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Rap Dictionary (part 3 of 4)

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Archive-name: music/hip-hop/dictionary/part3
Posting-Frequency: Bi-weekly, posted on the 3rd and 18th of each month
Last-modified: 2004/11/01
Copyright: (c) 1992-2004 Patrick Atoon
Maintainer: Patrick Atoon <>

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This is the third part of the bi-weekly posting of the Rap Dictionary
to It is extracted from the WWW version accessible at:

This Rap Dictionary is not intended to show the only correct spelling of words;
slang is mostly a spoken language an noone exactly knows how to spell things. A
word might mean something other to you than displayed here; that is because all
words and corresponding meanings have been put in the list on a "goes until
challenged by someone" basis. 

I have followed the English rules, writing out words fully. Most verbs are
usually written differently, though. Take for example cruising, which will
usually be spelled like cruisin', or brother which is often seen as brotha. Some
starting with an `f' are often written with `ph', like phat or phunky. And what
to think of a thing like Doowutchalike? 

Where possible I have added a source to show in what context the word is being
used. Take a look at the definition below. 

	 1) (n) Sort of high-five type of handshake. "Gimme a dap, I'll give you
         one back" -- Ice T. (Ziplock [1991])
	 2) (n) Dignity and Pride, old slang (think 70's here). 

Note the "a source" as in "just any source", I don't mean "the source", since
that would take ages of debating. 

Note that in slang or dialects the grammar is not strongly typed, so nouns can
be verbs etcetera. Slang for gun and penis is almost always interchangable. 

Wherever you encounter (?) I am not sure about whatever I am saying there. 
"???" means that I don't have that particular piece of information. If you know
more than me, please let me know. 

Please help making this list more complete. If it wasn't for the help of
the UseNet alt.rap community, this list wouldn't be one percent of its
current size.

	(n) Money. "...and we're getting papers, three months later we run our own caper" 
	-- Boogie Down Productions (Love's gonna getcha [1990]). 

	(v) West coast slang for partying or having a good time. Comes from the French word 
	"parler", which means talking. 

Pat Duke
	1) (n) Patty Duke, an old sitcom television show. "On the stoop doing the Pat Duke" -- 
	Ol' Dirty Bastard (Don't you know [1994]). 
	2) (n) A popular dance style from the late 80's. 

	1) (n) That's what rap is all about for all you mentally challenged. 
	2) (interj) Farewell bidding. 

	(n) Derogatory term for a white person. 

	(n) What comes off when peeling a cap. "The bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin'" 
	-- Ice Cube (Steady mobbin' [1991]) Note that Cube is paraphrasing a Parliament 
	line, where GC says "The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill", but the way he 
	says it, "pill" comes out sounding like peel". 

peeling caps
	(v) Killing someone by shooting him, shots to the head often disfigure it in such a 
	way that the cranium is "peeled back". "One wrong move and your cap's peeled" -- 
	Ice T. (O.G. original gangster). 

	(v) Check this out (as in peep this). 

	(n) People. "To all my peeps who didn't make it" -- Nas (The world is yours [1994]). 

	(n) Penitentiary, jail. "To all of my peoples in the pens, keep ya head up" -- Lost 
	Boyz (Lex Coupes, Beamaz and Benz's [??]). 

	(n) Police -- E-40 (???). 

	(v) To beat someone up. "I'm ready to pep ya". 

	1) (adj) Rich like butter, really good, extremely well put together. "ATCQ be 
	putting together some phat beats" -- ??? (???) 
	2) (adj) If a girl was phat, she had Plenty o' Hips And Thighs, in other words 
	PHysically ATtractive; old slang. Think 60's or early 70's here. A bit more modern: 
	Pussy, Hips And Tits or even
Pretty Hot And Tempting. 

phat pocket
	(n) A person who has a lot of money 

	(n) Philadelphia. Home of Schoolly D., Da Youngstas, The Fresh Prince, Tuff Crew, 
	The Roots, DJ Ghetto, Bahamadia. 

	(n) Vagina. 

	1) (n) A firearm. 
	2) (n) A work of graffiti art (short for masterpiece). 
	3) (n) Sexual intercourse. "I'm gonna go get me a piece." 

	(n) Police officer. "pig" as a synonym for policeman" has been around for about two 
	hundred years (according to "Partridge's Concise Dictionary of Slang and 
	Unconventional English"). It did, however, disappear in the late nineteenth century (or, as 
	the dictionary says "go underground" though I'm not sure what they mean by that) 
	and reappear in common usage around 1960. I know that during Prohibition 
	speakeasies who had bribed the local police to not bother them were called "blind pigs" 
	(The Blind Pig bar here in Ann Arbor actually used to be such a place). I suspect that 
	the term has been used to mean any kind of unpleasant person since humans started 
	domesticating the things.... 

	1) (n) Boss of prostitutes. 
	2) (v) To be a ladies man. 

	(n) The Projects. 

	(n) Dreadlocks. 

	1) (v) To go along with. "I don't think so. Homey don't play that" -- Homey the Clown in 
	"In Living Colour". 
	2) (v) To fool. "You can't buy no relationship. You played yourself." -- Ice-T (You 
	played yourself [??]). 
	3) (n) Action. 

play ball
	(v) To play basketball. "Got a pair that I wear when I'm playin' ball" -- RUN-DMC (My 

play yourself
	(v) To reveal a weakness, as in poker when you played your cards too early. "No 
	friends 'cause you dissed 'em too, no money, no crew, you're through. You played 
	yourself" -- Ice T. (You played yourself) 

played out
	(n) Old. 

	1) (n) Someone who is "true to the game", ie. someone who never sold out. "To Chuck, 
	Flava and Griff... You're true players" -- Ice-T (M.V.P.'s). 
	2) (n) A kind of playboy, so a player is good at picking up honeys. 
	3) (n) "Players" is a black-oriented adult men's magazine. 

player hater
	(n) One who despises or speaks ill of another because he does not have any game of his 
	own. "Grab a player hater by the neck, choke him out and try to break it" -- Bone 
	Thugs-N-Harmony (2 Glocks [????]) 

player's ball
	(n) A party for players. "When the player's ball is happenin, all day every day" -- 
	OutKast (Player's Ball [????]) 

	1) (n) Police officer, parole officer or probation officer. "dven pack my gatt when I 
	go to see my P.O." -- Mobb Deep (The infamous posse [??]). 
	2) (adj) Piece out. 
	3) (v) Pissed off, angry. 

