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Rap Dictionary (part 2 of 4)

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Archive-name: music/hip-hop/dictionary/part2
Posting-Frequency: Bi-weekly, posted on the 3rd and 18th of each month
Last-modified: 2004/11/01
Copyright: (c) 1992-2004 Patrick Atoon
Maintainer: Patrick Atoon <>

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This is the second part of the bi-weekly posting of the Rap Dictionary
to It is extracted from the WWW version accessible at:

This Rap Dictionary is not intended to show the only correct spelling of words;
slang is mostly a spoken language an noone exactly knows how to spell things. A
word might mean something other to you than displayed here; that is because all
words and corresponding meanings have been put in the list on a "goes until
challenged by someone" basis. 

I have followed the English rules, writing out words fully. Most verbs are
usually written differently, though. Take for example cruising, which will
usually be spelled like cruisin', or brother which is often seen as brotha. Some
starting with an `f' are often written with `ph', like phat or phunky. And what
to think of a thing like Doowutchalike? 

Where possible I have added a source to show in what context the word is being
used. Take a look at the definition below. 

	 1) (n) Sort of high-five type of handshake. "Gimme a dap, I'll give you
         one back" -- Ice T. (Ziplock [1991])
	 2) (n) Dignity and Pride, old slang (think 70's here). 

Note the "a source" as in "just any source", I don't mean "the source", since
that would take ages of debating. 

Note that in slang or dialects the grammar is not strongly typed, so nouns can
be verbs etcetera. Slang for gun and penis is almost always interchangable. 

Wherever you encounter (?) I am not sure about whatever I am saying there. 
"???" means that I don't have that particular piece of information. If you know
more than me, please let me know. 

Please help making this list more complete. If it wasn't for the help of
the UseNet alt.rap community, this list wouldn't be one percent of its
current size.

	(n) Seller of narcotics. "If you see somebody getting pussy for crack, he's the 
	dopeman, dopeman" -- N.W.A. (Tha Dopeman [1988]) 

Double 99
	(n) The street East 99th and St. Clair in Cleveland. Home of the group Bone Thugs'n 

double deuce juice
	1) (n) 22 oz of cold 45 ml beer. 
	2) (n) Colt 45 (the Billy D. juice). 

	(n) Money. "Don't you know when the dough get low, the juice go" -- Mobb Deep 
	(Survival of the fittest [??]). 

down low
	(n) Covert, secret, "hush hush", derived from low profile". 

down with
	(adv) To be down with: to be sympathetic to something, or to be friends with 

	(n) Dogg pound gangsta. 

	(n) Pants, underpants. 

	(adj) Sometimes pronounced "drawlin'", Philly slang meaning that one is acting 
	in such a way as to draw attention to oneself in public, usually in an 
	embarrassing manner. 

	(n) A gang form of execution; armed with guns they drive by their victims, take a 
	shot at them, and drive off. "With your drive-by's it took time to getcha, but now 
	I'm gonna wetcha" -- Ice Cube (I'm gonna wetcha [1993]) 

	(n) Convertible car. <EM>"Long as everybody get crunk in the drop"</EM> -- Lil Bow 
	Wow (Bounce with me [2000]). 

drop / throw bows
	1) (v) Dance. In the "Southern Hospitality" video Ludacris is doing the dance where 
	he holds up his fists and looks like he's punching the sky, throwing up his elbows 
	(hence "'bows"). Also, when females are freak dancing, they might "drop it like it's 
	hot", and make their knees touch their elbows, which is why Ludacris talks about 
	women droppin 'bows.
"If you's a pimp and you know you don't love them hoe's... 
	Drop bows on 'em." and "Catch them in the club throwing pretty ass bows" -- Ludacris 
	(Southern Hospitality [2000]).  
	2) (v) To fight using elbows. 

drop science, drop knowledge
	(v) To demonstrate wisdom or skill. "I'm droppin' science" -- 7a3 (Coolin' in 
	Cali) [1988] 

Dropping a Dime
	(v) Informing. 

	(n) Dick sucking lips; oral sex. 

	(n) Car wheel rims. "can I get a WOOP WOOP to these
niggaz from all my bitches who 
	don't got love for niggaz without doves" -- Jay Z (Can I get a...[????]) 

	(n) Money, from "ducats": coins. He's gettin' juiced for his duckets" -- N.W.A. (I 
	ain't the one [1988]). 

dukey rope
	(n) Fat gold chain. 

	(v) To act stupid, from the english "dumb". "Ya dummin'" -- Funkdoobiest (You're 

	1) (n) Used like the word son. "What up, dun?" -- Nas (Represent [1994]). 
	2) (adj) Very dark, used in a negative setting as in dark and ugly. "They always let the 
	motherfucking dun nigger
hold the cash." -- Lil Kim (Queen Bitch [????]). 

	(v) To use PCP, a strong hallucinogen that reportedly makes one almost inhumanly 
	strong, also known as "Angel Dust". "Like the Hudson on PCP, when I'm dustin'" -- 
	Wu-Tang Clan (Proteck ya neck [1993]). 

Dutch Master
	(n) Dutch Master is a brand of cigars. When rolling a serious blunt, the tobacco is 
	removed from a cigar and replaced with marijuana. "Slit a nigga back like a Dutchmasta 
	killa" -- Wu-Tang Clan (???). 

	(n) Derogatory term for lesbian. "Dumb ass hooker ain't nuttin' but a dyke" -- 
	N.W.A. (Gangsta Gangsta [1989])

	(interj) Short for "yes, bring it on". St. Louis term used frequently by rapper 

E.Z. Wides
	(n) Extra wide rolling paper for marijuana cigarettes. "Don't hide the crop cause 
	I got the E.Z. Wides" 

East Boogie
	(n) A predominately Black city called East St. Louis. Home of Miles Davis. 

East Saint
	(n) See East Boogie. 

	(n) Short for El Producto cigars. "I contact eleven El's and macs in heaven" -- Nas 
	(One time 4 your mind [1994]). 

	(n) A pound of marijuana. 

Elijah Muhammad
	(n) Elijah Poole, a Georgia-born ex-factory worker who founded the black muslim 
	movement Nation of Islam in Detroit in 1930, also known as Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 
	"Read the book how to eat to live, from Elijah Muhammad, it's a brown paperback" -- 
	Boogie Down Productions (Beef [1990]) 

Elm City, The L
	(n) New haven, Connecticut. 

