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comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
Section - How do I get cut-n-paste to work correctly with CDE?

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Text cut-n-paste (with the mouse buttons) does not work correctly between
applications under HP-UX 10.x CDE, as delivered by HP.  To fix this,
set the 'enableBtn1Transfer' resource to 'False' as follows:

  o [ ! -f /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources ] && \
    cp /usr/dt/config/C/sys.resources to /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources
  o Edit /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources, and find the resource:
    *enableBtn1Transfer:                    button2_transfer
  o Change the resource value from "button2_transfer" to "False"
    !*enableBtn1Transfer:                    button2_transfer
    *enableBtn1Transfer:                    False
  o Save /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources and re-log into CDE.

For 10.20, installing the latest CDE Runtime patch will fix the problem:

  o 10.20: patch PHSS_27877

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