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Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)

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Archive-name: music/hip-hop/dictionary/part1
Posting-Frequency: Bi-weekly, posted on the 3rd and 18th of each month
Last-modified: 2004/11/01
Copyright: (c) 1992-2004 Patrick Atoon
Maintainer: Patrick Atoon <>

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This is the first part of the bi-weekly posting of the Rap Dictionary
to It is extracted from the WWW version accessible at:

This Rap Dictionary is not intended to show the only correct spelling of words;
slang is mostly a spoken language an noone exactly knows how to spell things. A
word might mean something other to you than displayed here; that is because all
words and corresponding meanings have been put in the list on a "goes until
challenged by someone" basis. 

I have followed the English rules, writing out words fully. Most verbs are
usually written differently, though. Take for example cruising, which will
usually be spelled like cruisin', or brother which is often seen as brotha. Some
starting with an `f' are often written with `ph', like phat or phunky. And what
to think of a thing like Doowutchalike? 

Where possible I have added a source to show in what context the word is being
used. Take a look at the definition below. 

	 1) (n) Sort of high-five type of handshake. "Gimme a dap, I'll give you
         one back" -- Ice T. (Ziplock [1991])
	 2) (n) Dignity and Pride, old slang (think 70's here). 

Note the "a source" as in "just any source", I don't mean "the source", since
that would take ages of debating. 

Note that in slang or dialects the grammar is not strongly typed, so nouns can
be verbs etcetera. Slang for gun and penis is almost always interchangable. 

Wherever you encounter (?) I am not sure about whatever I am saying there. 
"???" means that I don't have that particular piece of information. If you know
more than me, please let me know. 

Please help making this list more complete. If it wasn't for the help of
the UseNet alt.rap community, this list wouldn't be one percent of its
current size.

	(n) Short for Cadillac. "Macks drive 'lacs" -- Big Mello [1993]. 

1 and 2
	(n) Turntables. "DJ behind the 1 and 2". 

1-2 checker
	1) (n) Checking the MIC. 
	2) (n) Checking the scene. 

	(n) See Mac 10. "Had my ten in my hand" -- Coolio (Gangsta's paradise [1995]). 

	(n) See 5%. "Ten percent took a loss" -- Boots of The Coup. 

	(n) The big "urban format" station in Chicago, Illinois. 107.5 WGCI, home of the 
	nationally-syndicated "Tom 
Joyner Morning Show," a focal point for activism and unity in the black 

	1) (n) The Technics SL 1200 is regarded as the best turntable for DJ'ing. The reason 
	for this is its very, very high torque.  If you hit the start/stop button, the 
	platter will reach top speed within a 1/4th revolution. Not many turntables can match 
	that. "My DJ you know 1200's he's using, I don't!" -- Schoolly D. (I don't like rock 'n 
	roll [??]) 
	2) (n) SP-1200 sampler, a top of the line product. 

	(n) The beeper code for "I love you": one, four and three characters. "You used to 
	blow my 2-way up with 143's" -- Smilez & Southstar (Tell Me [????])  

	(n) The year the first slaveships arrived in America. "Sayin' 1555 how I'm livin'" 
	-- Public Enemy (Can't truss it [??]). 

	(n) Police term for a murder or homicide. To be on the lookout for someone who is 
	trying to kill you. 

	(n) Californian penal code number for homicide. The police in California uses the 
	penal code numbers as shorthand on the radio. Eg. in Oregon the code for homicide is 
	"163.005", different from California. "Try to set me up for a 211, fuck around and get 
	caught up in a 187" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]). 

2 to 4
	(n) The duration of a imprisonement sentence, two to four years in jail. "Hit with a 
	2 to 4 is difficult" -- Mobb Deep (Survival of the fittest [1995]). 

	1) (n) See twenty sack. "I'm an addict for sneakers, 20's of buddah and bitches with 
	beepers" -- NAS (New York state of mind [1994]). 
	2) (n) 20 inch rims on car wheels. "Twenties, TVs, leather and wood" -- Lil Bow Wow 
	(Bounce with me [2000]). 

21 & Lewis
	(n) Streetcorner in Long Beach, California. "I hung a left at two-one and Lewis" -- 
	Warren G. (Regulate [1994]). 

21 Cerritos
	(n) Long Beach crip set. The Dogg Pound and Warren G have rumored association with 
	them. "But you don't really know about, you know, the Cerritos silly ho" -- Daz (Who 
	gotz some gangsta shit [1994]). 

	(n) Police code for armed robbery. "Try to set me up for a 211, fuck around and get 
	caught up in a 187" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]). 

	(n) The Long Beach Los Angeles area code. 

	1) (n) The name of a group with Snoop, Nate Dogg and Warren G.  This group was separated 
	when they all got big. "Way back then 213 was the clique" -- Warren G (Do you see 
	2) (n) Also, 213 was the area code for Long Beach before it got 310, which now is the area 
	code for a large portion of southern California, including Compton. Inglewood is 
	213 nowadays. 
	3) (n) 213 was named after a car (not a motor vehicle but an alliance of inmates in a 
	prison). See Ice-T's book "Who gives a Fuck?" for reference. There are other cars as 
	well but most West coast and/or Death Row rappers claim to be affiliated with the 
	213 car (not to be confused with the set somebody claims) 

	(n) 22 caliber gun. "Twentytwo automatic on my person" -- Beastie Boys (Posse in 
	Effect [1986]) 

	(n) Police code for drugs. 

	(n) 24 inch rims for SUV or truck wheels, one of the largest sizes rims one can buy 
	other than 26 or 28 inch. "Bouncin' on 24's" -- R. Kelly (Ignition [2003])  

24/7, 24/7/365
	(n) All the time, from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

25 with an L
	(n) 25 years to life sentence. "25 with an izL" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (Murder was the 
	case [1993]). 

	(n) A firearm of .30 calibre. 

	(n) The area code for Long Beach. 

	(n) 313 is the phone area code for Detroit, Michigan, home of Eminem. "And these 
representing the 313" - Eminem (Infinite LP [1996]) 

	(n) A .357 Magnum pistol. ".357 break it on down" -- LL Cool J.  (.357 Break it on down 

36 chambers
	1) (n) The 36 chambers a warrior has to go through to become a Shaolin. Every chambers 
	has a special task the warrior has to complete in order to be able to continue to the 
	next chamber.  The RZA said in an interview with Billboard Magazine that there are 
	nine members in the Clan, and each member has four chambers in his heart, which 
	makes 9x4 = 36 chambers. 
	2) (n) There are 36 'death-points' on the body, each seperated from the other at 10 
	degree intervals, where the trained Wu expert can cause death at a single blow. 

