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[] Newbie Guide and FAQ

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The most recent version of this FAQ list is posted by the author monthly to the 
Usenet groups <>, <>, 
<news:rec.answers>, and <news:news.answers>.

Several servers around the World Wide Web, NONE of which are maintained by this 
author, store a copy of this document. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp from 
<>; or by e-mail: 
<>, the body of the mail must contain the command 
"send /pub/faqs/models/rc-cars/newbie-guide" without the quotes. A relatively 
decent HTMLized version of this document can be found at 
<>. For a 
complete list of world wide mirrors, see the document "Introduction to the 
*.answers newsgroups", which is posted frequently to <news:news.answers>; or 
retrieve it through e-mail by sending <>, with the 
command "send /pub/faqs/news-answers/introduction" without the quotes.

I am seriously lacking in time to give this document (and the hobby) the attention 
it deserves.  If anyone would be interested in taking over the maintenance of this, 
please contact the author <>.

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