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Judaism Reading List: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
Section - How do I obtain copies of the Reading Lists?

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   There are a number of different ways to obtain copies of the Reading
     * WWW. If you are reading this on Usenet, and would like to see an
       online, hyperlinked version, go visit [2]
       This is the "web" version of the FAQ; the version posted to Usenet
       is generated from the web version. Note that the
       version is a copy of the actual master version; if you want to
       access the master, visit [3]
       Alternatively, if you would like to see the posted version through
       the web, visit [4] The
       FAQ is in the subdirectory "FAQ"; the reading lists are in the
       subdirectory "rl".
     * Email. also provides an autoretriever that allows one
       to obtain a copy of the reading lists by return Email. To use the
       autoretriever, you send a retrieval request to
       [5] with the request in the body of the
       message. A more reliable way to retrieve these files is through
       the [6]FAQ autoretriever
       ([7] For the FAQ, the
       request has the form:
     send faq partname
       For the reading list, the request has the form:
     send rl partname
       "Partname" is replaced by the name of the part, as shown in the
       general index. The following is a short summary of the mapping of
       partnames for the Reading Lists:
          + [8]general: Introduction and General. Includes book sources,
            starting points for beginners, starting points for non-Jewish
            readers, General Judaism, General Jewish Thought, General
            Jewish History, Contemporary Judaism, Noachide Laws, Torah
            and Torah Commentary, Talmud and Talmudic Commentary,
            Mishnah, Midrash, Halachic Codes, Becoming An Observant Jew,
            Women and Judaism, and Science and Judaism.
          + [9]traditional: Traditional Liturgy, Practice, Lifestyle,
            Holidays. Includes Traditional Liturgy; Traditional
            Philosophy and Ethics; Prayer; Traditional Practice; The
            Household; Life, Death, and In-Between; and The Cycle Of
          + [10]mysticism: Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Messianism. Includes
            Academic and Religious treatments of Kabbalah, Sprituality,
            and the Jewish notion of the Messiah.
          + [11]reform: Reform/Progressive Judaism
          + [12]conservative: Conservative Judaism
          + [13]reconstructionist: Reconstructionist Judaism
          + [14]humanistic: Humanistic Judaism (Society for Humanistic
          + [15]chasidism: Chassidism. Includes general information on
            historical chassidism, as well as specific information on
            Lubavitch (Chabad), Satmar, Breslaw (Breslov), and other
          + [16]zionism: Zionism. Includes Zionism and The Development Of
            Israel, The Founders, Zionistic Movements, and Judaism in
          + [17]antisemitism: Antisemitism. Includes sections on
            Antisemitism, What Led to The Holocaust, Medieval Oppression,
            Antisemitism Today (Including Dealing with Hate Groups),
            Judaism and Christianity, and Judaism, Freemasonry and other
          + [18]intermarriage: Intermarriage. Includes sections on "So
            You're Considering Intermarriage?", The Traditional
            Viewpoint, Conversion, and Coping With Life As An
          + [19]childrens: Books for Jewish Children. Includes sections
            on Birth and Naming, Raising a Child, Family Guidebooks,
            Upsheren, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, Holiday Books for
            Children, Liturgy for Children, Bible and Torah for Children,
            Jewish History for Children, Jewish Theology for Children,
            Israel, Learning Hebrew, and Jewish Stories.
       The following is a short summary of the mapping to partnames for
       the FAQ:
          + [20]01-FAQ-intro: Section [21]1: Network and Newsgroup
          + [22]02-Who-We-Are: Section [23]2: Who We Are
          + [24]03-Torah-Halacha: Sections [25]3, [26]4: Torah; Halachic
          + [27]04-Observance: Sections [28]5, [29]6, [30]7, [31]8:
            Jewish Holidays; Jewish Dietary Law and Kashrut; Sabbath and
            Holiday Observance; Woman and Marriage
          + [32]05-Worship: Sections [33]9, [34]10, [35]11: Jewish
            Worship; Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?";
            Miscellaneous Practice Questions
          + [36]06-Jewish-Thought: Section [37]12: Jewish Thought
          + [38]07-Jews-As-Nation: Section [39]13: Jews as a Nation
          + [40]08-Israel: Section [41]14: Jews and Israel
          + [42]09-Antisemitism: Sections [43]15, [44]16, [45]17: Churban
            Europa (The Holocaust); Antisemitism and Rumors about Jews;
            Countering Missionaries
          + [46]10-Reform: Section [47]18: Reform/Progressive Judaism
          + [48]11-Miscellaneous: Sections [49]19, [50]20: Miscellaneous;
            References and Getting Connected
          + [51]12-Kids: Section [52]21: Jewish Childrearing Related
          + [53]mail-order: Mail Order Judaica
       Alternatively, you may send a message to
       [54] with the following line in the body
       of the message:
       send usenet/news.answers/judaism/(portionname)
       Where (portionname) is replaced by the appropriate subdirectory
       and filenames; for example, to get the first part of the reading
       list, one would say:
        send usenet/news.answers/judaism/reading-lists/general
     * Anonymous FTP: All portions of the FAQ and of the reading lists
       are archived on [55] and are available for anonymous
       FTP from the pub/usenet/news.answers/judaism/FAQ directory (URL
       Similarly, the parts of the reading lists are stored in the
       pub/usenet/news.answers/judaism/reading-lists directory (URL:
       ts). Note that the archived versions of the FAQ and reading lists
       are the posted versions; that is, they are each one large ASCII

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
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