	1) (n) 38 caliber pistol. 
	2) (n) "38 hot" means very angry. 

	(n) A .380 calibre handgun. "Unpacked and I grabbed my three eighty cause where we 
	stayin', niggaz look shady" -- Ice Cube (Summer Vacation [1991]). 

4 pound
	(n) 45 caliber (1 caliber = 1/100th inch) gun. 

	(n) See celo. See the song "456" by Kool G Rap. 

	(n) The numbers represent letters of the alphabet; 4 is D, 9 is I, and so on. These 
	numbers spell "dick". I be comin' through like the 4-9-3-11 tearing up the power-U" -- 
	Method Man (Meth vs Chef [1994]). 

	1) (n) A 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. "Use to drink every day, straight 40's to the 
	head" -- Ice-T. (Ed [1991]). 
	2) (n) A 40 caliber gun "With my 40 and my 40 to the fucking dome". 

	(n) Information, from the US phone number for information. 

	(n) The time to smoke some marijuana. 

5 0
	1) (n) A police officer, from the series Hawaii Five-O. The word is used mainly in East 
	LA. "Five-O said 'freeze', and I got numb" -- Public Enemy (Bring the Noise). 
	2) (n) A 5.0 liter Ford Mustang, which is used as a police vehicle in some areas. 

5 on it
	(n) Five dollars on a sac of marijuana. "I got five on it" -- The Luniz (I got five on it 

5% Nation
	(n) A group which started as an offshoot of the NoI.  They teach that any large group 
	of people, and more specifically, the African American nation, can be divided 
	into three groups, the 85% = basically the ignorant masses which need to be led, the 
	5% = the people with true knowledge of self whose job it is to lead the masses and 
	fight against the 10%, the 10% = people who have partial knowledge of self and use it 
	to gain power and wealth by exploiting the 85, also referred to as "bloodsuckers 
	of the poor". The chosen percentages are what they feel that the percentages are 
	within the black community.  These numbers are neither universal (all though these 
	groups do exist within any large group) nor unchangeable. "That'll be the day the 
	five percent eat swine" -- Dred Scott (Breakin' combs [1994]). 

	(adj) Nickel plated. 

	(interj) A farewell bidding, from "I'm outta here", which evolved to "I'm Audi", 
	and to 5000" after the Audi 5000 car, which got recalled and is a rare sight 
	nowadays. "Yo, we outta here, 5000, G!" -- Ice Cube and Flavor Flav (I'm only out for one 
	thang [1990]). 

	(n) 25 years ago, California had a vehicle code 502 for drunk driving. The current 
	code is 23152(a) vc. "Fuck the police and a 502" -- N.W.A. (8-ball [??]). 

	(n) New Orleans area code. 

	(n) 5150 is the section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code dealing 
	with involuntary confinement of a mentally disordered person. (I.e. California 
	law consists of 29 codes, of which the Welfare and Institutions Code is one, and 
	5150 is a section number in that code.) Also the name of an old Van Halen album. It is 
	also a track on Da Luniz' album "Operation Stackola". 

	(n) The numbers 5-6-3 correspond to J-O-E on a phone. "He needs to be more like a 563" 
	-- Joe (5 6 3 [????]) 

	1) (n) A 64-ounce bottle of malt liquor. "40's are no more because now I'm drinkin' 
	64s" -- Grand Puba (Three Men at Chung King) 
	2) (n) A 1964 Chevrolet Impala. "Jumped in the 64 with the diamond in the back, sunroof 
	top" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]). 

	1) (n) All-night convenience store, which was originally open from 7am to 11pm when 
	other stores were closed. "He always has me open like a 7-11" -- Salt 'n Pepa (What a 
	man [??]). 
	2) (n) From the dice game called craps, rolling a 7 and then 11 wins. "Shake em up, shake 
	em, rollin with a couple of homies and watch me break em with a seven, 
	seven-eleven" -- Ice Cube (Today was a good day [1993]). 

	1) (n) Old English 800, a popular beer in the hood. 
	2) (n) An eightball is literally, in drug terms, an eight of an ounce. There are 
	twenty-eight grams in an ounce, and hence, three and one half grams in an eightball. In 
	places where an eightball is less than three and a half grams, the laws of supply and 
	demand have constricted the quantity in favor of a popular price. 
	3) (n) On to it. Ie: "on the 8-ball", up with the play. 
	4) (n) The 8-ball is the last ball to pot in the billiards game of pool. If you 
	accidentally pot it before the end of the game, you lose. So, the 8-ball also represents 

	1) (n) The bassdrum from a Roland TR-808 drum machine, which is now a popular sample. 
	2) (n) The penal code for disturbing the peace. Refers to the sound of bass from 

	(n) See 5%. "Why? That's most asked by 85" -- Ladybug of Digable Planets (???). 

	(v) To kill a plan or action. In the restaurant lingo it means that you want to cancel 
	an order already placed with the kitchen or on the bill. "86 that spinach 

9 to 5
	(n) A job where you work from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. "While your were at your job 
	working nine to five, the Beastie Boys were at the garden cold kickin' it live!" -- 
	Beastie Boys (No sleep till Brooklyn [1986]). 

9, 9mm
	(n) 9 mm gun. "My nine is easy to load" -- L.L. Cool J. (Mama said knock you out [1990]) 

	(n) The US phone number for emergencies. "Now I dialed 911 a long time ago" -- Public 
	Enemy (911 is a joke). 

	(n) New York City area code where all the cellular phones and pagers are on. 

	(n) The Akai S-950, a widely used rackmount sampler. A nice piece of equipment that 
	allowed the producer to "stretch" the sound wave so that the sample could be sped up or 
	slowed down without changing the pitch. It was made popular by the Bomb Squad who used 
	them to stack samples thus giving their tracks the dope sound. From the Alkaholiks 
	(The next level [1994]). 

	(n) HOT 97, A CHR-turned-hip hop station in New York. 

98 Oldsmobile
	(n) A make of Oldsmobile, usually considered to be their best make of car, year 
	after year. A real status symbol. "My 98 is tough to chase" -- Public Enemy (You gonna 
	get yours [1987]). 