	(n) Money, derived from making ends. 

	(n) Spanish word meaning "that" or "that one", used for homeboy. Incidentally, in 
	the 70's in California, certain application forms had the choices "black", 
	"white", "SA" and "other" for ethnicity, where "SA" stood for "Spanish-American". 

	1) (n) The hairdo (see high top fade). 
	2) (v) Means to not listen to, erase, or get rid of (kill). Has mutated into various 
	other meanings as well as has most other hiphop lingo. It (the phrase) started from 
	actually pulling down the fader on a mixer, which of course, results in not listening to 
	whomever was on at the time. So Ice Cube wants you to listen to him always and not fade him 
	or turn him off... "You can't fade me" -- Ice Cube (You can't fade me). 
	3) (n) Term from from the dice-game craps, related to losing. The player rolling the 
	dice must have someone to fade them (i.e. to put up money against the money they are 
	gambling). If you are faded, you have lost. 

	(n) Derogatory term for homosexual man, short for faggot. "...and I thought it was 
	a gag, when I thought it was a girl, it was nothing but a fag" -- Schoolly D. 
	(Saturday night). 

fag hag
	(n) Woman who only seeks homosexual people for friends. "...who used to be a fag 
	hag" -- Grandmaster Flash (The Message [??]). 

fake jacks
	(v) To front, to fake moves. "Cuz the brothers that fake jacks get laid on they 
	backs" -- Mobb Deep (??? [??]). 

Farmers Boulevard
	(n) Street in the New York City borough of Queens. Home of L.L. Cool J. "Farmers 
	Boulevard, that's where the crib's at, that's where me and E. hang out." -- L.L. Cool J. 

	1) (adj) Refering to the federal government. "The reasons are several, most of the 
	federal" -- Public Enemy (Black steel in the hour of chaos [1988]). 
	2) (adj) Something of exceptional quality or of an extreme nature. Used throughout 
	E-40 tapes, probably Bay Area in origin. 
	3) (adj) Going federal: rising up in the game. 

Felt Forum
	(n) New York boxing arena, many prominent New York City boxers have boxed there. 

	(v) To be hostile to. 2) (v) To need something badly, most often drugs. But you can 
	also be a fiend for a dope beat. 

	(n) Figure. 

	(n) San Francisco district. 

finger on the trigger
	1) (n) Someone with the ~: someone prepared to shoot if necessary. "I got my hand in my 
	pocket and my finger's on the trigger" -- Beastie Boys (Posse in effect [1986]). 
	2) (n) In a state of readiness, prepared. 
	3) (n) In a position of power or authority. 

	(n) Heroin. 

	(v) As in "being a flake", being untrustworthy. "Yo man there's a lot of brothers 
	out there flaking and perpetrating but scared to kick reality" -- N.W.A. 
	(Express Yourself [????]) 

	(v) To show off in a manner of actually flashing material items in the faces of other 

Flatlands, The Flats
	(n) Fairfield, CA (neighboring E-40's home city of Vallejo)
<EM>"In the 
	flatlands it ain't never too late"</EM> -- E-40 (Seasoned [1999]). 

	1) (n) Flavour 
	2) (n) Flavor Flav, Chuck D's right hand man in Public Enemy. 

	(n) The glasses of PE's Flavor. "Don't worry, Flavavision ain't blurry" -- Public 
	Enemy (Don't believe the hype). 

	(v) "Flay on the mix", serious old school mixing and scratching. 

	1) (v) To show one's mettle, flexing one's muscles, showing one's arsenal and 
	readiness to put it to use, letting one's pugilistic prowess be known. To strike 
	someone, or to get up in someones face for intimidation. "I use my nine when suckas start 
	to flex" -- Ice Cube (Man's best friend [1991]). 
	2) (v) Scratching, from flexing of the wrist. Rakim used to talk about Eric B being on 
	the flex. 
	3) (v) To have sexual intercourse. 

	(n) Movie. "Scare mothafuckas like Stephen King flicks" -- N.W.A. (Chin Check 

	1) (v) Move in and out of something. "Floss the NSX" -- DJ Quick (Dollars and sense). 
	2) (v) To show off. 

	1) (n) Money. 
	2) (v) To rhyme continuously in the same rhyme scheme without stopping. 

	(adj) Attractive, beautiful. "Put on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks" -- 
	Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh (Ladidadi). 

Forty Deuce
	(n) 42nd street, Manhattan, the Times Square area. 

forty dog
	(n) 40 ounce bottle of Olde English 800 malt liquor. "Forty dog, one love" -- Nas 
	(One love [1994]). 

	(n) See '64. 

	1) (v) Dance in a provocative way. 
	2) (v) Have sex. 
	3) (n) Person who practices the above things; sexually aggressive female (never 
	missing a beat). 
	4) (v) To take out the filter paper from a Black & Mild pipe-tobacco cigar. "I'm going 
	to freak this Mild" 

free world
	(n) Free from incarceration; the world outside of prison. "I really miss my free 
	world" -- Convicts (??? [1991]). 

	(v) Freestyling is when an MC flows with lyrics right of the top of his or her head. It 
	is inpromptu and spontaneous and only the most creative rhymers can do it well. 
	It is also a kind of competition between MC's because you have to be good to bust a 
	good freestyle. It helps to keep MCs on their toes too, because its is like 
	practice. "We gonna do a little freestyle for y'all, and it go like this" -- Schoolly D. 
	(Cuttin' and scratchin' [??]). 

	1) (adj) New 
	2) (adj) Very good. 

	(n) San Francisco. Home of JT the bigga figga. 

	(v) Pretend to be that which you are not; act tough. "You can't front on that" -- 
	Beastie Boys (So what'cha want [1992]). 

	(n) A variety of fried chicken often cooked op in and around the area of Jackson 
	Mississippi. Also known as "Rico". 

	(n) Hiphop clothing company founded in 1992. FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us", 
	referring to the founders purpose: clothes designed by African-Americans for 
	African-Americans. Many items from the clothing line display the number "05", which stands for 
	the five childhood friends from Queens who founded the company. In an interview 
	with HarlemLive, Carl Brown and Keith Perrin of FUBU state: "There were five of us 
	all out of Queens, we grew up together as friends and remained friends. With 
	$5,000 seed money we were able to start our business." In 1999  FUBU reported an annual 
	turnover of about $350 million. "Under the FUBU is a guru" -- Common (The 6th Sense 

	(n) (n,v) This is the most powerful word in the American English language. It can be 
	the very best or the very worst. You might enjoy getting your brains fucked out, 
	but then again you might not. 

