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Judaism Reading List: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
Section - Conservative Liturgy

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
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          Cahan, Leonard (ed.) Siddur Sim Shalom for Shabbat and
          Festivals. RA and USCJ, NY. 1998. ISBN 0916219135. [This new
          edition of Sim Shalom features gender-sensitive language,
          options to use the Imahot in the Amidah, an easier to follow
          layout, and increased use of transliteration. Contains services
          for Shabbat and festivals, but does not contain weekday
          services. Has a section on Shabbat and Holiday home rituals.]
          Chanover, Hyman. Book of Prayer for Junior Congregations:
          Sabbath and Feast. United Synagogue Book Service; 1986.
          Hardcover. ISBN 0-838101-74-7.
          [6][Buy at Amazon:

          Golinkin, Noah. Shalom Aleichem - Learn to read the Hebrew
          Prayerbook!.Hebrew Pub Co; 1978. Paperback. ISBN 0-884826-96-1.
          [7][Buy at Amazon:

          Golinkin, Noah. Ayn Keloheynu - Learn to comprehend the Hebrew
          Prayerbook in a new way. Sheingold Publishers, 1981, 1989.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-884001-36-9.
          [8][Buy at Amazon:

          Hammer, Reuven. Entering Jewish Prayer: A Guide to Personal
          Devotion and the Worship Service. Schocken Books; 1995.
          Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-805210-22-9. [More than a
          'how-to' guide, this book deals with the basic issues in
          prayer, the historical compilation of the Siddur; the
          orchestration of the daily, Sabbath, and festival prayers; the
          themes of special prayers, such as the Blessing After Meals and
          the Kaddish; and the essential experience of making prayer a
          vital part of one's life. Also explains differences between the
          liturgy of each of the Jewish movements.]
          [9][Buy at Amazon:

          Harlow, Jules Ed. Liqqutei Tefillah: The Rabbis Manual.
          Rabbinical Assembly, New York. 1965. Out of Print
          Harlow, Jules (ed). Mahzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
          United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism; 1978. Hardcover. ISBN
          0-874411-48-3. [The official Conservative machzor. The text is
          traditional, but references to the Temple and animal sacrifices
          have been modified in the same way as for "Siddur Sim Shalom".
          It has less Ashkenazic piyuttim than other machzorim, but adds
          some prayers and poetry from the Sephardic rite, as well as
          from some ancient machzorim.]
          [10][Buy at Amazon:

          Harlow, Jules (ed). Siddur Sim Shalom: A Prayerbook for
          Shabbat, Festivals, and Weekdays. United Synagogue of
          Conservative Judaism; 1985. Hardcover. ISBN 0-916219-01-1.
          [Services for weekdays, Shabbat and Festivals, with additions
          for Israel Independence Day and Holocaust Memorial Day, as well
          as texts for Kiddush, zemirot, Blessings After Meals, Havdalah,
          and Shabbat and Holiday home rituals. Its introduction explains
          what changes exist, and the rationale behind them.]
          [11][Buy at Amazon:

          Rabbinical Assembly. (Sabbath Prayers) Seder Tefilot Yisra'el
          LeShabbat Uleshalosh Regalim. Rabbinical Assembly and United
          Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. 1964.
          Rabbinical Assembly. Weekday Prayer Book: Tefillot Liyemoth
          Hol. Rabbinical Assembly, New York. 1962.
          Rabbinical Assembly: Rank, Perry Raphael; Freeman, Gordon M.
          (eds). Moreh Derekh : The Rabbi's Manual of the Rabbinical
          Assembly. Rabbinical Assembly, 1998. ISBN 0-916219-10-0.
          [Contains all the traditional services for all aspects of
          events such as births, bat or bat mitzvah, conversion to
          Judaism, aliyot on special occasions, weddings, divorces,
          sickness, and death. Also contains many innovative rituals,
          including prayers for retirement, special birthdays,
          anniversarys, a pilgrimage or aliyah to Israel, entering
          college, and healing service. Also has sensitive sections on
          infertility, abortion and miscarriages.]
          [12][Buy at Amazon:

          Rabbinowicz, Rachel Anne (ed). Passover Haggadah: The Feast of
          Freedom. United Synagogue Book Service; 1982. Paperback. 2nd
          ed. ISBN 0-870687-82-4. [Also used by many Orthodox and Reform
          Jews because of its combination of learning and accessibility
          with a useful lay-out. The official Conservative haggadah. Has
          a new translation and a detailed commentary. Clear instructions
          and explanations take the reader step by step through all of
          the Seder. Encourages the active participation of everyone.]
          [13][Buy at Amazon:

          The Shabbat Morning Torah Service Video Tape. The Federation of
          Jewish Men's Clubs, Inc. This VHS tape, with accompanying
          User's Guide, Glossary, and Torah Blessings Card is a great
          teaching tool for people unfamiliar with the procedures of the
          Torah Service, such as people asked to participate at a Bar/Bat

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
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