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[] Wagner Books FAQ
Section - F. Essay Collections

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%T The Wagner Companion
%A Peter Burbidge (ed)
%A Richard Sutton (ed)
%D 1979
%C London, New York
%I Faber; Cambridge Univ. Press
%G ISBN 0 5711 0471 1 ; ML410.W13 W12 1979
%X J.K. Holman writes, "This is a collection of essays covering 
Wagner's life and work, arranged by subject and covering a wide range
of significant issues. The chapters on the German intellectual and
literary background, rarely explored in English, are particularly
useful. The gem is Deryck Cooke on Wagner's development of
revolutionary harmonic techniques to articulate a coherent musical
%O There is another book with a similar name by Raymond Mander and Joe 
Mitchenson.  Cooke's analysis of the musical motives of the 'Ring' has 
been reissued on a CD set, Decca/London 443 581-2.

%T Re-reading Wagner
%A Reinhold Grimm (ed)
%A Jost Hermand (ed) 
%D 1993
%C Madison
%I Univ of Wisconsin Press
%G ISBN 0 2999 7076 0 ; ML410.W131 R3 1993
%X A collection of diverse essays about Wagner and his influence.

%T Richard Wagner for the New Millenium
%A Alex Lubet, Matthew Bribitzer-Stull, Gottfried Wagner
%D 2007
%C Tel Aviv
%I Palgrave Macmillan
%G ISBN 1 4039 7321 0
%S Studies in European Culture and History
%X A diverse collection of essays: some of them are musicological and
the others are hate-mail from Gottfried Wagner (the self-appointed
conscience of the Wagner family), Marc Weiner and Paul Lawrence Rose.
If you believe that Richard Wagner wrote the blueprint for the
Holocaust -- or that the underlying theme of his operas is a call for
the destruction of the Jews -- then these essays will confirm your
ignorant prejudices. It is a pity that Warren Darcy (who has
contributed an essay on 'Die Meistersinger') allowed himself to be
taken hostage by this bunch of rabid Wagner-haters.

%T Aspects of Wagner
%A Bryan Magee
%D 1988 (revised edition)
%C Oxford
%I Oxford University Press
%G ISBN 0 1928 4012 6 ; ML410.W13 M105 1988
%X Laon writes: "This is not a comprehensive overview of Wagner's 
life, work and thought, but a collection of essays on different Wagner
topics. Magee is interesting on the notoriously strong emotional
response -- positive or negative -- people have to the music, and
offers some thoughts on why this is so. The essay, 'Jews, not least in
music' puts Wagner's infamous essay 'Das Judentum in der Musik' into
perspective, as considerably less inflammatory than many people, who
have perhaps only heard the title, believe. It is also interesting on
Wagner's influence in literature, poetry, painting, and so on. A short
book, just over 100 pages, written in absolutely plain English. It's
an odd thing about a man whose works are famous for their length, but
the shorter books about Wagner tend to be the best." %O First edition
published in 1968.

%T The Wagner Compendium : A Guide to Wagner's Life and Music
%A Barry Millington (ed)
%D 1992
%C London
%I Thames and Hudson, Macmillan
%G ISBN 0 0287 1359 1 ; ML410.W13 W122 1992
%X Includes a detailed list of Wagner's writings and a general biblio- 
graphy. Millington takes the opportunity to ride his favourite hobby-
horses. Other contributors are Stewart Spencer, Thomas Grey, David
Large, Konrad Bund, Roger Hollinrake, Warren Darcy, Raymond Furness,
David Breckbill, William Weber, Hugh Lloyd-Jones, Joachim Thierry,
Ulrich Tröhler, Arnold Whittall, Michael Hall, and Christopher Wintle.

%T Wagner Handbook
%T Wagner Handbuch
%M German *
%A Ulrich Müller (ed)
%A Peter Wapnewski (ed)
%F John Deathridge (ed. translation)
%D 1992
%C Cambridge MA 
%I Harvard University Press
%G ISBN 0 6749 4530 1 ; ML410.W131 R41613 1992
%X An extensive collection of essays on Richard Wagner's career,
cultural relationships, and psychology. In addition to essays and
reference material provided by Müller, Wapnewski and Deathridge, the
Handbook contains contributed essays by Carl Dahlhaus, Isolde Vetter,
Rüdiger Krohn, Dieter Borchmeyer, Ernst Hanisch, Volker Mertens, Peter
Branscombe, Hartmut Reinhart, Manfred Eger, Erwin Koppen, Günter 
Metkin, Werner Breig, Oswald Bauer, Jens Malte Fischer, and Jürgen
Kühnel. Michael Tanner writes: "Whether you want to know about Wagner
in Literature and Film, Wagner's Middle Ages, the Operas as Literary
Works, or to consult a large bibliography, or read on any of the
central areas of 'Wagner research', you will find at least one
substantial chapter here".

%T On Opera
%A Bernard Williams
%A Patricia Williams (ed)
%D 2006
%C New Haven and London
%I Yale University Press
%G ISBN 0 3000 8976 7 ; ML1700.W48 2006
%X This collection of short essays by a philosopher with a life-long
interest in opera contains three about Wagner.  They consider,
respectively, 'Tristan' and time; the shift from optimism to pessimism
during Wagner's composition of the 'Ring'; and, most substantially,
Wagner and politics (first published in the New York Review of Books).
%O With bibliography and index.  Foreword by Michael Tanner.


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RESERVED. Copyright in contributed material is the property of its
author. Permission is hereby granted for electronic distribution by non-
commercial services such as internet, provided that it is posted in its
entirety and includes this copyright statement. This document may not be
distributed for financial gain. Any other use, or any commercial use of
this document without permission is prohibited by law. 

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