	1) (adj) Malodorous. 
	2) (n) The essence of being, as in faking the funk. 

funky drummer
	(n) Famous drumtrack by Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's drummer. Often used in 

	(adj) Contraction of the phrase "for real"; something known to be true. "On the 
	furilla, my nigga, just call me Scarface" -- Geto Boys (Scarface [1989]). 

	1) (n) Anything that starts with a G. E.g. God, Gangsta, Girl, Guy. As in "Whatup, G?". 
	2) (v) To have sexual intercourse. E.g. Sir Mix-a-Lot's self titled EP has a song 
	called "Let's G". 
	3) (n) Money, from Grands or thousands, for example a hundred G's equals $100,000. "I 
	clock G's while you clock Z's" - EPMD (??? [??]). 

G'd up
	(adv) Dressed to kill, like a bawla. 

	(n) Gangsta funk. Examples: Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G & Nate Dog. 

	(n) To harass. Especially being "gaffled" by the police. 

	(adj) Past tense of "to gaffle". The state of being messed up; a misfortunate 

	1) (v) Wooing. "Cause I'm gamin' on a female that's gamin' on me" -- N.W.A. (I ain't the 
	one [1988]). 
	2) (v) In the game, whatever the game might be. A game is some way to make money or 
	advance oneself, or just a game. 
	3) (adv) To be game, do be down with. 

	(n) Group of organised criminals. The main gangs in Northern California are (in 
	random order): 1. Bloods 2. Norte 3. Surenos 4. Crips 

	1) (v) To commit crimes in a gang. 
	2) (v) To to have sex in groups. 

	1) (n) A gangster or criminal. 
	2) (adj) In the way of a gangster. 
	3) (adj) A style of rap that evolved in South Central, Los Angeles. 

gangsta lean
	1) (n) The way a person drives where they lean over to the passenger seat and get really 
	low. "Digging the scene with a gangsta lean" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]). 
	2) (n) The heaven where gangsters end up, when a homie dies, you pour out a little 
	liquor or lean the bottle over to spill liquor. "This is for my homies kickin' it in the 
	Gangsta Lean" -- DRS (Gangsta Lean [1992]). 

	(n) See marijuana. "Ganja business controls America" -- Boogie Down Productions 
	(Illegal Business [??]). 

	(v) Same as skank, ie. to hurt, steal from, or diss in some way. "I guess that's what I 
	get, for trying to gank the little homies for their grip" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy 

	1) (n) To show someone a sign of disrespect. 
	2) (n) Make stupid face towards someone you don't like. "The same people that got 
	gasfaced last year" -- 3rd Bass (No master plan, no master race [1991]) 

	1) (n) Refers to any gun. It originates from Gattling, the name of the man who invented 
	the machine gun (the Gattling gun). 2) 
	2) (n) Hip-Hop Clothing Co. 
	3) (v) To shoot someone. "What now: gotta duck, they're gonna gatt me" -- Cypress Hill 
	(Lick A Shot [????]) 

	(n) A shotgun. "Hopped in his caddy, loaded his 12 gauge" -- Schoolly D (Signifying 
	rapper [??]). 

George Clinton
	(n) One of the most sampled men alive, creator of the P-Funk. 

get burned
	(v) To catch a sexually transmitted disease. Specifically refers to the burning 
	sensation caused by gonorrhoea when urinating. "Stay in the microwave too long you'll 
	get burned" -- Kool Moe Dee (Go see the doctor [??]). 

get busy
	1) (v) Have sex. 
	2) (v) eat "Ya mama is so big and fat that she can get busy with 22 burritoes, but times 
	are rough, I seen her in the back'a taco bell with handcuffs" -- Pharcyde (Ya Mama) 

get/give head/skull
	(v) Receive/give fellatio. 

get/give props
	(v) See props. 

ghetto bird
	(n) Police helicopter. "Motherfuck you and your punk ass ghetto bird." -- Ice Cube 
	(Ghetto Bird [1993]). 

ghetto sled
	(n) car, usually American made, that generally sports a rusted body covered with 
	house paint. Synonym of hooptie. 

	(n) Out of here: "I'm ghost". 

gift of gab
	(n) The ability to talk anyone into anything. 

	(n) Austrian manufacturer of handguns. People usually mean the 9mm glock, which 
	can hold up to 20 rounds, plus one in the chamber. With an extended clip they can 
	hold up to 33 rounds. Most of the Glock is made of steel, but it is wrapped in a plastic 
	cover, giving the gun a futuristic feel to it. 

	(n) Material made into jackets and other clothing. Also made into high durability 
	boots. "Bow to the group in the boots" -- Sir Mix-a-lot (Gortex [1989]). 

government cheese
	(n) On welfare. 

	(n) See marijuana. "But I smoke 'em like grass, just like Cheech and Chong" -- Dr. 
	Dre (Keep Their Heads 
Ringin' [1995])

	1) (n) "Guard your grill": protect yourself, grill" stands for your teeth, protect 
	your face from getting punched. "I got the skill, I'll bust ya in the grill" -- House 
	of Pain (Shamrocks and Shenanigans [??]). 
	2) (n) Front of a car. 

	1) (n) Ability on the microphone. 
	2) (n) Gun. 
	3) (n) Money. "I guess that's what I get, for trying to gank the little homies for their 
	grip" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy [??]). 

	(n) Ford Mustang GT, also known as the "five-point-oh" for it's 5.0L V-8. 

	(n) Grand theft auto, legalese for stealing a car. "It's all about makin' that GTA" 
	-- Eazy-E (Boyz in the hood [1989]). 

	(n) Irish brand of beer. "Damn, they wanna label me a menace cuz I'm sittin' here 
	sippin' on Guiness" -- 
2Pac (Fuck The World [1995])

	(n) Houston, home of The 5th Ward. 

	1) (adv) Tough. "Cause I'm too hard to lift" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [??]). 
	2) (adv) Erected. "Ya dicks on hard" -- Dr. Dre (In your own dogs [??]). 

	(adj) True to what you claim. 

	(n) See marijuana. "They got hash took the stash left the rest for me" -- 2Pac (To 
	Live & Die In L.A. [1996])

	1) (v) To look at something. 
	2) (v) To stare down someone. 
	3) (n) The wind, especially when it is blowing hard. 