	(n) WRKS KISS FM, a NYC radio station that helped bring hip-hop to the radio. 

	(v) Going to. "I'm a do it like this" 

	(n) Refers to Artist and Repertoire execs in record companies they are hooked up 
	with an artist to help to find new artists and put out an image for them. artists 
	albums. "First of all, who's your A&R, a mountain climber who plays an electric 
	guitar?" -- Wu Tang Clan (Protect ya neck [1994]). 

	(n) Atlanta 

	(n) The Acura Legend, a brand car. "With the Mac in the Ac door panelin'" -- 
	Notorious BIG (Unbelievable [1994]). 

	(n) Synthetic drug, usually LSD. "I do acid, crack, 
smack and smokin' dope then" 
	-- Eminem (Just Don't Give A Fuck [1998])

	1) (n) Hairstyle like the Jackson Five had, much hair and round like a ball. 
	2) (n) Person with an afro. <EM>"Afro picks afro chicks, I let my soul glow from my afro 
	dick"</EM> -- 
Ludacris (Southern Hospitality [2000]) 

	(n) Assault rifle of Russian origin, nowadays produced in China. The letters 
	stand for "avtomat Kalashnikova", an automatic assault rifle invented by Mikhail 
	Kalashnikov, who invented the gun in 1947. "My AK-47 is the tool" -- Da Lench Mob (Freedom got 
	an AK [1993]) (originally from NWA (Straight out of Compton)). 

Al B Square Mall
	(n) Albee Square Mall in Brooklyn - Bizmarkie 

	(n) French beverage made from passion fruit and cognac. 

all that
	(adj) in possession of all good qualities. 

	(n) Make of car stereo from a Japan-based company ( 
	From the name of the manufacturers of the top in-car speaker systems.  "Sit back and 
	let the Alpine blast" -- Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Summertime [1991]). 

	(n) The morning, as in A.M. "Steppin' to the am" -- 3rd Bass (The cactus album 

	(n) Italian bit-size cookies that often come with meals. "eatin' better 
	amarrettos" -- Raekwon (Investigative Reports [??]). 

around the way
	(n) From the neighbourhood. "From around the way" -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till 
	Brooklyn [1986]). 

	(v) Ask. "Gave her ten dollars, then she axed me for some more" -- Schoolly D. 
	(P.S.K. (what does it mean?) [??]). 

ay yo trip
	(interj) Phrase to seek attention, compare "Check this out". 

	(n) From "break boy"; one who breakdances. B-boys in the front, back, side and 
	middle, check out my b-boy rhyme and riddle" -- Schoolly D. (B-boy rhyme [??]). 

	1) (n) Berkeley, California. "Howard came through from the B-Town" -- Too $hort 
	(Just Anotha Day [????]) 
	2) (n) Boston, Massachusets. "(Boston) B-town forever bitch word is bond" -- 
	Kreators feat. Akrobatik, Big Shug, Ed O.G., Guru, Krumb Snatcha (Home [????]) 

bag up
	1) (v) To laugh real hard at something. 
	2) (v) To be caught or arrested by the police. 
	3) (v) To have sexual intercourse with. "Bag up bitches from John Jay" -- Nas (One Love 

bail out
	(v) Run away for someone. 

	1) (n) Ballplayer, someone who is good at playing basketball, and has moved up to 
	earning a lot of money and getting a lot of girls from that.  "I wish I was a little bit 
	taller, I wish I was a baller" -- Skee Low (I wish [??]).
	2) (n) Someone who has established himself in the hood, who is making much money (beit 
	illegitimate or not), and who is good with the ladies; it is a Blood term. The Crip version of 
	this word is "highroller". 

	(v) Having it all. 

	1) (n) Person who cannot dress, a loser. Short for Alabama, meaning a person from the 
	country, backwards unsophisticated.  "Me and the rest of the bama's" -- Question Mark 
	Asylum (Deriving from the D.C. area [??]). 
	2) (n) Shake, a type of marijuana from the leaves rather than the buds of the hemp 

	(v) To fight to kill 

	1) (n) someone associated with gangs and murder. 
	2) (n) Rocker, from headbanging. 

	(n) Money. "That's cool cause I whipped out bank" -- Sir Mix-a-lot (I got game 

Bankhead Hwy
	(n) Highway in Atlanta where all the players go. 

	(v) To compete, usually freestyle rapping, sometimes breakdancing or graffiti. 
	"You want to rap and you got no battle, it's like havin' a boat and you got no paddle" 
	-- Public Enemy (??? [1987]). 

Bay Plaza
	(n) Movie theatre in the Bronx - Nice and Smooth. 

be geese
	(interj) To leave. "Yo we be geese" 

beam me up, Scotty
	(interj) Give me crack. 

	(n) Expensive European car: BMW, status symbol. Used by Tribe Called Quest on Low 
	End Theory. References to 325i's are to BMW 3-series models with a 2.5 litre 
	engine. References to 735i's, 740i's, 750i's are to models in the 7-series range of 
	BMW models. The 750iL is the flagship model made by BMW. A reference to the a seven 
	series model is found in Ice Cube's "Ghetto Bird". 850i's (mentioned in Wu-Tang's 
	"Can It All Be...") is to the BMW 850i Coup&eacute;. 

	(n) Head or brain. 

Bed Stuy
	(n) Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Also called The Stuy. Radio Raheem 
	wears a Bed Stuy T-shirt in the movie "Do the right thing" by Spike Lee. 

	1) (n) And argument or discrepancy with another individual or group of individuals. 
	The following citation is from the book Juba to Jive: the dictionary of 
	African-American slang, by Clarence Major. Beef n. (1930s-1940s; 1960s-1970s) an "old" word 
	dating back to general criminal use in the thirties. For young black in the sixties 
	and later it meant roughly the same as it had earlier: a complaint or argument; a 
	disagreement in progress. 
	2) (n) Sexual meat, like a penis. "No service of beef ...  meaning to have sex" -- NWA 
	(Parental Discretion Iz Advised [??]) 

being [down] with something
	(v) Favouring something, thinking the same way. "Howie Tee, are you with me?" -- 
	The Real Roxanne and Howie Tee ((Bang zoom) let's gogo). 

