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alt.adoption FAQ 5: USA National Organizations

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alt.adoption FAQ 5: USA	National Organizations

These organizations represent a broad spectrum of attitude and 
practices in the adoption community.

Adoptees Birthrights Committee
Box 7213
Metairie LA 70010

Adoption With Wisdom and Honesty, Inc.
1333 Ranch Road
McPherson KS 67460
  Non-profit (503(c)(3)) Newletter, support groups, educational 
  events, supportive services and advocacy.

ALMA Society
Box 154
Washington Bridge Station
New York NY 10033
voc: 212-581-1568
  Registry--state chapters. Membership $60/1st yr $40/yr renew. They 
  do not tell members about free registries like ISRR.  You have to 
  pay yearly dues to stay on their registry.

Adoptive Parents for Open Records, Inc. (APFOR)
P.O. Box 193
Long Valley, NJ	07853
voc: 908-850-1706; 908-247-3938; 201-267-8698
  Seeks humane adoption	reform, specifically open adoptions and open 
  records. Speakers, educational media, mutual support and 

Adoption Resource for Single Parents, Inc. (ARESP)
P.O. Box 5782
Springfield VA 22150-9998
(703) 866-5577
   A non-profit organization that advises single prospective adoptive

American Adoption Congress (AAC)
1000 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 9
Washington DC 20036
voc: 202-483-3399
  Coalition of triad members, agencies, and other professionals.
  Focus on legislative reform, openness, and the civil rights.
  Opposes the UAA.

American WWII Orphans Network
P.O. Box 4369
Bellingham WA 98227
voc: 206-733-1678
  Locating service and registry.

Association of Black Social Workers
   Noted for opposing transracial adoption as 'cultural genocide'. 
   Oppose the UAA.

BirthParent Connection
P.O. Box 230643
Encinitas CA 92023-0643
voc: 619-753-8288
  Primarily a national Maternity Home/Home for UnWed Mothers 
  registry. Birthmothers who new each other in the home can contact 
  one another and adoptees can ask to speak to birth mothers who were 
  in the home the same time as their mother. Send $5 with business 
  size SASE.

Child Welfare League of	America
440 First St., NW
Wash., DC 20001.
   Publishes the Adoption Report and the bi-monthly magazine Child
   Welfare. Opposes the UAA.

Children With AIDS Project of America
4141 Bethany Road
Phonenix, AZ 85019

Committee For Single Adoptive Parents, Inc.
Ms. Hope Marindin
P.O. Box 15084
Chevy Chase MD 20825
    Listing of resources that have accepted single applications for
    domestic and foreign adoptions. 

Concerned United Birthparents (CUB)
2000 Walker St.
Des Moines IA 50317
voc: 515-263-9558
  Legislative reform, local support groups, publications, and 
  newsletter.  Opposes the UAA.

Council For Equal Rights in Adoption (CERA)
401 E. 74 St. #17-D
NYC NY 10021
voc: 212-988-0110
  President and founder -- Joe Soll. Primary activity is organizing a
  conference in NYC each fall, have organized public protests of 
  closed records at each of their conferences.  Opposes the UAA.

DeBoer Committees for Children's Rights
  Supposedly organizing	committees in every state to push for their 
  version of "adoption".  Seeks to eliminate or severly curtail 
  natural parents rights to informed consent, notification, and 
  post-partum waiting periods.  Also seeks laws that would uphold 
  adoptions even in cases of fraud and illegality. Hear Our Voices 
  is a front organization for the DeBoer Committee.

Donor's Offspring
P.O. Box 33
Sarcoxie MO 64862
  Focus on those conceived from unknown donor parents. Proponents for 
  more openness, more information. Pro-search for those who choose.

Hear Our Voice
   See DeBoer Committees For Children's Rights

Indian Child Welfare Law Center
1433 East Franklin Ave.	18A
Minneapolis, Minn 55404
voc: 612-879-9165
fax: 612-879-0323
email: (Mark D. Fiddler, Esq.)

International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
P.O. Box 2312
Carson City NV 89702
  Computerized international registry for those	separated by their 
  family through adoption, divorce, war, or other circumstances.  No 
  fee, runs	on donations. Send business size SASE.