	(n) Someone who earned respect. 

	(adv) A hell of a lot. "I got hella scrilla" -- ??? (??? [??]). 

	(n) Brand of Cognac. "Take this Hennessey!" NAS -- (The Genesis [1994]). 

	1) (n) Marijuana, comes from herbs. "Herbalz in my mouth" -- 3rd Bass (Herbalz in my 
	mouth [1991]). 
	2) (n) Semen (mentioned in an interview once by 3rd Bass). 

high top fade
	(n) Haircut high on the top, fading down to close cut on the sides "Livin' in fear of 
	my shade or my high top fade" -- Public Enemy (??? [??]). 

	(n) Greeting where you slap hands together in the air, as opposed to low-five, 
	where you slap hands at waist height. 

	(v) To ignore or disrespect someone by not acknowledging their presence. 
	"Bitches get mad cause we highside" -- Big Mike (Smoke 'em and & choke 'em [??]). 

	(n) In Jamaican ska era, 60's, a DJ would spin and cut the wax and a MC would sing or 
	shout or dub poetry over it. That's the roots of hiphop which were brought to New York 
	City by Kool DJ Herc, but hip-hop or rap was created in New York City. 

	1) (n) Hooker, prostitute, from the Southern pronounciation of the word whore. "She 
	ain't nothing but another ho, according to the system" -- KRS-One (Exhibit D. 
	2) (v) To sell out. 

ho cake
	(n) Vagina. 

hold the fort down
	(v) To represent where you are from. "If so hold the fort down and represent to the 
	fullest" -- Nas (One Love [1994]). 

	1) (n) Vagina. 
	2) (n) Gun chamber. "16 in the clip and one in the hole" -- Nate Dogg (Regulate [??]). 

	(v) To shout. 

	(n) See ho. 

	(n) Close friend. 

	(n) Female equivalent of homeboy. "Homegirls, see a guy you like? Just grab him in 
	the biscuits... and doowutchalike" -- Digital Underground (Doowutchalike 

	(n) A close relative or friend. "My homeskillet gets me the goods whenever I want" 
	-- ?? (?? [??]). 

	(n) See homeboy. "But I wish he could have said it to my dead homey" -- Ice Cube (Dead 
	Homiez [1990]). 

	(n) Female, generally attractive. 

Honey Dip
	(n) pretty young ladies with golden brown complexions. 

	(n) The neighbourhood, usually a poor community. 

	(n) T-shirt or sweatshirt with hood attached to it. 

	(n) A criminal; drugdealer, car thief, stick up kid. "Hoodlums and hustlers and 
	bangers with Jheri-curls" -- Ice T. (Lifestyles of the rich and infamous [1991]) 

	(n) female, generally sexually promiscuous, and not upwardly mobile "Homies in 
	the hood labeled her as a hoodrat" -- Domino (Ghetto jam [1993]) 

	(n) A hook, used in load of songs, is an aspect of popular or commercial music that 
	"grabs" people and makes it easy to like like or remember the song. For example, the 
	riff from "Son of a Preacher Man" used in Cypress Hill's "Hits from the Bong" [1993] 
	is an example of a hook. "Check out the hook while I drop crazy rhymes" -- ??? 

	(n) Old car in bad shape. 

	(n) Blunt. "It's a hoota of the Buddah blessed" 

hop on the side
	(v) To get on the passenger side of a car. 

	(n) Vertical jump, usually related to basketball. "He's got mad hops" -- ??? (??? 

	(n) A very attractive female. "This hottie got a body and I wanna get naughty" -- Sir 
	Mixalot (Sprung on the Cat [1992]). 

	(n) Person who blindly follows simple-minded people, the term was used by Malcolm 
	X. In slavery days, you had house slaves and field slaves. The house slaves were 
	"well behaved" and were "rewarded" by being allowed to work in the "big house" close 
	to the master. The field slaves were "rough" and only suited for field work. Thus 
	the people were divided and pitted against themselves, instead of the common 

	(n) Hunter's Point, a San Francisco district. 

Huey P. Newton
	(n) Founder of the Black Panther movement along with H. R. Brown and Bobby Seale. 
	Mentioned in a few PE songs. 

	(v) Coming at someone. 

	(n) Hydroponic marijuana, which is due to an agricultural technique of 
	cultivation in the production of cannabis, a more potent product. "Hydro, me just can't 
	let me, high go " - Bone Thugs 'n Harmony (Buddah lovas [1995]). 

	1) (n) Statements made about something before that thing comes out, especially wild 
	statements guessing about the things nature (whether positive or negative). For 
	example, record companies will often put many advertisements out before a record 
	comes out. Before Public Enemy's album came out there was much negative hype in the 
	media. "Yo Harry! You're a writer; are we that type? Don't believe the hype..." -- 
	Public Enemy (Don't believe the hype). 
	2) (adj) Cool. "Too damn hype" -- Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (??? [1988]). 

	(n) The Intelligent Black Womens Coalition, a group that Yo-Yo is a member of. 

	1) (n) Diamonds or jewelry with diamonds in it. "Hands smothered in ice." -- Ice-T 
	(Bitches 2 [1991]). 
	2) (n) On ice - at the morgue. 
	3) (n) Ice or ice cream: drugs, or cocaine in particular. 

	1) (v) To be obnoxious, or to act weird, as in eating dogfood. "You be illin'" -- 
	RUN-DMC (You be illin' [1986]). 
	2) (adj) Negative. 
	3) (adj) Positive. "Most illinest b-boys" -- Beastie Boys (Rhymin' and stealing 

	(n) East-orange, NJ. Home of Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah. 

	(n) Type of popular low-cost car made by Chevrolet in the seventies. The car is 
	popular with low riders, especially the 1964 model. '63, '62 and '65 models are also 
	sometimes used. Ice Cube's car in "Boyz 'n the hood" was an Impala. "Knew her from the back 
	of my homeys Impala" -- Ice Cube (You can't fade me [1990]). 

in check
	1) (n) Under control by someone else. Probably from a game of chess. 
	2) (adv) Under control, due to skills. "I got you all in check" -- Busta Rhymes (Woo 
	Hah! [1996]). 

in foe deep
	(n) A term used to refer to a car that contains four people at once. "In foe deep we 
	creep" -- RBL Posse (Don't give me no bammer [??]). 

in the house
	(n) Present, here. "Compton's in tha house" -- N.W.A. (Compton's in tha house 

in [full] effect
	(adv) Present and taking place. 