	(n) A prostitute. "She was more than just a bend" -- Grand Puba 

	(n) Money. From the one hundred dollar bill, which has Benjamin Franklin on the 
	front. "It's all about the Benjamins" -- Puff Daddy (It's All About The Benjamins 

	1) (v) Drunk. "It doesn't matter if I'm dead sober or I'm bent" -- Heltah Skeltah 
	(Therapy [??]). 
	2) (v) Sad. "You got me bent like elbows, amongst other things" -- Outkast (Aliens 

	1) (n) Expensive brand of European car: Mercedes Benz, status symbol. "I used to get 
	no play, now she stays behind me, 'cause I said I had a Benz 190" -- N.W.A. (I ain't 
	the one [1988]). 
	2) (interj) Used to acknowledge "Audi", meaning goodbye. 

	1) (n) A pull out radio. "Here come the cops... put the Benzi-box under the seat" -- 
	Naughty by Nature (Strike a nerve [1991]). 
	2) (n) A box full of Mercedes Benz emblems that were stolen off the cars. 

	(n) A police car. The red lights on old cop cars looked like a berry on top of an ice 
	cream. "Berry flashing those high beams" refers to a cop behind your car signalling 
	for you to pull over. "Didn't even see a berry flashing those high beams" -- Ice 
	Cube (Today was a good day [1993]). 

	1) (n) Baby gangster, as opposed to OG. An OG has shot somebody, a BG has not shot anyone 
	yet. "I quit school cuz of recess, you fuckin BG" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Pump Pump 
	2) (n) Black gangster. 

	(n) A one hundred dollar banknote. 

	(n) See beamer. "Lex, coupe, bimaz, benz" -- Lost Boyz (??? [1996]). 

	(n) Kilo. "A bird in the hand" -- Ice Cube (A bird in the hand [1991]). 

	1) (n) Gun. 
	2) (n) Behinds. "Gals, if you see a man you like, just grab him in the biscuits... and 
	doowutchalike" -- Digital Underground (Doowutchalike [????]). 

	1) (n) Prostitute, literally meaning "female dog"; girls call each other "What's 
	up, bitch?" Doesn't necessarily have to be negative. Doesn't have to mean 
	females either. "Cause some of y'all niggas is bitches too" -- Ice T (Bitches 2 
	2) (v) To curse or nag about something. 

	1) (v) To copy lyrics from other people. "I know you down south are biting my lines, and 
	if I catch you boy, your ass is mine" -- Schoolly D. (Gucci time) 
	2) (v) To steal 

	1) (n) A girl. "My seven bizzos" -- 2 Live crew (My seven bizzos [1989]). 
	2) (n) Someone who is bizarre. 

black book
	1) (n) A small book carried by graffiti artists for others to do work in. 
	2) (n) A book to carry phone numbers in. 
	3) (n) The Bible. 

Black Panther movement
	(n) This movement was founded in Oakland, California by Huey P. Newton, H.R. Brown 
	and Bobby Seale. Fought for the rights of black to bear arms like white people in 
	the late 1960's and the early 1970's. 

	(n) 20 inch chrome car wheel rims. "Big pimpin' on B.L.A.D.'s" -- Jay Z. (Big 

	1) (v) To smoke crack. 
	2) (v) To play music loud. 

	(n) See marijuana. 

	(n) To attack someone unseen. "It can't be stopped, and it's comin like a 
	blindside" -- Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (Once Upon a Drive By [????]) 

bling bling
	(n) Jewelry, derived from the sound it makes. 

	(n) Drunk. "And I wanna get blitzed, grab my 40 and then I reminisce" - Ice Cube (Dead 
Homiez [199?])

	1) (n) Blood brother. "I give my ankles in the mud for my blood" -- Goodie Mob (Blood 
	2) (n) Member of the Bloods gang. "Cuz, and that's just how these hoodstas roll, 
	talkin' 'bout "Is he a Blood or is he Crip?" -- Jayo Felony feat. Baby Skar (Trued Up 
	Remix (Real Anthem) [????])

	(n) See marijuana. Marijuana cigarette, herb stuffed cigar, generally 

	(v) Under influence of a blunt. "Made a little record for the blunted to chill with" 
	-- Cypress Hill (Hand on the pump [1993]) 

	(n) See beamer. "Drop top BM's, I'm the man, girlfriend" -- Notorious BIG (Big 
	Poppa [??]). 

	(n)  Refers to now-defunct Chicago radio station WBMX, which used to 
	hip-hop and house music mixes through the 1980s. "I tuned into BMX, and taped Farley on 
	the Tonemaster." -- Common Sense ("This is Me" [????]) 

	(n) Marijuana laced with embalming fluid. 

	(n) South American throwing weapon, a number of balls on cords. "I'm throwin' 
	bolos you'll find out who's the number one solo" -- Lady of Rage (?? [????]). 

	1) (n) Marijuana laced with heroin. 
	2) (adj) Very good. "Gimme that bomb beat from Dre" -- Tupac (California love 

	1) (v) To have sexual intercourse. "Your aim is to bone" -- Tribe Called Quest 
	(Classic example of a date rape). 
	2) (n) Penis. "You can act like a doggy, and play with my bone" -- Schoolly D. (Another 
	poem [??]). 3) (n) One dollar. 
	3) (n) Core, soul. "I'm a rock hard trooper to the bone" -- Public Enemy (Louder Than A 
	4) (v) To bone out, as in leaving. "They all got in the car and boned out" -- Smokey 
	(Friday [1995]). 
	5) (n) A joint. "Smokin' bones in the staircase" -- Wu-Tang Clan (C.R.E.A.M. 

	1) (n) Dominos. 
	2) (n) Dice, as in "rollin' them bones". 

	1) (n) Graveyard. 
	2) (n) Domino pile to draw from. 

	(n) A waterpipe for smoking marijuana. The marijuana is filtered through the 
	water. When you suck it decreases the pressure in the chamber so the smoke get pulled 
	through the water so it looks like it boiling. This process filters out some of the bad 
	stuff like tar. It also cools the smoke to make it less harsh. 

	(n) A term of endearment, like baby. "I'll be in here, boo" -- Method Man (You're all 
	I need [1994]). 

boo boo head
	(n) Whore, deceitful woman. Used mostly around the Bay Area, especially East Bay 
	(check the whole song dedicated to this word by Del on his No Need For Alarm album). 