	(n) The police, from Oakland Police Department.  "Yeah it was po-po, and 
OPD for those who don't know" -- Raw Fusion (?? [????]) 

point blank
	1) (adj) At close range. 
	2) (adj) Right now, right here, in your face. Used when someone is trying to prove a 
	point or something. 

Poly Apartments
	(n) An apartment project at the west side of Long Beach. Was home for artists like 
	the Twinz and Warren G: "Poly Apartments for tha niggaz that ain't from the LB" -- 
	The Twinz (Good Times [1995]). 

	(v) To shoot someone. "I'm a pop a cap in him" -- Jules in the movie "Pulp Fiction" 

popping collars
	(v) To really show off and signify their importance to others, people pop the 
	collar of their shirt. <EM>"Around here we pop them collars"</EM> -- Lil Bow Wow 
	(Bounce with me [2000]) 

	(n) A group of people you hang out with. This doesn't necessarily mean a gang. "They 
	got too, too, too much posse" -- Public Enemy (Too much posse [??]) 

	(n) See marijuana. "Must have been drinking, 'cause this ain't pot" -- Cypress 
	Hill and Sonic Youth (Mary Jane [1993]). 

	(n) Term to address a person, compare partner. "What's now up potna" -- Menace 2 

power U
	(n) Vagina. "On top of that you got the good power U" -- Method Man & Mary J. Blige 
	(You're all I need [1994]). 

	1) (n) A joint laced with crack, west coast term. The east coast equivalent is 
	"turbo". See also marijuana. 
	2) (n) Friend. 
	3) (n) Nickname for DJ Premier. 

Private Stock
	(n) A brand of malt liquor. 

project gold
	(n) Huge gold hoop earrings. 

	(n) An abbreviation of "propers" or proper respects. A show sits on physical and 
	non-physical props. At an award ceremony the winner gives props: "And I would like to 

	(n) Wine that inmates make in prison. "I been it down from day uno, baby bottle full 
	of pruno" -- E-40 feat. B-Legit (Doin' Dirt Bad [????])

	1) (n) Dupe. Check out 70's basketball commentary. Dr. J and especially Nate 
	Archibald used to do dribbling moves to psych out opponents. Psych as in psychological 
	head trips they threw. 
	2) (interj) I duped you. 

puff lye
	(v) To smoke a medicinal herb, i.e. marijuana. "Life's a bitch and then you die, 
	that's why we puff lye" -- NAS (Life's a bitch and then you die [1994]) 

	1) (n) Pump of a pump-action shotgun "Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump" -- Cypress 
	Hill (Hand on the pump [1993]) 
	2) (n) To play music loud. 

	1) (n) Vagina. "I'm trickin' buying Vickey Secret just to cover her punani hair" -- 
	Timbaland feat. 1 Life 2 Live, Lil' Man (Can't Nobody [????])
	2) (n) Sex, this is used more commonly. "You see I'm tryin to get the punani but you just 
	wanna rock me" -- Common Sense (Breaker 1/9 [????]) 
	3) (n) A Jamaican dance, the art of moving your stomach and behind on the dancefloor. 

	1) (n) A person related to the Punk movement or the Punk music. 
	2) (n) A stupid, usually irritating person. "Motherfuck you and your punk ass ghetto 
	bird." -- Ice Cube (Ghetto Bird [1993]). 

	(n) Vagina. 

	1) (n) Prostitute. 
	2) (n) Asshole. "How you like me now, puto" -- Cypress Hill (Locotes [??]). 

	(interj) Chicano market salutation of “What’s new... What’s happening ?”, first 
	made commercial to the Chicano audience in Q-VO Magazine which is owned by 
	Benjamin Francisco Hernandez and first  published in 1979, a magazine in English to 
	Chicano and Latino audiences which  included use of Calo, which is  a Chicano dialect of 
	Spanish. "Q-VO, a qui'stoy MC Kid Frost" -- Kid Frost (La Raza [1991]). 

	1) (n) Short for Queensbridge. 
	2) (n) Short for Queen Bitch, or Queen Bee as Lil' Kim refers to herself. Queen Bee was a 
	character from the blaxploitation movie "Dolemite". 

Quad City
	(n) Orlando. Home of Quad City DJ's, 95 South, 69 Boyz and DJ Magic Mike. 

quarter o
	1) (n) Quarter ounce (= oz.) of weed. "Feelin' on tilt man, quarter o to the brain, 
	smokin' like blunt after blunt my niggas insane" -- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 
	(Budsmokers Only [????])
	2) (n) 40 oz. of beer. 

	(n) New York City borough. RUN-DMC are often referred to as the Kings from Queens. 

	(n) The name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island 
	City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of 
	the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. Home of Nas and Mobb Deep. 

	(n) Rough, tough and dangerous: a bus that travels in the ghetto is called because 
	people are getting robbed or mugged on a regular basis. The former name for the Los 
	Angeles County Mass Transit (Bus) was Rapid Transit District. "When you young it's 
	hard to see that it's wrong throwing rocks at the R.T.D." -- Ice Cube (Doing Dumb 
	Shit [????])

	(n) Short for rabbi. "Told a rab get off the rag" -- Public Enemy (Welcome to the 

	(v) To betray. "Why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept?" -- Genius (4th 

rat pack
	(n) A bum rush. "Like some pussy, or in fact, a bum rush, but we call it rat pack, on a 
	nigga for nothing at all" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]). 

	(adj) Showing the pure essence of pure hip hop. 

real McCoy
	1) (n) The orignal, not a fake. One real McCoy was a late 19th century boxer who fought 
	under the name Kid McCoy and was so good that other fighters adopted the name, 
	whereupon he had to bill himself as "the real McCoy". Or, it was Scotch whisky, made by A. & 
	M. MacKay of Glasgow. In the UK the saying is "the real MacKay". Another idea is 
	that the expression came from heroin originating from Macao (Dictionary of 
	Cliches, pg.215). Yet another explanation is the American scientist Eligah McCoy, 
	who had several inventions well known throughout the African American 
	community in America. If you owned anything during those days, you wanted it to be "the 
	real McCoy". "You got to always be that real McCoy" -- Black Azz Chill (Don'[t Ever 
	2) (n) A 1967 Jazz CD by McCoy Tyner, a pianist. 

really doe
	(interj) Wrong spelling of "Really though", used to emphasize a point. Ice Cube 
	(Really doe). 

red rum
	(n) Murder spelled backwards. 