	(n) Marijuana from Indonesia. "Indo smoke up in your lungs like that" -- Dr. Dre 
	(Rat-tat-tat-tat [1992]). 

	1) (v) To rob someone face to face. "Lets see who the fuck I'ma jack today" -- Ice Cube 
	(Robin hood [??]). 
	2) (n) Nothing, "I ain't got jack to give you". 

jack roll
	(v) To rob the helpless. 

	(n) Short for carjacker. 

	(n) Anybody who is at least five years younger than you are. The word is from old taxi 
	drivers who date young high school girls and when high school guys go out with junior 
	high school students. 

	(n) The police. 

	1) (n) song, cut, track. "This is the dope Jam!" -- Public Enemy (Night the living 
	baseheads [1989]). 
	2) (n) The sweet stuff - like honey. 
	3) (n) Slam dunk in basketball. 
	4) (n) To lock up, like when a bullet gets caught up in the chamber of a gun the gun jams. 

James Brown
	(n) One of the funkiest and most sampled men alive. 

	1) (n) Penis. "All the fly ladies are on my jammy" -- Beastie Boys (The new style 
	2) (n) Gun. "Pulled out the jammy aimed it at the sky" -- Beastie Boys (Paul Revere 

	1) (adj) Bad, flawed (northern California) 
	2) (adj) Good, smooth (souther California). "Dub C, nigga, still janky as fuck!" -- 
	W.C. and the Maad Circle (Intro [1995]). 

	1) (n) Another word for joint, a marijuana cigarette. "Back in Philly, they call me da 
	jawn" -- Bahamadia (Total Wreck [??]). 
	2) (n) Any type of thing, as in "Yo, check this jawn out". 

	(n) Vagina. 

	(v) To leave in a hurry. 

	(n) Wetlook, curly hairstyle. "Hoodlums and hustlers and bangers with 
	Jheri-curls" -- Ice T. (Lifestyles of the rich and infamous [1991]) 

	(n) To have a lot of money or riches. "DKNY, oh my I'm jiggy" -- Junior M.A.F.I.A. 
	(Player's Anthem [1995]). 

	(n) See Jimmy. 

	(n) Penis. "Never sleep alone because Jimmy is a magnet" -- Beastie Boys (3 Minute 
	rule [1989]). 

Jimmy hat/cap
	(n) Condom. 

	1) (n) Crotch. Being on someone's jock means trying to get involved with someone for 
	his money or his status etc. The best definition can be found on Ice Cube's "Kill at 
	will" in the full version of the song "Get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here". 
	2) (v) To sweat someone. 

	(v) To taunt or to make fun, see snap. 

	(n) A craving for something. It is said to come from Jones Alley in Manhattan where 
	junkies used to live. E.g.: "Baseball Jones": needing baseball, "love Jones": a dire 
	craving for someone, "Jonesing for some MJ": wanting some marijuana. I got a love 
	Jones for your body and skin tone" -- Method Man & Mary J. Blidge (You are all I need 

	(n) Japanese People Time; being early or on time. 

	1) (n) Having hydraulics. 
	2) (v) To squeeze the juice out of something. "You can't juice Ice Cube, girl" -- 
	N.W.A. (I ain't the one [1988]). 
	3) (n) "To have juice means you kiss and lick a lot of booty" -- KRS-One (Blackman in 
	effect [1990]). 
	4) (n) Respect, e.g. the movie "Juice". 
	5) (n) Alcohol, as in "being juiced up" or get juice for the party". 
	6) (n) Willpower. 

	(n) North Carolina "New York, North Kakalaka and Compton." -- A Tribe Called Quest 
	(Scenario [??]). 

	(n) A brand of hat. LL Cool J used to wear this along with other east coast rappers. It 
	has a kangaroo on the side, but brothers wore them with the 'roo in front. "Went 
	back in, I forgot my Kangol" -- Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh (Ladidadi). 

	(n) Short for "Karl Kani," which is a clothes label popular in the hood. 

	(n) Radio station that broadcasted from Crenshaw in South Central LA, and was 
	devoted to local underground Hip Hop. The musical director of KDAY was Greg Mack, and 
	he single handedly turned NWA from an unknown group to superstars. It signed Dr. 
	Dre and DJ Yella in 1983 to broadcast their own Mix Show, as the Wreckin' Crew. "It 
	(KDAY) was percieved as a Rap station cause we played rap no one else would" (Greg 
	Mack, as interviewed by Brian Cross in the book "It's not about a salarie"). KDAY was 
	sold in 1990, and was turned into a business network. The defunct radio station 
	symbolizes to a lot of rappers coming out of LA area the shutting down of black voice in 
	America. "This is K-Eazy E, wassup y'all this is Greg Mack, Mack Attack" -- Eazy-E 
	(Radio [1988]). 

	(n) Kilo, often used in conjuction with cocaine. "Dope, like a pound or a key" -- 
	N.W.A. (Tell 'em what your name is [1988]). 

	(n) Hip-hop clothing, brown/tan colored pants. "Wearin ghackis, mob while ya 
	ryhme, little fag tried to sag" -- Eazy-E (Real Motherphuckkin' G's [1993]). 

	(n) See sneakers. 

	1) (n) See marijuana. "Crack another 40, smoke some kill" -- Schoolly D. (Smoke some 
	2) (n) To be dope on the microphone. 

	(n) A pest. "Leave Flavor Flav alone, knocka" -- Public Enemy (Cold lampin' with 
	Flavor [1988]). 

knocking boots
	(v) To have sexual intercourse. The knock refers to the man's hips hitting the 
	woman's ass, which produces a slapping sound. The motion litterally knocks her boots 
	(buttocks). "Bring your friend, I likes you two's I'll knock the boots, the sneakers and 
	the house shoes." -- Digital Underground (Flowing on the D-line [??]). 

knuckle up
	(v) Prepare to fight, by closing and raising ones fists. 

	1) (n) The late train. "I'm on the L train going insane" -- The Roots (Silent 
	2) (n) Elevated trains in Chicago or NYC. 

	(n) Los Angeles. In particular the phrase "LA 1992" indicates the riots that broke 
	out after the Rodney King trial. 

	(n) Salt Lake City, Utah. 

	1) (v) To hang out next to a streetlamp. "I'm on the street, cold lampin'" -- Public 
	Enemy (Cold lampin' with Flavor). 
	2) (v) To relax while others panic. 