	1) (n) Totally dope, incredibly fine. Probably orignated from the "Boo-yaa Tribe". 
	That shit was straight-up boo-yaa" -- ??. 
	2) (n) Impression of the sound of a shotgun, also "boo-yaaka". "Shotgun goes boo-ya" 
	-- Cypress Hill (Hand on the pump [1993]). 
	3) (n) Marijuana, probably derived from Buddha. 4) (n) Crack, probably related from 
	the fact that smoking crack is sort of equivalent to putting a shotgun to your head 
	and pulling the trigger. 

	(n) A shoplifter. 

	1) (adj) Not good, lacking. "And them rhymes you were kickin were quite 
	bootylicious" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Dre Day [??]). 
	2) (n) Bottom, ass. Or getting a piece of ass. 
	3) (n) Biblical, as in pirates booty or treasure. Since booty is stolen treasure, it 
	could be good or bad. Often used in the negative today. 

	1) (v) To leave, to get up, to break. "You mean bounce... I'm with you, bounce right 
	outta NYC" -- Raekwon the Chef (??? [1995]). 
	2) (n) Form of music from New Orleans. Check Mystikal's album for a song called "Neva 
	gonna bounce". 
	3) (n) A reference to the Bankhead Bounce, a dance made famous in Atlanta rap music. 

bout it
	(n) Real, not fake, true to the game. "I'm bout it, bout it" -- Master P (Bout it, bout 
	it [1995]). 

	(n) Video Music Box, a NYC hip-hop video music show. 

	1) (n) Friend, possibly short for homeboy. "That's my boy". 
	2) (n) Racist term used by white masters to address a slave. "Boy is a racist white 
	word" -- Dr. Dre (movie: Who's the man) 

boys in blue
	(n) Police. "As I ran there were the boys in blue, pointing their guns at my four man 
	crew" -- Boogie Down Productions (Love's gonna getcha [1990]). 

bozack, 'zack
	(n) Scrotum. "And women go nuts just like my bozack" -- Ludacris (Game Got Switched 

Brass Monkey
	(n) an alcoholic concoction available in liquor stores. "Drinking Brass Monkey" 
	-- Beastie Boys (Brass Monkey [1986]). 

break off
	(v) Marijuana is sometimes sold as little blocks. So, breaking off some means to 
	share the good stuff with others. "Break ya off something" -- Cypress Hill (Insane 
	in the brain [1993]). 

break to
	1) (n) Comes from the Biblical term "selah". Comes from music, "on the break", but for 
	hip-hop refers to the break in the record that is created by the DJ. "Beats and breaks". 
	2) (v) transport onesself to, often quickly. 

	(n) Derogative term for fat ugly women from Bremerton, WA, a working-class town 
	with a Naval Base. The joke is that these women hang around and "chasin' fellas in 
	the Navy". 

	1) (adj) Very cold. 
	2) (v) To punch. 
	3) (n) A quantity of cocaine. 

Brick City
	(n) Newark, New Jersey. "I'm Brick City, baby, twentyfour seven" -- Redman 
	(Bricks Two [????]) 

	(v) To take or steal something. 

	(n) See marijuana. "With a handful of broccoli" -- Spice 1 (??? [??]). 

	(n) New York City borough where hip-hop was born and raised. Home of Boogie Down 
	Productions. "My posse from the Bronx is thick" -- Boogie Down Productions (My 

	(n) New York City borough. "No sleep till Brooklyn!" -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till 
	Brooklyn [1987]). Home of Fugees and DAS EFX. 

	1) (n) Man of the same group; friend. In the Bible you will read "brethern", which is 
	used in the same meaning. 
	2) (n) African-American male. 

	(n) Old car in bad shape. "So I moved on an old car, it was a bucket, but fuck it, it had 
	to do" -- Ice-T. (Midnight [1991]). 

	(n) A neighborhood better known as the Brownsville section of Brooklyn used by 
	Smif & Wesson and Black Moon. 

	(v) To get buckwild means to have sex, see also wilding. A "buck" is a young, 
	unbroken horse that cowboys try to master at a rodeo. "Get buckwild with the white 
	freaks, show 'em how to really work the white sheets" -- Body Count (KKK Bitch [1992]). 

	(n) See marijuana. "I'm an addict for sneakers, 20's of buddah and bitches with 
	beepers" -- NAS (New York state of mind [1994]). 

	1) (n) At the start of De La soul's "Buddy" video, Prince Paul makes a statement to the 
	effect that "Buddy means body." 
	2) (n) Sexual partner. A bit more than a friend. 
	3) (adj) Something that appears okay at first, but is actually a cheap imitation; a 
	knockoff, ripoff or fake. Said to be from "Buddies" which are shoes that look cool but 
	fall apart real quickly. "Get that buddy shit out of here" -- (???). 

	(v) To act strange, crazy, weird. See ill. "You don't have to take us seriously, 
	we're only buggin'" -- Whistle (Only buggin' [1984]). 

	(v) To make a car with hydraulics bump. "Why you gotta pull me over... cause I'm 
	bumpin'" -- Warren G (I shot the sheriff [????]). 

	1) (n) Crash the gates of a show with a pack of people, in the hope to get in without 
	having to pay. "Yo! Bumrush the show" -- Public Enemy. (Yo! Bumrush the show) [1987]. 
	2) (v) To get beaten up by a large, angry group of people. Literally to get rushed by 
	bums or lowlifes. 

	1) (adj) Unpleasant, bad. 
	2) (n) A load of bunk: a lot of nonsense. 

	1) (n) A large piece of graffiti involving many colors, making it bright and 
	colorful. It usually refers to whole-car productions on subways. 
	2) (n) A gun. 

bust a nut
	(v) To ejaculate. 

bust slugs
	(v) To fire bullets. "And bust some slugs for South Africa" -- Heather B. with BDP 
	(Seven MC's) 

bust this
	(interj) Pay attention. "But bust this!" -- Ice-T (Bitches 2 [1991]). 

	1) (n) Fake person, weak individual. "Busta ass nigga talkin' bullshit" -- Dr. Dre 
	(Rat-a-tat-tat [1992]). 
	2) (n) A snitch, a person who tattle-tales. 

	1) (n) Bottom. 
	2) (adj) Not good, lacking. "Get yourself some toilet paper 'cause your lyrics is 
	butt" -- Tribe Called Quest (Low End Theory). 

	(adj) Well liked, smoothed out. "Phife Dog is on the mic and I'm smooth like butter. 
	It's like butter, not no Parkay, not no margerine, strictly butter, baby" -- A 
	Tribe Called Quest (Butter [??]). 