	(n) See marijuana. (1920s-1960s) Marijuana wrapped in cigarette paper, may be a 
	variant of Mexican "grefa" (Juba to Jive, pg. 380). "Alright homies legalize reefer 
	leaves and nines" -- Bizzy Bone (Fried Day [????]) 

reel to reel
	1) (n) Really real. 
	2) (n) Reality. 
	3) (n) The big tape used for studio recording and the machine that runs it. 

Remy Martin
	(n) A brand of cognac. "I've got to get the chronic, some Remy Martin, and my soda 
	pop" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]). 

	(v) New big hip-hop word. Means just what you think it means. "Represent!" -- NAS 
	(Represent [1994]) 

	(n) Derogatory term for a member of the Crips, an L.A. gang. 

	(n) A vehicle. "So we rode in his ride" -- Ice-T (Bitches 2 [??]). 

	(v) See step to. "Don't rift, I spill it like a bottle of Cris'" -- Killarmy (Monster 

	(v) Old street slang - to steal, stolen, to take agressively. 

road dog
	(n) A good friend, someone who you always hang out with. "Yo dick on hard, for 
	fuckin' your road doggs" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]). 

	1) (n) Crack. 
	2) (v) To have sexual intercourse. 
	3) (n) Biblical. Alcatraz, Jamaica... 
	4) (v) To wear, "I was rocking my brand new Nikes". 
	5) (n) Diamond. "And them rings you wearin' look like they got a few rocks on 'em" -- 
	Eminem (Rock 
Bottom [1998])

rock star
	(n) Crack addict 

	1) (n) A joint (see marijuana). 
	2) (v) To blast off into a high when smoking a joint. 

Rodney King
	1) (n) Rodney King was beaten up by police when he was placed under arrest. The whole 
	incident was videotaped, leading to the infamous "Rodney King trials", where the 
	police officers were under trial for assault and battering. The outcome of the trial 
	was not satisfactory to many people in LA, leading to the LA riots of 1992. 
	2) (n) To pull a Rodney King: To initiate police brutality. "He'll probably pull me 
	over and I laugh, pull a Rodney King and I'll blast at his punk ass" -- Tupac 
	(Souljah's Revenge [1993]). 

	1) (v) To hang with a given person or crowd. "I'm rollin' with the new jack crew" -- 
	Ice-T (Newjack hustler [1991]). 
	2) (v) To roll on someone means to beat someone up. 
	3) (v) To roll a joint. 
	4) (v) To drive one's car in the neighborhood with a certain style or finesse. 

roll up
	(v) To arrive on a scene. "Roll up in a school and bang - bang!" -- Tha Dogg Pound (Roll 
	Wit Us [????])

	(n) Wrist watch of the expensive brand Rolex. "Where my Rollie wearin thugs who 
	claim they don't love you" -- Da Brat feat. Jermaine Dupri, Missy 'Misdemeanor' 
	Elliott (That's What I'm Lookin' For [????])

Rolling 60's
	(n) Notorious South Central Crip set. 

	(n) An expensive Rolex watch. "She got the matching Roly-O" -- Hot Boys (I Need A Hot 
	Girl [????]) 

ruff neck
	(n) A round the way guy that keeps it real and knows the streets. "Gotta what yo gotta 
	get a ruff neck" -- MC Lyte (Ruff neck [??]). 

	1) (v) Bogard, physically assault. 
	2) (v) After taking drugs , one often gets a rush 

	1) (adj) Tough, hard, stopping at nothing. "Drop him in his tracks so hip that I am 
	ruthless" - Eazy-E (It's on Dr. Dre 187 um killa [1993]) 
	2) (n) Ruthless Records is Eazy-E's record company. 

	(n) The Security of the First World; the military dancers on stage with Public 
	Enemy at their concerts. 

	(n) Wrong spelling of the Mexican word ese, which means dude. "SA's cool, don't 
	fuck with them boys" - Ice Cube (Really Doe). 

sack chaser
	(n) Woman using a man for money. 

	(n) Sacramento, California. 

sagging deuce
	(n) A lowered Cadillac car. 

	(n) A scarface is someone who is a gangster or models themselves on the character of 
	Tony Montana in the film "Scarface"(1983). Scarface is one of the most 
	influential films with regard to hip-hop. Many of the samples used on rap albums are from 
	Scarface. Many phrases you hear used by rappers are copied verbatim from Scarface. 
	Examples include The Geto Boys album (Geto Boys) the hook for "Fuck Em' All" is sampled 
	from Scarface. The sample at the beginning of the Kool G Rap song "Fast Life" is from 
	Scarface. The rapper Scarface took his name from the film. 

	(v) To plan to do something to get someones money, most often by cheating. "And the 
	girls that been scheming, gonna get creamed when I" -- The Gravediggaz (Tonite is a 
	special nite [1995]). 

	(n) A specific era in hiphop history. There have been many discussions about the 
	difference between the "Old School" and the New School". One accepted view was put to 
	words in alt.rap by Charles L. Isbell: 
<BLOCKQUOTE> All of time can be divided 
	pretty easily this way:<P> - Everything before "Run DMC" (Run DMC [1984])<BR> - 
	Everything before "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" (Public Enemy 
	[1988])<P> It gets harder after that, but maybe you'd have to label parallel movements 
	with stuff like:<P> + Everything before "Straight Outta Compton" (NWA [1988]) 
	and "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" (Ice Cube [1990]) for the West Coast Gangsta 
	Movement<BR> + Everything before "3 Feet High And Rising" (De La Soul [1989]) and "Low End 
	Theory" (A Tribe Called Quest [1991]) for the Jazz/Bohemian Movement<P> Others seem 
	to think we're about to enter the Everything before "93 'Til Infinity" (Souls of 
	Mischief [1993]) era for the Ascendency of Hieroglyphics, but I'll reserve judgement 
	on that.<P> There are also several dark moments: MC Hammer ushered in the HipPop 
	Era and Vanilla "No I really used to be rich; May I take your order?" Ice ushered in 
	something unspeakable (Snow, if nothing else).<P> Hmmmmm, here's a way to pass the 
	time: what are the key moments/movements and what albums/artists best represent 
	them?  How have they influenced the direction of rap? Making no value judgements, 
	I'd have to say that the four most influential hiphop moments/movements are the 
	ones I listed above and for obvious reasons.</BLOCKQUOTE> 

Scooby Doo
	1) (n) The cartoon character. 
	2) (n) A blunt. "Scooby Doo, where the fuck are you?" -- Cypress Hill (??? [??]). 
	3) (n) The B-side on Lick a Shot (US). 