Land of Dope
	(n) Oakland. 

Land of the Heartless
	(n) Cleveland, Ohio. 

lay pipe
	(v) Having sexual intercourse. "Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe" -- Ice 
	Cube (I'm only out for one thang). 

	(n) Phonebook abbreviation for Long Beach city, California. Home of 21 & Lewis. 
	"With so much drama in the LBC" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Gin and Juice). 

leather Tuscadero
	(n) Female equivalent of The Fonz that appeared on Happy Days. "Now he's zipped up 
	like leather Tuscadero" -- Ice Cube (We had to tear this motherfucker up [1992]). 

leg pull
	(n) From: to pull someones leg, to make a joke. No leg pulls means no jokes; speak the 
	truth. "No leg pulls kid". 

	(n) Japanese luxury car. "Drivin' a Lexus with a death wish" -- Nas (Watch them 
	niggas [1996]). 

	1) (v) Hanging around with friends of family. 
	2) (n) A casual gathering of friends and family. "This lime has no juice", this 
	gathering is dull. 

	(n) A line of cocaine. From the spanish "una lina" which translates to one line. 

	(adv) Great. "Is it live?" -- L.L. Cool J (Is it live? [??]). 

	(n) Cocaine, crack; it is a Spanish word, and the double l's are pronounced as 
	"y"'s. Used in the movie "Scarface" [1983]. The bitch came back with a bag of llello" 
	-- Ice Cube (Once upon a time in the projects [1991]). 

	1) (n) Term used for local person. 
	2) (n) Crazy one, from the Spanish "loco", often used for friends or locals in a 
	positive way. "Don't you know I'm loco?" -- Cypress (Insane in the brain [1993]) Hill 
	(Insane in the brain [1993]) 
	3) (n) Lock or locks, as in Jheri-curls, but always pronounced with the long o as in 
	4) (v) To "go loc" means to get ready for a drive-by or to shoot someone. This means 
	putting on dark glasses, skullies, caps and generally getting hard to identify. 
	5) (n) To get high. "We was in the park gettin' loc-ed" -- ??? 

	(n) Short for dredlocks. 

Long Beach
	(n) City south of Compton. "Rollin' from the East Side south of Compton, see a big 
	ass, and I say 'word', took a look at the face, and the bitch was to the curb!" -- 
	N.W.A. (8 ball (remix) [1988]) 

	(n) Louis Vuitton gear. 

low low
	(n) Lowrider car with adjusted suspension. "Hitting them corners in them low 
	low', girl" - Dr. Dre (Still Dre [????]) 

	(v) Adjusting the suspension of a car to get it closer to the ground. Since it is 
	illegal to drive that way, people have hydraulic systems to adjust the height of the 
	car while driving, making it bounce. 

	1) (n) Long Play, a nine or ten song regular tape. 
	2) (n) A vinyl record. 

	(v) To act stupid or crazy. 

	(n) See beamer. M3 is a special edition model from the BMW 3-series range. "purple 
	M3s and jet skis" -- Nas (If I Ruled the World [1996]). 

Mac 10
	(n) The Ingram Mac-10 30 to 36-shot submachine pistol firing standard 9mm caliber 
	(.38 in) bullets. The American version of the Israeli Uzi. Most "Tens" are 
	actually smuggled Czech M-61s. "The Mac 10 is in the grass and I run like a cheetah with 
	thoughts of an assassin" -- Nas (??? [1994]). 

	1) (n) Pimp. 
	2) (v) Being a pimp. "Mackin' is a game and everybody's playing it" -- Ice Cube (Who's 
	the mack [1991]) 
	3) (n) The Mack, an early 70's Blacksploitation film shot in Oakland, CA. 
	4) (n) Ladies Man "I love the ladies and they love me right back, now who's the Mack" -- 
	Ice T. (??? [??]). 
	5) (v) To steal. 
	6) (v) To have sex. "You know, I was all getting my macks on with her" 

	(adj) Extremely, very, a large quantity. "His jeep was pumpin' mad bass" -- ??? 

	(n) Someone who sells drugs. 

	1) (n) Short for magazine, as in clip or ammo insert. 
	2) (n) Short for Magnum. 

	(n) Money. Mo' mail than the rest of the pushers -- E-40 (??? [??]). 

making ends
	1) (v) Dominoes term, you win when you make ends. "So make all the ends you can make, cuz 
	when you're broke you break" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy [1992]) 
	2) (n) To make money. Think of the phrase "The ends justify the means". The ends may be 
	taken to mean money. 

Malcolm [Malcolm X]
	(n) Malcolm X, civil rights activist leader, gunned down at the age of 35 at the 
	Audubon Ballroom on the north edge of Harlem in New York in 1965 as he spoke to hundreds 
	of followers. He represented the largely urban North. Member of Nation of Islam 
	until 1964. Wrote many texts, interviews, notes and speeches from 1950-1963, of 
	which some can be considered racist. Renounced these points of view in his last 

	(n) Dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC 
	(tetrahydrocannabinol, the physiologically active chemical 
	C<sub>21</sub>H<sub>30</sub>O<sub>2</sub>  that is the chief intoxicant in marijuana) and are smoked in cigarettes for 
	their intoxicating effect. Other reported words for it are: bammer, bionic, bomb, 
	brown, bud, buddha, cannabis, cheeba, chronic, dank, doubage, ganja, grass, 
	green, groove weed, hash, herb, home-grown, ill, Indo, iszm, Lebanon, Mary Jane 
	(mj), maui wowy, method, pot, sess, shake, shit, skunk, stress, tabacci, Thai, 
	wacky and weed. 

	(v) To chill, hang out. 

	1) (n) A sucker, a target for gaffling and crime. "You mark-ass busta, you betta raise 
	up" -- Dr Dre (Dre [??].) 
	2) (n) Someone who is claiming a set (subset of a Crip or Blood gang) to which he does not 

	(v) To have great fun. 

	(n) Probably Jamaican, in which case it comes from the TV game shows, Master of 
	Ceremonies (although the term existed before TV). It was the only person at a gathering 
	that was allowed to use the microphone. Could also stand for Microphone 
	Controller, Mic Checka. "The term, MC, stand for Master of Ceremonies" --- A Tribe Called 
	Quest (Midnight Marauders [1993]). 