	(n) Jamaican, resembles the sound of gunshots. See boo-yaa. "Revenge revenge, 
	that's what I said. Buyaka!" -- Infinite Mass (Area Turns Red [????])

	(n) Cleveland, Ohio. 

	1) (n) See cock block. 
	2) (n) Cell block. 
	3) (n) Trucker radio. 

	(n) Money. Acronym for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. From the Wu-Tang Clan (36 
	chambers [1993]). 

	(n) A type of small assault pistol that fires 9mm rounds, famous for the large 50 or 
	100 round drum magazines that sit atop the weapon.  "But I will, wet niggas and wet 
	women with the calico" -- Z-Ro (Mo City Don [????]) 

	(n) Project in the New Orleans UPT (uptown New Orleans). 

	1) (n) Bullet. "I'm a pop a cap in him" -- Jules in the movie "Pulp Fiction" 
	2) (n) Cranium, top of the skull. "Blood's on my gear, from caps I've peeled" -- Ice-T. 
	(Mic contract [1991]). 
	3) (n) Crack. 

	(interj) "I'm Casper", I'm out of here, I'm ghost. From the Casper the ghost 

	1) (n) Vagina. "Sprung on the Cat" -- Sir Mixalot (Sprung on the cat [1992]). 2) (n) 
	Person. Used in the 70s. "You cant take the jungle out of the cat" -- Jeru Tha Damaja 
	(Frustrated Nigger [1995]). 
	2) (adv) When someone is being a pussy about something. "Why don't you ask the girl out 
	and stop being so cat?" 

catch the vapors
	(v) To be caught up someone else's popularity, hype or glamour and to want the same 
	things this person has. 

	1) (v) To stare at a woman/man with sexual intentions. 
	2) (n) A stud with many women. 

cave bitch
	(n) Female version of "cave boy". Ice Cube (Cave bitch [1993]). 

cave boy
	(n) A white person. Derived from the theory that early white man lived in caves. 

	(n) A dice game also called "4-5-6", because you need to roll 4-5-6 to win in this 
	game. "Like shootin' Celo, and always hittin' head cracks" -- A Tribe Called Quest 
	(Low end theory [??]). 

	(n) You. "I'm comin' to getcha" -- Ice Cube (I'm gonna wetcha [1993]) 

	1) (n) See marijuana. Company inscriptions on pharmaceutical drugs read "ciba", 
	pronounced "cheeba". 
	2) (n) Black, sticky, gooey Brazilian marijuana often sold in pounds. "Some call it 
	cheeba, some call it weed" -- Schoolly D. (Saturday night [??]). 

	(n) money; material wealth. "Big pimpin' spendin' cheese" -- Jay Z (Big Pimpin') 

	1) (n) Any dumb person (usually refers to women unfortunately) who clucks (speaks) 
	alot, and walks around aimlessly or without purpose (like a chicken with its head 
	cut off). "Give me all the chickenheads from Pasadena to Medina, let B.I.G. get in 
	between ya" - Total featuring the B.I.G. (Can't you see [1995]). 
	2) (n) A derrogatory term used when referring to females who perform oral sex on 
	males, because of the motion of the woman's head: back and forth, like a chichenhead. 
	"Chickenheads be cluckin' in my bedroom" -- Notorious B.I.G. (Warning [??]). 
	3) (n) Crack addict, because many will perform oral sex to get free crack or money. 
	Repeatedly referred to in "Do or die", a book about the conflict between the Crips and the 
	Bloods in South Central. 

	1) (n) Relax. "Why don't you just chill" -- L.L. Cool J. (Eat em up L chill [1990]). 
	2) (adj) Mellow. 

	(n) Jersey City, Double XX Posse. 

	(n) Money. <EM"I'm a be rich surrounded by chips"</EM> -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with 
	me [2000]). 

	(n) Chicago. 

Chocolate City, Capital City
	(n) Washington D.C. 

	1) (n) Gun. "Now I gotta follow him home with the chrome" -- Ice Cube (Robbin' hood 
	2) (n) Chrome wheel. "Sittin' on da chrome" -- Masta Ace Inc. [1995]. 

	(n) See marijuana. Incredibly potent marijuana, it started out as weed laced with 
	coke. "The Chronic" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]). 

chronic flakes
	(n) Ashes from a marijuana cigarette. "What up Ren? Still droppin' chronic flakes 
	on yo ass, bitch" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (The Chronic [1992]). 

	(n) Erection. 

	(n) The word in Spanish directly translates to "pimp". In Spain the word means 
	"cool". It is synonymous with bad ass" or "bad guy". Vatos, chulos, call us what you 
	will" -- Kid Frost (La Raza [1990]). 

	1) (n) A circle of brothers dropping science, showing and proving. A 5%-er term. 
	2) (n) A graffitti writer. 

	1) (v) To say one allies oneself with a gang or set. 
	2) (v) To claim membership in a gang. 
	3) (v) To say something that is not necessarily true. 

	(n) Clarks are an excellent English shoe brand. 

	(n) Gun or holder of bullets to load a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun with. 
	"My AK-47 holdin' 50 clips" -- Da Lench Mob (Freedom got an AK [1992]). 

	(n) the West Coast equivalent of "crew". 

	1) (v) To stay aware of what happens around you. "You're the one that I'm clocking" -- 
	Ol' Dirty Bastard (Raw hide [1994]) 
	2) (v) To earn. "I clock ducats" -- Public Enemy (??? [??]). 
	3) (v) To always watch, always have or to always be into something. "clockin' a grip" 
	-- Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg (Ain't nothing but a G-thang [1992]). 
	4) (v) To hit or knock someone out, as in "he clocked him".
Probably comes from "he 
	got his clock cleaned". 

cluck (head)
	(n) Crack user. 

	1) (n) Penis. 
	2) (n) Vagina. "She was giving up the cock" -- Ice Cube (Gangsta's Fairytale [1991]) 
	3) (v) To pull the hammer of a gun. "Cock the hammer, it's time for action" -- Cypress 
	Hill (Cock the hammer [1993]) 

cock block
	(v) To prevent someone from getting sexual intercourse. See the Kool G Rap song 
	"Operation CB". 

cock diesel
	(adj) Very muscular. 

	(n) A hispanic person trying to be white. Compare with oreo. 