	1) (v) Look at something. "Scope that bitch" 
	2) (v) Stare down someone. 

scrap a lick
	(v) As in "can't scrap a lick", meaning, can't put up a fight, has a poor fighting 
	ability. From Dr. Dre (Fuck wit Dre day). 

	(n) Money, loot. "Scrilla scratch paper" -- E-40 (One love [??]). 

	(v) To play a hip-hop record at a slower speed, said to accentuate the bass and 
	facilitate mixes with ballads. Also screw mixes, get my screw on. Originated in the late 
	80's, when Fresh Records released 12" singles at 45 rpm. Many DJ's missed the speed 
	designation and mistakenly played it at the slower 33 rpm speed. Many listeners began to 
	intentionally request those records (esp. Mantronix's "Fresh is the Word") at the slow 
	speed. Now done with CD players with variable pitch (or vinyl). 

	(n) Money, loot. "Scrilla scratch paper" -- E-40 (One love [??]). 

	(n) Seattle. "Everybody in Seatown and T-Town!" -- Sir Mix-A-Lot (Seattle Ain't 
	Bullshittin' [????]) 

sell out
	(n) Doing something purely for the financial gain, Selling your soul. "Did Ice 
	Cube sell out? You say hell no!" -- Ice Cube (When will they shoot? [??]). 

	(n) An abbreviation of the word "sinsemellia", which is a form o marijuana that has 
	no seeds, because it is isolated from male pollen during te blooming process. 
	Instead of making seeds, the marijuana plant makes more THC, hence this "sense" is 
	more potent, and generally better than standard ganja. 

	1) (v) To defeat an opponent with skill. 
	2) (v) To deliver a subpoena 

	1) (n) A denomination of one of the larger gangs, a set is not necessarily friendly 
	with other sets in the same gang. "Baby girl asked me what set am I claiming" - Sir 
	MixaLot (Rapper's Reputation) 
	2) (n) The group of songs in a concert by a specific performer. 

set tripping
	(v) Killing someone in your own gang, but who is in a different set. i.e. a different 
	street but in the same gang. "I come around your corner, but I ain't set tripping. But I 
	will, wet niggas and wet women with the calico" -- Z-Ro (Mo City Don [????]) 

	(n) Handcuffs. 

	(n) A custom made knife as used in prisons, made from whatever materials are 
	available. "You better grab your shank, cuz ain't no fistfight" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto 
	boy [??]). 

	(n) Shaton or Shaitan is an Arabic word meaning "devil". "At night the evil armies 
	of Shaton don't play" -- Fugees (Family business [1996]). 

Shea Town
	(n) New York, from Shea stadium. 

	(n) Under the influence of drugs. "Smokin' dope is like a sherm high niggaz think 
	they learned to fly" -- 2Pac (Hit 
'Em Up [1998]) or "Niggaz gettin' shermed out" - 
	2Pac (To Live And Die In L.A. [1996])


sherm stick
	(n) Marijuana dipped in embalming fluid. 

	(adj) See mark or newjack. A rookie or one who purports to be more than he is. "And he 
	knew he was shife, he knew he was hype" -- Bust Down (Nasty bitch (intro) [1993]). 

	(n) See booty. "Shimmy shimmy ya!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard (Shimmy shimmy ya [1995]). 

sholda than show
	(interj) Surer than sure. 

shook one
	(n) Individual who acts like he is tough, but when things get hectic or tense, he 
	gets scared and acts like the punk he really is. They have been shook up by the 
	reality and are labeled shook ones. "Shook ones" -- Mobb Deep (Shook ones pt. II 

	(n) Vehicle. 

	1) (n) Little person. "Holla at your boy 'What's the problem shorty?'" -- Jay-Z feat. 
	Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Memphis Bleek (1-900-Hustler [????])
	2) (n) Female, like baby or honey. "I got myself a shorty, I got myself a forty" -- 
	Wu-Tang Clan (Method Man). 
	3) (n) A seven ounce bottle of beer. 

	(n) Shotgun. 

show and prove
	(v) Demonstrate. 

show case
	(v) To carry out a fraud. 

	(n) A person who acts two-faced. 

	(n) See psych. 

	1) (n) Derived from simpleton, used for rhyming with pimp. "Short baby I ain't no 
	simp, but the nigga in the suit ain't nothin' but a pimp" -- Too $hort (Cocktales 
	2) (v) To sing and pimp. From Boyz II Men (Simpin' ain't easy). 

	(n) Woman of the same group; friend. 

	(n) A scandalous woman.  "Sell the skank a dream bigger than life and she gon' stick 
	around for the shoppin' spree, alright" -- Big Tymers (10 Wayz [????]) 

	(v) To ejaculate.  "This hoe she sucked my dick behind the store and I skeeted in her  
	throat" -- Ying Yang Twins (Georgia Dome [????]) 

	(n) See freak. "If you wanna know what a skeezer is, it's a girl who's on my jock cause 
	I'm in showbiz" -- LL Cool J. (??? [??]). 

	(n) General ability; ability on the microphone. 

	1) (n) The lips of the vagina. "She likes to bend over and then she spreads the skins" -- 
	Brand Nubian (Slow down [1990]). 
	2) (n) Condom. 
	3) (n) Rolling papers. 

	(n) A female. 

	(v) Acting bizarre or crazy, from schizophrenic. 

	(v) Getting oral sex performed. "My buddy, daz dilly, we gettin' skully" - Kurupt 
	(My Buddy [1998]). 

	(n) A medium grade and smelly form of marijuana. 

	(n) Reference to the SL class of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The SL class is the series 
	of high-end roadster models. "You deserve flowers and candy, the simple things 
	in addition to the SL's, baguettes and rings" -- LL Cool J feat. Marc Dorsey (Luv U 
	Better [????]) 

	1) (n) The ground; to lower a car to the slab: to lower down. "I'm breaking em down to the 
	slab" -- Rage (The chronic [1992]). 
	2) (n) Crack. 