Independent Search Consultants, Inc.
P.O. Box 10192
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
   National group of professional searchers.  Test required to be a 
   certified ISC searcher, and adherence to a code of ethics.  Skills 
   and fees of individual searchers	vary.  Also publishes materials 
   to help people do their own searches.

Lost Bird Society
Marie Not Help Him
P.O. Box 952
Pine Ridge SD 57770
voc: 605-867-5988
    To help repatriate Native Americans separated from their tribes 
    by adoption. They hope to also start a nest community 
    where people can return and begin to	learn of their culture.

Shirlene Parisian
Repatriation Co-ordinator
Manitoba First Nations Repatriation Program
#704 - 167 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 0V3
voc: 800-665-5762 (in Canada only)
voc: 204-957-0037
   Helps repatriate people of the first nations	- not limited to

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC)
11426 Rockville	Pike, Suite 410
Rockville MD 20852
voc 301-231-6512
fax 301-984-8527
  Information and referrals on all aspects of adoption. Several 
  pamphlets available on a variety of topics.  Get those requests in 
  before the next round of budget cuts.

National Adoption Information Hotline
voc: 407-768-2222
  Affiliated with People Searching News	(?)

National Black Child Development Institute
1023 15th Street NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005-0000
voc: 800-556-2234
  Works to improve services delivered to Black children and youth in 
  child care, child welfare, education, and health through direct 
  services and  public education.  Among other works, permanent homes 
  have been found	for more Black children as a result of several 
  affiliates' efforts to recruit Black families for children awaiting 
  adoption and their work with local adoption agencies.

National Child Rights Alliance
P.O. Box 61125
Durham, NC 27705
voc: 919-479-7130
  The National Child Rights Alliance believes that civil rights apply
  to all people - including children and youth.  Work to establish a 
  child's right to his own lawyer in an attorney-client relationship 
  not as guardian, and the right to liberty where a child has a say 
  in where he lives and can not be institutionalized without due 

National Council For Adoption
  Bill Pierce, President.  Recent lobby efforts include opposition of 
  HB433 in TX which requires a 'social study' [home study] of all 
  adoptive parents, a criminal background check of those seeking to 
  adopt, and a 48 hour post- partum recovery period before birth 
  parents can be approached with relinquishment papers.  Original 
  formed to oppose open record legislation,  NCFA continues to 
  lobbied against open records/information access most recently in 
  NJ, TN and other states. The Bushes and the Reagans are honorary 
  board members. Supports the UAA.

National Council for Single Adoptive Parents
P.O. Box 15084
Chevy Chase, MD 20825
voc: 202-966-6367
   Newsletter and a list of agencies that accept applications from singles.

National Federation for Open Adoption Education/
Independant Adoption Center
voc: 800-887-6736
  Non-profit affiliation of open adoption agencies across US.
  Education, referrals,	pre and post adoption services available.

National Indian Child Welfare Association
3611 SW Hood Street, Suite 201
Portland OR  97201
voc 503-222-4044
fax 503-222-4007
  A potential resource for those seeking information on Native 
  American Heritage under the ICWA.

National Organization for Birthfather's and Adoption Reform (NOBAR)
P.O. Box 50
Punta Gorda FL 33951
voc: 941-636-7477
  Focus on birthfather's rights in adoption.

North American Council on Adoptable Children
970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106
St. Paul MN 55114-1149.
  President- Joe Kroll.	 Primarily parents of special needs adopted 
  children, also social workers, agency representatives. In the last 
  10-15 years have slowly come around to accepting more openness in 
  adoption.  Oppossed to the Uniform Adoption Act.

Orphan Foundation of America
1500 Massachusetts Avenue
Suite 448
Washington, DC 20005-0000
voc: 800-950-4673
  Founded in 1980 by Father Joseph Rivers, calls for a return to 
  privately run orphanages.  The Orphan Foundation has received 
  recognition from  Presidents Reagan and	Bush, Senator Kennedy, and 
  many other members of Washington's power elite.

Orphan Train Heritage Society of America
Rte 4, Box 565
Springdale AR 72764
  Focus on services for those "adopted" through the "orphan trains"
  of the 1920's.

The Researchers Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 22363
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33335
  Listing of search services: USA, Canada and 24 other countries.

United Native Nations
Lizabeth Hall
Family Reunification Director
8th floor
736 Granville Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 1G3
  Liz helps people apply for their Native American status.

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Rosemarie Ventura

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