	1) (n) Said to be an aphrodisiac. "Funky col' medina" -- Tone Loc (Funky cold medina 
	2) (n) Nickname for Brooklyn. 
	3) (n) One of the three holy cities in Islam (n) One of the three holy cities in Islam 

	(n) Second most holy city of Islam; Nickname for Brooklyn. 

	(n) Large breath of crack. "Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one 
	more blast" -- Public Enemy (Megablast). 

meth, method
	(n) Short for the drug crystal methamphetamine; a colorless, odorless form of 
	d-methamphetamine, a powerful and highly addictive synthetic stimulant. It typically 
	resembles small fragments of glass or shiny blue-white "rocks" of various sizes. 

	1) (n) Short for motherfucker. 
	2) (n) Short for Mark Ferhman; the police officer who tried to set up O.J. Simpson by 
	planting evidence on him. 

	(n) Martin Luther King, civil rights leader, shot april 4th, 1968. He represented 
	the largely rural South. 

	(n) See brother, nigga. 

Moneyearnin' Mount Vernon
	(n) Shabazz, 4th ave, 3rd street. One of the worst corners in Mount Vernon - hood 
	hang out, dealers, addicts. Home of Heavy D., Pete Rock and CL Smooth - 77 hillside 
	straight up Columbus Hill make a left in Mount Vernon. 

	(n) Clothing label. "Moschino on my misstres" -- Notorious B.I.G. (??? [??]). 

	(n) Popular brand of twelge gauge shotgun, used by the police. "And I grabbed my 12 
	gauge Mossberg pump" -- Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (??? [??]). 

	1) (n) Respectless person with no attitude. 
	2) (n) Also used to express a form of respect for someone. "My motherfuckin' nigga 
	Afrika Islam" -- Ice-T (??? [??]). 

move on
	(v) To mess with. "You move on the Ice and you're going to sleep" -- Ice T (Ziplock). 

	(n) Akai MPC-60 sampling sequencer/drum machine, Akai's answer to the SP-12, 
	popular especially in the early 90's. Most hip-hop producers have a machine of the 

	(n) The Multi Purpose Vehicle, favored by groups because of their large seating 
	and cargo capacity. "Dedicated to MPV's, phat" -- Wu-Tang Clan (Can it be all so 
	simple [??]). 

	(n) (1) Most Valuable Poet (on the mic), compare Most Valuable Player in team 
	sports. As used by Big L in the song "MVP". 

nappy dugout
	(n) Vagina. The dugout is the dug-in bench at the side of a baseball field where 
	players wait until they are up to play. Nappy comes from hair napping up, sort of the way 
	it it on the way to dreading. The nappy dugout would be the dugout (small enclave a 
	few steps off the main field) that has nappy hair (pubic hair). "Giving up the 
	nappy dugout" -- Ice Cube (Giving up the nappy dugout [??]). 

nappy head
	(n) A head with dreading hair. "Keep your heads nappy" -- Fugees (Nappy Heads 

	1) (adj) Nothing; nobody. "I ain't heard shit, I ain't heard nathan" -- The Coup 
	(Genocide & Juice [??]). 
	2) (n) "Nathan's" is a brand of hot dog. 
	3) (n) Natural born pimp. 

Neighbourhood Family
	(n) South Central Blood set associated with Cypress Hill. 

	(n) Brick City. Home of RedMan, LOTUG, Artifacts, Channel Live, T-neck. 

	(adj) New. When referring to an idividual, implies that he hasn't proven himself. 
	"He was a newjack hustler" -- Ice-T (Newjack hustler [??]). 

	(n) Five, as in 1995. "Everybody get in where ya fit in for tha nine five, tha nine 
	nickel" -- Method Man with Capleton (Wings of the morning [??]). 

	(n) Curseword used originally by white people, taken over by black people as a name 
	to show their proudness, and take off the edge; positive: "my nigga": my friend. 
	I don't want to be called yo nigga" -- Public Enemy (Yo nigga [??]). 

	1) (n) [neenyah] Spanish for girl of 5 years or less. Chica is a teenage girl. 
	2) (n) [neenah] 9mm. Mixture of correct Spanish pronounciation of the i and NYC or 
	Southern dialect ponounciation of the final -er as -ah of the word "niner". Cuz if I got 
	my nina then you know I'm straight trippin'" -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [1992]). 

	(n) Spanish term for godfather, as in Nino Brown.From the movie "The Godfather". 
	Also Nino Brown in New Jack City. 

no diggety
	(interj) No doubt, no question. 

	(n) Nation Of Islam. "Elijah is alive, Louis Farrakhan, NOI" -- Ice Cube (Enemy 

Now Rule
	(n) New Rochelle NY, a suburb of NYC, borders Mount Vernon. Origin of Grand Puba and 
	Brand Nubian. 

	1) (n) A stupid person. Possible a combination of Numb Skull/Fucker, or maybe 
	derived from knuckle head. 
	2) (n) Ones best friend. "You call your nigger 'nucker'" -- Digital Underground (if 
	it wasn't for the rapping [??]). 

	(n) Good sex. "Gimme that nutt" -- Eazy-E (It's on Dr. Dre 187 um killa [1993]). 

	(n) Nothing. "Nine times outta ten, she's givin' up nuttin'" -- N.W.A. (I ain't tha 
	one [1988]) 

	(n) Cold medicine that basically puts you to sleep, so you won't stay up all night 
	coughing. "Knock ya out like Nyquil" -- Ice Cube(?) 

	(n) An ounce of marijuana. 

	(n) An Irish name, pointing to the traditionally strong represented Irish in the 
	LAPD. "Gonna put a slug in captain O'Malley" -- Cypress Hill (We ain't goin' out like 
	that [1993]). 

	(n) The O stands for Oakland, the 1-2 for a left-right combination punch. "Up in 
	Oakland you might get the O-1-2" -- Father Dom (??? [??]). 

	(n) Orlando. 

	(n) Short for Old English, a kind of malt liquor. "Coolin' on the corner with a 
	bottle of O.E." -- Beastie Boys (Time to get ill [1986]). 

	1) (n) Original gangster, which you become when you 'advertise' a gang. People 
	should talk about you and link your name with the things you done in the past. This 
	includes killings, driveby shootings, spending time in jail, and living up to your 
	name. "O.G. Original Gangster" -- Ice T. (Original Gangster [1991]). 
	2) (adj) True; original. 
	3) (n) Someone who is true to the game, who never sold out. 