	1) (adj) Dynamic. 
	2) (adj) Something really good/attractive. "And may I say, may I say, that, that 
	outfit you got on is slammin'" -- L.L. Cool J (MrGoodbar). 

	(v) The act of selling drugs. 

	(n) A Caddillac Seville, because of the slanted trunk of the earlier models. 

slap skins
	1) (v) Slapping hands together. 
	2) (v) Having sex. Slapping skins, hitting skins, getting skins, etc. Skins being 
	the skin of the opposite sex. 

	(n) Los Angeles street. "The sun went down when I hit Slauson" -- Dr. Dre (Let Me Ride 

sleep [on]
	(v) Ignore. (v) To be unaware or unprepared. You can creep up on someone while they 
	are "sleeping" (even if they are awake). 

	1) (adj) On the downward trend, losing the edge. "Cause you're slipping!" -- Boogie 
	Down Productions (You're slipping [1988]). 
	2) (v) Not paying attention "Yeah I caught that fool slippin' and I smoked him" -- ?? 
	(??? [??]). 

	(n) Derogatory name for a member of the Bloods, an L.A. gang, used by members of the 
	Crips, another L.A. gang. 

slow your roll
	(interj) Slow down whatever you are doing. "Slow ya roll like your leg was broken" 
	-- Kurupt (For my niggaz and my bitches [1993]). 

	(adj) Under the influence of drugs. 

	(v) See slapping skins. 

	1) (v) Killing someone. "Right then, I knew I had to smoke his ass" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta 
	gangsta [1988]). 
	2) (v) To get smoked: to get under the influence of drugs. "I'm in the land gettin' 
	smoked with my kinfolk" - Tha Luniz (I Got 5 On It [1995])

	(n) a form of verbal jestering. Also French and English speaking Africans 
	especially in Dakar and Paris say 'oh snap' in two contexts. 1) 'oh snap' if you get bagged 
	on (snapped on) and 2) meaning 'oh shit' as in 'I didn't know' or 'I forgot 

	(n) Money. 

	(n) Sportswear shoes. "I wear my sneakers but I'm not a sneak" -- RUN-DMC (My 

	(n) Cocaine. 

soggy indo
	(n) A joint (see marijuana) that has been dipped in PCP or something. 

	(n) Non-OG gangbanger. 

South Central
	(n) Los Angeles area. A very important place for gangsta rap. Origin of a lot of 
	rappers. "South Central fool, where the Crips and the Bloods play" -- Ice-T (O.G. 
	Original Gangster [????])

	(n) The E-MU SP-12 (or SP-1200), a high-end sampling drum machine for rap music 
	production. These pieces of equipment came out around 1985 and 87 respectively. The SP-12 
	did not have an internal disk drive, but EMU saw the problems since it only worked 
	with a Commodore diskdrive. So they made the next model with an internal drive. 
	Incidentally Ced-Gee of Ultra-Magnetics was the first person in hip-hop to use this 
	machine which has become one of the most sought after pieces of equipment to date. So 
	much that EMU has reissued the SP-1200. "Just me, a mic, and an SP-12" -- Young MC 
	(Album Filler). 

	(n) Jamaican marijuana cigarette, see marijuana. 

	(v) Firing a round of bullets. "Pulled out the uzi, cruised by and sprayed him" -- 
	Ice Cube (Gangsta's Fairytale). 

	1) (adj) Erected. "Sprung, niggaz call her lips 'n lungs" -- Ice Cube (Check yo self 
	2) (adj) Obsessed with something. 
	3) (n) Released on bail by someone else. 

	(n) Shortened form of "to squabble"; to fight, physicallly confront. "Quick to 
	squab, always down for the job" -- E-40 featuring Suga T (Sprinkle me [??]). 

	(v) To end, Squash that beef. 

squeeze the trigger
	(v) To shoot a gun. "Yo homeboy,squeeze the trigger!" -- Ice T. (squeeze the 
	trigger) [198?] 

St. Ides
	(n) A specific brand of maly liquor. Ice Cube and Scarface have done radio 
	commercials for St. Ides. "Gotta get tha S-T-I-D-E-S, first of tha month" -- Bone 
	Thugs-N-Harmony (??? [??]). 

stab out
	(v) To leave. 

stack up
	(v) Making money, often used in conjunction with paper. <EM>"This kid here is all 
	about stackin' up"</EM> -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]) 

	(n) Pistol. "Finger on the trigger with my hand upon the steel" --Cypress Hill 
	(Hand on the pump [1993]) 

	(n) Style. 

step off
	(v) Back away from a confrontation. 

step to
	(v) Engage a confrontation. "So don't step to me 'cause you boys 'll get wacked" -- 
	Ice-T (Power). 

step up
	(v) See step to. 

	(n) Pronounced as "steelo", is a term that like a lot of other hip-hop terms 
	originated in New York City. It is Spanish, and it means style. 

	1) (n) Okay. 
	2) (n) Short for stright up, truly, used for emphasis. "Straight booty" or "straight 

	(n) A gun. 

	(adj) Strapped in: armed. 

	(n) Someone who willingly exchanges sexual services for drugs. "Strawberry, 
	Strawberry is the neighbourhood ho" -- N.W.A. (Dopeman [1988]). 

	1) (v) To be out on parole. "27 years old, out on parole, stroll." -- Dr. Dre (Lil' 
	ghetto boy [??]). 
	2) (n) To drive one's car. 

Strong island
	(n) Long island. 

	1) (n) Sexual act. 
	2) (n) A person who performs stunts. 
	3) (n) To pull a stunt, to try something difficult. 

	1) (adj) Creative. 
	2) (adv) Very. "Evil's got the funky beat, a stupid dope loop" -- Ice-T (Fried chicken 

	(n) person easily duped. 

Sucka Free
	(n) San Francisco. 

	(n) Short for "Some wild-ass silly shit". 

	(n) Southwest Atlanta. Home of Outkast, Goodie Mob, Kriss Kross, Parental 

	(n) I'm out of here, I'm ghost. From the movie "Ghost" which features the actor 
	Patrick Swayze, used for example in a cut by EPMD.. 

	1) (n) over-patronize. 
	2) (v) Worry, as in "don't sweat it". 
	3) (v) Harrass or scrutinize. "There's one or two narcs in the area that's sweatin' 
	me" -- Digital Underground (Sex packets). 

