the editor of the translation.

%F Translator(s).

%D Date of last known publication. If this was a reprint of a much
older book, then this is indicated. Where relevant the date of
original publication is given in the %O field.

%C Place(s) of publication of the most recent editions. Where relevant
the place of original publication is given in the %O field.

%I Publisher(s). Some of the books have been republished several times
by different publishers. We have tried to find the most recent
editions. Where relevant the original publishers are given in the %O

%G Identification. Usually this is an ISBN number or numbers. Older
books do not have ISBN numbers unless there has been a recent reprint.
If available the Library of Congress classification is also given,
after any ISBN.

%S Series.  Where appropriate.

%V Volume.  Either the volume number (in a series) or the number of 

%X Abstract. In some cases this is a mini-review of the book,
indicating how it fits into the literature and with an assessment of
its text and, where relevant, illustrations. Since the Wagner
literature abounds in misconceptions and misrepresentations (not least
those introduced by the man himself), the editor has attempted to give
an indication of the reliability of the text of each book.

%O Other information. For example, who provided the foreword, or the
date of original publication in the language of first publication,
with original publisher where known. 


Table of Contents

I.    Introductory reading (4)

II.   Biographical
  A.    Autobiography (1)
  B.    Biographies of Richard Wagner
    B1 - Major biographies (14)
    B2 - Shorter biographies (28)
    B3 - Sketches and summaries (3)
    B4 - For younger readers (3)
  C.    Biographies of Cosima Wagner (5)
  D.    Other Biographical Studies (7)
  E.    Wagner and his Circle (13)
  F.    Wagner and his Contemporaries (5)

III.  General Titles about Richard Wagner
  A.    Influences on Wagner (3)
  B.    Wagner's Influence (4)
  C.    Wagner as Thinker (12)
  D.    Wagner as Poet (2)
  E.    Wagner as Musician (1)
  F.    Essay Collections (7)

IV.   Books about Specific Works
  A.    Der fliegende Holländer (2)
  B.    Tannhäuser (4)
  C.    Lohengrin (6)
  D.    Der Ring des Nibelungen
    D1 - Wagner's sources (5)
    D2 - Wagner's drama (30)
    D3 - Musical analysis of the Ring (6)
    D4 - Legal and ethical studies (3)
    D5 - Psychological perspectives (4)
    D6 - Performing the Ring (6)
    D7 - For younger readers (1)
  E.    Tristan und Isolde (9)
  F.    Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (7)
  G.    Parsifal (13)
  H.    Other Works (2)
  I.    Musical Analysis (2)
  J.    Other Commentary (18)
  K.    Libretto Translations (5)

V.    Books about Specialised Topics
  A.    Literature (4)
  B.    Philosophy (4)
  C.    Politics and Society (10)
  D.    Religion (5)
  E.    Sex and Gender (4)
  F.    Theatre and Drama (6)
  G.    Other (5)

VI.   Wagner's Own Writings and Correspondence
  A.    Correspondence (21)
  B.    Diaries of Richard and Cosima Wagner (3)
  C.    Prose Writings (12)

VII.  Wagner Family and Bayreuth
* A.    Family (9)
  B.    Festival (10)
  C.    Theatre (3)

VIII. Wagnerism and Wagnerites (9)

IX.   Staging Wagnerian Drama (12)
X.    Discographies (2)

XI.   Comics and Wagnerian Humour
  A.    Comics (2)
  B.    Novels (3)

XII.  Publications on Digital Media (1)

XIII. Acknowledgements and Copyright

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