	1) (adj) Intensely. "Stone cold rhymin'" -- Young MC (Stone cold rhymin'). 
	2) (adj) Mean, not nice. 

come correct
	(v) To represent the real, to do something the way it should be done. "When I'm on the 
	mic, I come correct" -- Beastie Boys (Sure shot [1994]) 

	(n) Los Angeles borough. This is from where the gangsta style was brought to a 
	greater height. 

	(n) Credit; you pay for what you sell and return the remainder. "Let me buy a brick 
	and get the other on consignment" -- 50 Cent (Bodegas [????]) 

	(n) Vagina. 

	(adj) Okay as in "good" or "good  idea". 

coqui 900
	1) (n) A type of malt liquor. "Coqui 900" -- Schoolly D. (Coqui 900 [??]). 
	2) (n) A kind of frog native to Puerto Rico. 

county blues
	(n) Prison-issue clothes. 

	1) (n) Compton in the phonebook. Call it CPT for ease of use. "Claimin' they are from 
	the CPT" -- N.W.A. (Compton's in the house [1990]) 
	2) (n) Short for "Colored People Time"; being late. 
	3) (n) Phonebook abbreviation for Compton. 
	4) (n) Colored People's Time. 

	(n) Derogatory name for a member of the Crips, an L.A. gang, used by members of the 
	Bloods, another L.A. gang. On the album "Damu ridas" there is a song called "Fucc 

	(n) Synthetic drug, extremely addictive. 

crack a brew
	(v) Open a beer. "Crack another 40, smoke some kill" -- Schoolly D. (Smoke some 

	(n) Originally a term from Reconstruction time (1870) to mean southern men. Now it 
	means white bigot, from whip-cracker or slavedriver. "Got a little problem with 
	the redneck cracker" -- Ice Cube (The Predator). 

	1) (adj) Besides meaning insane or extremely daring, it is kind of synonymous with 
	2) (adj) Extremely or very. "Crazy fly bitches" -- Ice-T (???). 

	(n) Money. From: Cash Rules Everything Around Me, by the Wu-Tang Clan. 

	1) (v) To sneak up on someone. 
	2) (v) To be unfaithful in a relationship. 

	(n) Los Angeles street. Know for it's sunday nights, where people go to floss phat 
	cars, get their mack on, chill, etc. 

	(n) Group, band. 

	(n) Home. "Black Ceasar at the crib" -- Public Enemy (Burn Hollywood Burn [1990]) 

	(n) Member of the Crips gang. 

	(n) Short for Cristal champagne, an expensive kind of champagne produced in 
	France by the winery Champagne Louis Roederer since 1876. A handful of New York 
	rappers, including Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z have referenced the drink in 
	their songs, skyrocketing the prices paid for the brand. $500 per bottle is not an 
	uncommon price; mentioning the brand announces that you're living the highest of the 
	high life. <EM>"We drunk, drinkin' that chrissy!"</EM> -- Big Tymerz (#1 Stunner 

	(n) News, after the newsreader Walter Cronkite. "Grand Puba and Studd Doogie 
	droppin' Cronkite" -- Grand Puba (A little of this). 

	(n) See Brooklyn. 

cross fader
	(n) Fading switch to select the left or right turntable. Without it, scratching 
	wouldn't sound too good. 

	(v) Driving around, preferably showing off your car. 

	(adj) Hype, phat. 

	1) (adj) Hype, phat. "Tonight is going to be crunk" -- ??. 
	2) (adv) To get crunk: to have a good time. <EM>"Long as everybody get crunk in the 
	drop"</EM> -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]). 

	1) (n) A record, the latest hit 
	2) (n) A recently received haircut. 
	3) (v) Cutting wax: scratching a record. "Rip the cut!" -- Just Ice (Back to the old 
	school) [198?] 
	4) (n) Behind, or out of the way. "I glance in the cut and I see my homey Nate" -- Warren G 
	(Regulate [1994]). 

cut up
	(n) Vagina. "I gots to get me some cut up!" -- Kriss Kross (??? [??]). 

	1) (n) homeboy or homegirl. 
	2) (n) Cousin, apparently a Crip term. 

D's, Dayton's
	(n) An expensive brand of alloy wheels. "Rollin' in my fo' on D's, hittin' the 
	switches" Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]). 

D-Town, The D
	(n) Detroit, with its own sound, D-Funk. 

	(n) Police term: "dead on arrival". 

	(n) Acronym for "death row". "For you's a fool D.R." -- Dr Dre (Still D-R-E [1999]) 

	(n) See marijuana. "Go on and hit the dank" -- Too Short. 

	1) (n) Sort of high-five type of handshake. "Gimme a dap, I'll give you one back" -- Ice 
	T. (Ziplock [1991]) 
	2) (n) Dignity and Pride, old slang (think 70's here). 

dead presidents
	(n) Money. Most American dollarbills have a former president of the United States 
	on them. "I'm out for dead presidents to represent me" -- NAS (The world is yours 

deal with
	(v) To take care of business. 

	1) (n) A unit of measure. "It was a crew four deep" -- D-Nice (??). 
	2) (n) A hip hop clothing manufacturer (X-Large). 
	3) (adj) Heavy in the hippy sense of the word. 

	1) (adj) Really good, the bomb. The word has been officially buried by BET. "But you 
	still think our music is def, right?" -- De La Soul (Brain washed follower [??]). 
	2) (adj) the standard of excellence. 
	3) (adj) Some more info on def: comes from the expression "Death O.J." but I think 
	first used on record in "Rapper's Delight". As Nelson George defines it:"In 
	"Rapper's Delight" the term "Death OJ" is used. In current slang "death" means 
	something good, while "OJ" is a reference to a big car: Erstwhile football star and 
	all-around adman O.J. Simpson does Hertz commercials featuring Ford and Lincoln 
	Mercury cars. If we add "death" to Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars (leaving out any 
	disrespectful reference to Pintos), we come up with the "Rapper's Delight" character 
	driving off in a Lincoln Continental." From _Buppies, B-Boys, Baps & Bohos: Notes on 
	Post-Soul Black Culture_ by Nelson George. 

Def Jam
	1) (n) A great record. 
	2) (n) One of the first big labels for rap artists, founded by Rick Rubin, led by 
	Russels Simmons. 

	(n) "Delf" was quoted for the first time by Parrish Smith when EPMD's last album was 
	released in 1992. It was in a Source interview and it's about the same as "self" like 
	going for delf (self). "Release yo delf" -- Da Method Man (Release yo delf [1994]). 