	(adj) Cool, dope, fresh. 

	(n) Car. 

	(n) To have sexual intercourse (Grand Puba). 

swing low
	(n) To have oral sex (Kool Moe Dee). 

	(n) Your average toggle switch. Low-riding drivers use them to control the 
	hydrolics or any other electrical device in their cars. "Rollin' in my fo' with sixteen 
	switches" Dr. Dre -- (Let Me Ride). 

	(n) Cough syrup Promethazine, a prescription cough suppressant that is liquid 
	codeine. It comes in a purple, red or yellow liquid that is most often mixed with Sprite 
	or 7-up. It may also be spread on to rolled joints or cigarettes and allowed to 
	dry, and then smoked. Also referred to as "sizer", "drank" or "purple jelly". 
	Continues the Southern tradition of the slow "Screw Mixes" originated by DJ Screw from 
	the early 1990's. Music is pitched to deliberately slow speeds to portray a 
	warped,  psychedelic feeling.  

	(n) Toronto. " Brook-nam, Shaolin, the T-Dot, Newark" -- Redman (Uh-huh [????]) 

	1) (n) A persons graffiti nickname. 
	2) (v) The act of writing graffiti on an object (tagging up). 

	(n) A brand of distilled English Gin, used to make cocktail drinks. It was recently 
	popularized by several rap and also by a very creative advertising campaign in the US, 
	featuring and elderly white man named Mr. Jenkins: "Mr. Jenkins doesn't understand all 
	the Hip-hop lyrics at his friend's record release party, but he understands gin 
	and juice very clearly." is the line that was used. "My homey Dr. Dre came through 
	with a gang of Tanqueray" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Gin and Juice [??]). 

	(n) A fly honey. 

	1) (v) To rob. "Stick up kids are out to tax" -- Gangstarr (Just to get a rep [??]). 
	2) (v) To take away something after you kick a sucka's ass."and Ima tax that ass like 
	the government" -- BDK (Pimpin ain't easy). 
	3) (v) To dig into or estimate, I'm gonna tax that ass. 

Tec 9
	(n) A 9mm semiautomatic or fully automatic gun made by Infratec. "Every kid's got a 
	Tec 9 or a handgrenade" -- Ice-T (??? [??]). 

thai stick
	(n) See marijuana. 

	(n) Thing; "your own thang": your own way. 

The (island of) Shao-Lin
	(n) Staten Island, a New York borough. Home of the Wu-Tang clan 

The Boogie Bang / The Boogie Down
	(n) See Bronx. King Sun mentions it in one of his EPs. 

The Boogie Down
	(n) The Bronx. 

The Bridge
	(n) See Queensbridge. 

The Burgh
	(n) Pittsburgh, PA. 

The Get Low
	(n) San Francisco. JT the Bigga Figga's group is call GLP: Get Low Players. 

	(n) Tommy gun. 

three-wheel motion
	(n) Ride upon three wheels with a low rider car. You can see it in videos for "Ain't 
	nuthin but a G thang" and Today was a good day" [1993]. One of the back corners of the car 
	is really close to the ground and the opposite corner is picked up off the road. 

	(n) Drunk or high to the point of almost being unconscious. 

	1) (n) A non-complex piece of graffiti usually involving only two colors. 
	2) (n) To tag your graffiti on something ("Watch my back as I throw up this tag"). 

	(n) Someone who does not have anything but himself. "Livin' life thug style" -- 
	Tupac (To live and die in L.A. [????]). 

	(v) To engage in a fistfight. "Remember they used to thump, but now they blast, 
	right?" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy [??]). 

	(n) See marijuana. "Smoke a bag of tical" -- Method Man (???). 

	1) (adj) A state of mind, feeling really good at the moment. Straight, legitimate, 
	2) (adj) Cool, dope, fresh. 

	(n) Clothing of the brand "Timberland", a popular hip-hop choice. "Are you 
	feeling my Timbs, my baggy jeans,
my thug appeal" -- Blaque feat. N-Sync (Bring it 
	all to me [199?]) 

	1) (n) Penis (Get off my tip). 
	2) (n) Q-Tip from a Tribe Called Quest 
	3) (n) The end, the fullest. "To the tip!" -- Schoolly D. (Mr. Big Dick). 

Tipper Gore
	(n) Tipper, the wife of vice-president Al Gore, has become a synonym for 
	narrowmindedness. She had to do with the committee that decides which CD's get the "Parental 
	advisory" stickers. "You gotta be high to believe that you can change the world with a 
	sticker on a record sleeve" -- Ice-T (Freedom of speech / Just watch what you say 

to get your swerve on
	(v) A compliment of skill. If you are about to get your swerve on then you are 
	confidently preparing to enter the conflict. If you got your swerve on it means you 
	accomplished something skillfully. 

	(n) Gang pride/love (Polynesian/Maori). 

Tony Montana
	(n) The character of Tony Montana in the film "Scarface"(1983). "1995 Tony 
	Montana" -- Ice Cube (Summer Vacation [??]). 

	1) (n) A poor or beginner graffiti artist. 
	2) (v) To purposefully write over another graffiti artists work (toy someone out). 
	3) (n) A sucker. 
	4) (n) Short for Trouble On Your System. 

Tragniew Park Crips
	(n) Compton crip set, associated with MC Eiht. "Tragniew Park you say..." -- DJ 
	Quik (Dollaz & Sense [1994]). 

	(v) to sell drugs. 

tray eight
	(n) See 38. 

	(n) Home of the old schoolrappers, PRT. 

	(n) Short for trick bitch. Derives from the turning tricks action of oral 
	sex/doggy style of a prostitute. Can be used to acknowledge any sort of woman. More than 
	often used as "slut", but a replacement for "bitch" will work too. 

	1) (n) Trouble.  "At night time there's more trife than ever" -- Nas (One Love [1994]) 
	2) (adj) Troublesome, causing trouble. "Make your moves at night, pack your heat in 
	this warzone, niggas is trife" -- Mobb Deep (Up North Trip [????]) 