	1) (n) Reference to a big car: erstwhile football star and all-around adman O.J. 
	Simpson does Hertz commercials featuring Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars. Used on 
	Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight. 
	2) (n) To pull an O.J. on someone: to set someone up, to plant evidence. 

	1) (n) Other people's pussy. 
	2) (n) Other people's penis. 
	3) (n) Other people's property. 

Oaktown, the big O, the O
	(n) Oakland, California. The Westside O and the Eastside O stand for West and East 
	Oakland. Home of Too $hort and Luniz. 

on swo
	(adv) Increasing in size, often used in prisons to describe a weight lifter. "My 
	bank roll's on swo" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (??? [??]). 

one love
	(n) (interj.) Farewell bidding, like "peace". 

	(n) Police officer. Refered to as one-time as you have one time or one chance to get 
	out of the situation alive. "One-time because it's my life on the line" -- Ice Cube 
	(??? [??]). 

	(n) An uzi semi-automatic gun. 

	(n) Black person who wants to be white, or people of mixed race. An oreo is a type of 
	cookie black on the outside with white cream filling inside. "A message to the oreo 
	cookie" -- Ice Cube (Turn off the radio [1990]). 

	(n) Amsterdam (the Netherlands) hood where the foundations of the Dutch 
	underground, hardcore hiphop scene were laid. Rap artists such as Jason, West Klan and 
	first and foremost The Osdorp Posse are from that part of Amsterdam. 

other level
	(n) A higher degree of consciousness satisfaction; beyond the average. "Grip it 
	on that other level" -- Geto Boys (On that other level [1992]). 

ox piece
	(n) Home-made type of gun that people make in the prisons. "I heared you blew a nigga 
	with an ox for the phone piece" -- Nas (One love) 

	1) (n) Partner, friend. 
	2) (n) Pussy. "The P is free" -- BDP (The P is free) 3) (n) Posse. 

	(n) Paris. "P-Dog comin' up, I'm staying low" -- Paris (The devil made me do it). 

	(n) Music of the George Clinton time period. Parliament Funkadelic was a group in 
	that era and it included such artists as George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. 

	(n) Paterson. 

	(n) Public Enemy. 

	1) (n) Paid on delivery. 
	2) (n) Passed over-dosed; a deceased person due to an drug over-dose. 

	(n) Park Side Killers, Philadelphia gang of which Schoolly D. used to be a member. 
	"P.S.K., we're makin' that green" -- Schoolly D. (P.S.K. (what does it mean?)). 

	(n) Port Arthur, Texas. Referred to throughout UGK and Point Blank albums. 

	(n) House, home, place where you live. "It's like that and its like this I took her to 
	the pad and we started to kiss..." -- Eazy-E (Gimme that nutt [??]). 

	(n) Gun. "Say why ya creep without a muthaphuckin paddle" -- Lady or Rage (Lyrical 
	Gangbang [1992]). 

	(v) Hydraulics maneuver where a car goes from all wheels high to all wheels low. 
	"Pancake, front-to-back, side-to-side, and all that shit" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride 

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Oct 11, 2019 @ 4:04 am
a close look at Ayman al

There is little in Ayman al Zawahiri's privileged background in a diverse Cairo suburb that foreshadows his emergence as the blood steeped ideologue who helped Osama bin Laden in his terrorist assault on the West, And who now succeeds him.

In the Maadi community where his father set up home in 1960, that when Zawahiri was 9, have been churches and a synagogue. Wealthy Egyptians and foreign people congregated at the Maadi Sporting Club; even though were never members, Zawahiri's father took him to the club to watch start up.

Zawahiri, A twin born by getting a sister in 1951, Is the scion of two marked Egyptian families. His father was a professor of pharmacology, And his maternal grandfather was the president of Cairo University. a magnificent uncle headed al Azhar, The most prestigious seat of Islamic scholarship at the center East.

Zawahiri was a first-rate student who, inside of the tutelage of a radical uncle, Began to form strong political and religious beliefs when young. As a 15 years old, He formed an underground cell bent on towards an Islamist state, And his activism become more intense at Cairo University, Where he studied healing system.

on 1978, After forces service, He engaged to be married Azza Nowair, The daughter of another prominent clan whose religious fervor attracted Zawahiri and alarmed her secular family. At the evening reception, No music or images were allowed, And the sexes were connectors, to be able to Lawrence Wright in his history of al Qaeda,

While accomplishing at a clinic in Cairo, Zawahiri was invited to go to Pakistan to assist in treating refugees and Afghan fighters wounded in the growing resistance to the Soviet invasion. Zawahiri made a wide range of short forays into Afghanistan itself and later wrote how he marveled at the bravery of the mujaheddin.

His own involved to be tested.

The cell Zawahiri founded as a teenager had by then coalesced with other compatible groups and become Jamaat al Jihad, otherwise the Jihad Group. A person in the group, Who was a junior officer in the Egyptian armed forces, Assassinated Egyptian chief executive Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Zawahiri [url=]ukraine marriage[/url] was busted in the ensuing sweeps. He was suffering from beatings and torture, And friends and biographer, Montasser ing Zayyat, Said the treatment transformed Zawahiri into an unforgiving man of violence. Under discomfort, He definitely buckled. while in custody, He set up a friend and fellow conspirator who had for now eluded capture. Zawahiri began to testify against some of his fellow Islamists.

in the evening, At a mass trial, He was the unbowed spokesman for the defendants. "we are not sorry, He told the webcams. "people are here, The real Islamic front and the real Islamic visitors against Zionism, Communism and as a result imperialism,

In the penitentiary, Zawahiri met up Egypt's leading Islamist, Omar Abdul Rahman, your current "shade sheikh" that would be convicted for his role in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. But there seemed to be no communion, And the two ambitious men clashed bitterly over who should lead Egypt's Islamist radicals.

after the three year trial, Zawahiri was guilty but quickly released for time served. He soon chosen Saudi Arabia, And Zayyat said he fled the particular not for fear of further persecution but "because guilt of betraying his friends weighed so oppressively on his conscience,

with 1986, Zawahiri had moved on to Peshawar, Pakistan, Where he resumed his work as medical help in the anti Soviet fight. it will be easy that Zawahiri first met bin Laden while in Saudi Arabia, But the two became close in Pakistan, Where Zawahiri helped treat the Saudi's chronic health considerations.

in just 1997, whilst in Afghanistan, Zawahiri was needed to orchestrating the worst terrorist attack in Egyptian history the (...)

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