	1) (n) A "deuce deuce" is a .22 caliber handgun. "About to get loose with the deuce 
	deuce" -- Ice Cube (Gangsta fairytale II [1993]). 
	2) (n) 20 ounce of liquor. 

	(n) an enemy, usually white people. "The devil made me do it" -- Paris (the devil 
	made me do it) [??]. 

	(n) penis. "Mister Big Dick, who do you think you are?" -- Schoolly D. (Mr. Big 

	1) (v) To understand; "can you dig it?" 
	2) (v) To like. 

dig out
	(v) To have sexual intercourse. "By 2 am. I was diggin' her out" -- Ice Cube (Ghetto 
	bird [1993]). 

	(n) Pistol. "Made a move for my Dillon; and all I remember the Gangsta Lean was 
	killin'" -- ?? (??? [??]). 

	1) (n) Ten dolar bag of marijuana. Due to price variations the price may actually be 
	higher for the same bag. 
	2) (n) "To drop a dime", to fink. The term has probably descended from the time when 
	phone calls were 10 cents, and is related to the notion of moving gossip quickly, as 
	one would drop a dime into the phone to make a call. 
	3) (n) Ten as in a rating on a woman's beauty. "Slaying dime honeys". 

	1) (v) Dipping is what a car with a hydraulic suspension does. "Set trippin', fo' 
	dippin'" -- Ice Cube (Friday [1995]). 
	2) (v) To pay more attention to other people's business than to one's own. 
	3) (v) To leave, "Yo, let's dip to the mall". 
	4) (adj) Dressed in the latest fashion, "looking fresh dipped". 

	(v) Insult or thwart in a social manner, short for disrespect. "Challenge BDP, 
	you'll get dissed, expect it" -- Boogie Down Productions (Part time sucker [1988]). 

	(n) Disc Jockey, means MC in Jamaica. "My DJ Derek B is best" -- Derek B. (Get down 

	(n) See down low. 

	1) (n) Hairdo. 
	2) (v) Having sex. 
	3) (v) Killing someone. 

	1) (v) To tear something up like a dog would do. 
	2) (v) To insult someone in front of his friends. 
	3) (v) To have sex the doggy way. "You don't love me, you just love my doggy style" -- 
	Snoop Doggy Dog (What's My Name [??]). 
	4) (n) a form of addressing, not meant to be offensive. "This one here's on tha up, dog" 
	-- Juvenile feat. Hot Boys (A Million and One Things [????]) 
	5) (n) a friend, "That's my Dog". Road ~: West Coast gangsta for friend. 

doing a buck 50
	(v) To speed or get out of a bad situation. Derived from a "buck", or dollar. A buck 
	fifty would then be 1.50, referring to doing 150 miles per hour. 

	(n) Like delf/self, dolo/solo. I go for dolo -- ??? (?? [??]). 

	(n) A person's big head, skull, gun against your head. 

	1) (n) Narcotics. 
	2) (adj) Great, addictive. 

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Oct 11, 2019 @ 4:04 am
a close look at Ayman al

There is little in Ayman al Zawahiri's privileged background in a diverse Cairo suburb that foreshadows his emergence as the blood steeped ideologue who helped Osama bin Laden in his terrorist assault on the West, And who now succeeds him.

In the Maadi community where his father set up home in 1960, that when Zawahiri was 9, have been churches and a synagogue. Wealthy Egyptians and foreign people congregated at the Maadi Sporting Club; even though were never members, Zawahiri's father took him to the club to watch start up.

Zawahiri, A twin born by getting a sister in 1951, Is the scion of two marked Egyptian families. His father was a professor of pharmacology, And his maternal grandfather was the president of Cairo University. a magnificent uncle headed al Azhar, The most prestigious seat of Islamic scholarship at the center East.

Zawahiri was a first-rate student who, inside of the tutelage of a radical uncle, Began to form strong political and religious beliefs when young. As a 15 years old, He formed an underground cell bent on towards an Islamist state, And his activism become more intense at Cairo University, Where he studied healing system.

on 1978, After forces service, He engaged to be married Azza Nowair, The daughter of another prominent clan whose religious fervor attracted Zawahiri and alarmed her secular family. At the evening reception, No music or images were allowed, And the sexes were connectors, to be able to Lawrence Wright in his history of al Qaeda,

While accomplishing at a clinic in Cairo, Zawahiri was invited to go to Pakistan to assist in treating refugees and Afghan fighters wounded in the growing resistance to the Soviet invasion. Zawahiri made a wide range of short forays into Afghanistan itself and later wrote how he marveled at the bravery of the mujaheddin.

His own involved to be tested.

The cell Zawahiri founded as a teenager had by then coalesced with other compatible groups and become Jamaat al Jihad, otherwise the Jihad Group. A person in the group, Who was a junior officer in the Egyptian armed forces, Assassinated Egyptian chief executive Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Zawahiri [url=]ukraine marriage[/url] was busted in the ensuing sweeps. He was suffering from beatings and torture, And friends and biographer, Montasser ing Zayyat, Said the treatment transformed Zawahiri into an unforgiving man of violence. Under discomfort, He definitely buckled. while in custody, He set up a friend and fellow conspirator who had for now eluded capture. Zawahiri began to testify against some of his fellow Islamists.

in the evening, At a mass trial, He was the unbowed spokesman for the defendants. "we are not sorry, He told the webcams. "people are here, The real Islamic front and the real Islamic visitors against Zionism, Communism and as a result imperialism,

In the penitentiary, Zawahiri met up Egypt's leading Islamist, Omar Abdul Rahman, your current "shade sheikh" that would be convicted for his role in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. But there seemed to be no communion, And the two ambitious men clashed bitterly over who should lead Egypt's Islamist radicals.

after the three year trial, Zawahiri was guilty but quickly released for time served. He soon chosen Saudi Arabia, And Zayyat said he fled the particular not for fear of further persecution but "because guilt of betraying his friends weighed so oppressively on his conscience,

with 1986, Zawahiri had moved on to Peshawar, Pakistan, Where he resumed his work as medical help in the anti Soviet fight. it will be easy that Zawahiri first met bin Laden while in Saudi Arabia, But the two became close in Pakistan, Where Zawahiri helped treat the Saudi's chronic health considerations.

in just 1997, whilst in Afghanistan, Zawahiri was needed to orchestrating the worst terrorist attack in Egyptian history the (...)

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