	(adj) Rough, street-wise person; "Trill ass nigga" -- Underground Kingz (The 
	Southern way [1992], also on Too hard to swallow [1994]). 

triple beam
	(n) Balanced scales for weighing with three grades of weights, originally used to 
	measure gold, it is more commonly used to measure drugs. "You learned about your 
	triple beam from me" -- Ice Cube (Dr. Frankenstein [1998]) 

	1) (v) Literally making a misstep, figuratively doing something wrong. 
	2) (v) Responding to the effects of narcotics. 
	3) (v) Freak for any reason. "Don't start tripping, or we'll go toe to toe" -- ?? 

truck jewelry
	(n) big gold jewelry. 

true that
	(interj) See word is bond. 

	(n) To have lots of money, like billionaire Donald Trump. 2) (n) In certain card 
	games the highest ranking suit is called trump (e.g. spades). When a person has 
	nothing but trump cards in his hand it is referred to as being 'trump tight'. "cause 
	Snoop dog is trump tight like the virgin-surgeon" -- Snoop Dogg (Tha Shiznit [??]) 

	(n) Tree Top Piru, a notorious Compton Blood set, associated with DJ Quik 
	(addressed to MC Eiht) "Westside Trees sprayin' all tha fleas" -- DJ Quik (Dollaz+Sense 

	(n) A joint laced with crack, east coast term. The west coast equivalent is 
	"primo". See also marijuana. 

turn (it) out
	1) (v) To make records. 
	2) (v) To have sexual intercourse with. 

twenty sack
	(n) One gram of marijuana, which costs $20. See marijuana. From Nas (NY state of 

	(n) Drunk. 

uncle L.
	(n) L.L. Cool J. "Like uncle L. said, I'm rippin' up shows" -- Public Enemy (Shut 'em 

uncle tom
	1) (n) A black man who wants to be white. From the book Uncle Tom's Cabin. 
	2) (n) A tattle-taler; a person who befriends another only to deceive him, usually in 
	the workplace. 

Union Square
	1) (n) A park in New York City on Broadway between 14th and 16th(?). Origin of Kid n 
	2) (n) A hip-hop club from the late 1980's in the above area. The name of this routine is 
	called live at Union Square. - KRS One 

up north trip
	(n) Being sent to jail. "Up north trip" -- Mobb Deep (?? [??]). 

	(n) Uptown New Orleans 

	(n) The word uptown originated in the New York city train stations. As you leave 
	downtown Manhattan the trains direct you to Uptown. Uptown includes Harlem, East 
	Harlem, Washinton Heights, Inwood and (sometimes) the South Bronx. 

	(n) United States Ghettos (Onyx). 

	(n) Israeli semi-automatic gun. "Hold it, rock! Miuzi weighs a ton" -- Public 
	Enemy (Miuzi weighs a ton). 

	(n) Vallejo, California. Home of E-40. 

	(n) Nothern California Prison (Too $hort). 

vacuum lungs
	(n) Taking a deep smoke. "Cause fools be havin' them vacuum lungs" -- The Luniz 
	(I've got 5 on it [??]). 

	(n) East LA hispanic slang, meaning homeboy. "Vato, cholo, call us what you will" 
	-- Kid Frost (La Raza [1990]). 

	1) (n) High quality speaker units mabe by Cerwin-Vega, used in car and hi-fi systems. 
	"Going to school with the Vegas on my earlobe" -- Da Luniz (I got 5 on it [1995]). 
	2) (n) A marijuana sigarette rolled in Garcia Vegas (a brand of cigar) papers. 

	(n) Clothing label. "I stay laced cuz my body got Versace taste" -- Monifa (I miss 
	you (come back home) [1995]). 

	(n) Condom. "Pack a vest for your jimmy in the city of sex" -- 2Pac (California Love 

	(v) Very angry. 

VIP Records
	(n) Famous Long Beach record store where a lot of current stars first sold their 
	demo tapes. Snoop was standing on it in his "Who am I?" video. "Let's journey to the 
	VIP for the latest hits" -- Domino (Long Beach Thang [1993]). 

	(n) Video Music Box, a NYC hip-hop video music show. 

	1) (adj) Negative: crazy or weird. Mostly this is meant 
	2) (v) To kill someone. "So don't step to me 'cause you boys'll get wacked" -- Ice-T 

	(n) Person who pretends to be a gangster without being one. Contraction of 
	"wannabe gangsta". "You said you a wanksta, and you needa stop frontin'" -- 50 Cent 
	(Wanksta [2001]) 

watching Andy Griffith
	(v) refers to masturbating. Martin Lawrence (You so crazy). 

	1) (n) Record album(s). "And we put it on wax, it's the new style" -- Beastie Boys (The 
	New Style [1986]). 
	2) (v) Synonym to tax as in "wax his ass" from the black popular "mop up the floor with 
	your ass". 
	3) (adj) Describing refinement as in 'waxed, buffed and simonized' from the Mister 
	Magic radio show. 
	4) (v) To have sexual intercourse. "Wax that ass" -- Ice Cube (Get off my dick [??]). 
	5) (v) To make a car appear very shiny. 

	(n) One of the original hip-hop stations in New York City. "BLS, 97, KISS, bounce to 
	this" -- Craig Mack (??? [??]). 

	1) (v) Kill someone. As in wet from blood when someone is sprayed. "Now I gotta wetcha" 
	-- Ice Cube (I'm gonna wetcha) 
	2) (v) Excite a female. 

WHBI-FM (105.9)
	(n) The first radio station in New York that had a hip-hop show (Mr. Magic, the 
	Awesome Two, Afrika Izlam). The station later changed its call letters to WNWK-FM. 

wheels of steel
	(n) Turntables. "My DJ Code Money on the wheels of steel" -- Schoolly D. (Gucci 

	(n) A nice looking car. "Some bought me ice, so pay for whips" -- Beanie Sigel (Playa 

	(n) Movie theatre in the Bronx - Diamond D. 

who ride
	1) (v) To get buckwild. "The darkside where the real G's who ride" -- Macadoshish from 
	Thug Life (Don't get twisted [1994]) 
	2) (n) The who ride is the act of getting wild and crazy, like a riot or an 
	assassination, or any wild activity. 

	(n) Used to address someone as a friend, as in "What's up whodie", in the same way as 
	words like "homey", "money", "playa" or "dogg". 

	(n) A derogatory term usually used by white people for white people that use black 
	slang and that primarily socialize with black people. 

wild thing
	(n) Sexual intercourse. "Hey you two, I was once like you and I loved to do the wild 
	thing" -- Tone Loc (Wild thing). 

	(adj) To act without without rational thought. Wilding was a term not used until 
	the Central park jogger attack in 1989. The victim in this case was raped, and, 
	upon being questioned, kids in the neighborhood of the attackers had said that 
	they had done the "Wild Thing" (after the Tone Loc release). Misinterpreted by 
	reporters not accustomed to the slurred speech of the attackers, the term wilding was 
	born out of the NYC media's lust for a catch phrase. (Info from: "Black Studies, Rap 
	and the Academy" by Houston Baker Jr.) "Across the street you was wilding" -- Nas 
	(?? [1996]) 

	1) (n) Penis. 
	2) (n) Someone with money or status in the neighbourhood, a player or bawler. 

	(n) Erected penis. "Delivering the wood" stands for having sexual intercourse. 

	1) (n) Biblical (John1:1). "logos": truth. 
	2) (interj) Exclamation or term of endearment. 

word is bond
	(interj) Saying this means that what you are saying is absolutely correct, and you 
	do not have to put up money to prove it, you just say it. The term originates from 
	the financial markets where hirstorically traders woul tell each other "my word 
	is bond", i.e. my word is good enough, you don't need it in writing. "Cause I'm 
	frontin' in my ride, and my word is bond" -- LL Cool J (The boomin' system [1990]). 

word up
	(n) (interj.) A question like "What's up?", or "What's the word?". 

	1) (v) To accomplish something. 
	2) (v) To destroy or break up. "All they wanted to do is wreck and flex" Public Enemy 
	(Burn Hollywood, burn [1990]). 
	3) (v) To show great freestyling skills. 

	(v) To copy, from the Rank-Xerox copying machine. "and still they try to xerox" -- 
	Public Enemy (Don't believe the hype [1987]). 

	(n) Short for "you all". Also sometimes used for "you", singular. 

	(n) This is actually the phonetical version of "gnac", as in "cognac". "Dre and 
	snoop chronic'd out in the 'llac (caddilac), with Doc in the back sippin' 
'gnac" - Dr. Dre (The Next Episode) 

Yellow City
	(n) The name of Mario "Yellow Man" Winans production company. "Yellow City gonna 
	rock the party" -- Benzino (Rock the party [????]) 

	1) (n) You. 
	2) (n) Your. 
	3) (interj) To catch attention, as in "Yo! What's up?" 

zig zags
	(n) Rolling papers. "Send some gin and a pack of zig zags" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Pump 

	(adj) Smoked out on weed. "I want to get zooted, nigga" -- Total Devastation (??? 

	(n) A joint laced with crack. 

[cold] hoopin' it
	(v) Playing a game of basketball. 

[kitty] cat
	(n) Vagina. 

[to be] high
	(v) To be intoxicated by a drug of somekind. Reported other terms for it are: 
	blazed, blunted, bombed, charged, juiced, skunked, stressed, toked. "I want to get 
	high, so high" -- Cypress Hill (I want to get high [1993]). 

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Oct 11, 2019 @ 4:04 am
a close look at Ayman al

There is little in Ayman al Zawahiri's privileged background in a diverse Cairo suburb that foreshadows his emergence as the blood steeped ideologue who helped Osama bin Laden in his terrorist assault on the West, And who now succeeds him.

In the Maadi community where his father set up home in 1960, that when Zawahiri was 9, have been churches and a synagogue. Wealthy Egyptians and foreign people congregated at the Maadi Sporting Club; even though were never members, Zawahiri's father took him to the club to watch start up.

Zawahiri, A twin born by getting a sister in 1951, Is the scion of two marked Egyptian families. His father was a professor of pharmacology, And his maternal grandfather was the president of Cairo University. a magnificent uncle headed al Azhar, The most prestigious seat of Islamic scholarship at the center East.

Zawahiri was a first-rate student who, inside of the tutelage of a radical uncle, Began to form strong political and religious beliefs when young. As a 15 years old, He formed an underground cell bent on towards an Islamist state, And his activism become more intense at Cairo University, Where he studied healing system.

on 1978, After forces service, He engaged to be married Azza Nowair, The daughter of another prominent clan whose religious fervor attracted Zawahiri and alarmed her secular family. At the evening reception, No music or images were allowed, And the sexes were connectors, to be able to Lawrence Wright in his history of al Qaeda,

While accomplishing at a clinic in Cairo, Zawahiri was invited to go to Pakistan to assist in treating refugees and Afghan fighters wounded in the growing resistance to the Soviet invasion. Zawahiri made a wide range of short forays into Afghanistan itself and later wrote how he marveled at the bravery of the mujaheddin.

His own involved to be tested.

The cell Zawahiri founded as a teenager had by then coalesced with other compatible groups and become Jamaat al Jihad, otherwise the Jihad Group. A person in the group, Who was a junior officer in the Egyptian armed forces, Assassinated Egyptian chief executive Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Zawahiri [url=]ukraine marriage[/url] was busted in the ensuing sweeps. He was suffering from beatings and torture, And friends and biographer, Montasser ing Zayyat, Said the treatment transformed Zawahiri into an unforgiving man of violence. Under discomfort, He definitely buckled. while in custody, He set up a friend and fellow conspirator who had for now eluded capture. Zawahiri began to testify against some of his fellow Islamists.

in the evening, At a mass trial, He was the unbowed spokesman for the defendants. "we are not sorry, He told the webcams. "people are here, The real Islamic front and the real Islamic visitors against Zionism, Communism and as a result imperialism,

In the penitentiary, Zawahiri met up Egypt's leading Islamist, Omar Abdul Rahman, your current "shade sheikh" that would be convicted for his role in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. But there seemed to be no communion, And the two ambitious men clashed bitterly over who should lead Egypt's Islamist radicals.

after the three year trial, Zawahiri was guilty but quickly released for time served. He soon chosen Saudi Arabia, And Zayyat said he fled the particular not for fear of further persecution but "because guilt of betraying his friends weighed so oppressively on his conscience,

with 1986, Zawahiri had moved on to Peshawar, Pakistan, Where he resumed his work as medical help in the anti Soviet fight. it will be easy that Zawahiri first met bin Laden while in Saudi Arabia, But the two became close in Pakistan, Where Zawahiri helped treat the Saudi's chronic health considerations.

in just 1997, whilst in Afghanistan, Zawahiri was needed to orchestrating the worst terrorist attack in Egyptian history the (...)

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