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alt.adoption FAQ 3: International Search Info

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Archive-name: genealogy/adoption/part3
Posting-Frequency: alt.adoption 2x/month, less frequently elsewhere.

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alt.adoption FAQ 3: International Search Info


 Campaign for Adoption Reform in Europe
 Rev. Dr. John Cameron
 St. Stephan's Manse
 33 Camperdown Street
 Broughty Ferry
 Dundee DD5 3AA


  Amerasian Network

    Helping reunite Amerasians with their American family.
    Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Phillipine Islands,
    Korea, Okinawa and Japan.  


   All States in Australia allow natural mothers and adoptees some 
   access to identifying information about each	other.

 Australian Capitol Territory
 New South Wales
   New South Wales Adoption Act on Web:

 Norfolk Island
 Northern Territory
   Legislation amended in early 1994 allows open records under
   certain conditions, similar to other states.

 South Australia

   Adoption Jigsaw SA
   P.O. Box 567
   Prospect East, South Australia  5083
   tel: 08-344-7529

   Australian Relinquishing Mothers
   51 North Terrace
   Hackney, South Australia 5069
   tel: 08-362-2418 Lynne Radcliffe. secretary



   Adoption Information Service
   448 St. Kilda Rd.
   Melbourne, Victoria 3004
   voc: 03-9868-7777
   fax: 03-9868-7700

   Child Migrants Trust
   228 Canning Street
   North Carlton
   Melbourne, Victoria,	3054
   (Affiliated with Child Migrants Trust in UK)

   War-Babes Down Under	Janet Baker
   46, Lucknow Street
   MITCHAM 3132
   tel: 03 9874-8875
    Affiliated with War	Babies in the UK. Adults born as the
    result of war time relationships between US	servicemen and
    British or Australian woman during WWII.
    Contact: (Janet Baker)

 Western Australia
  Western Australia Government Web Http://

  LAW: Different laws for pre and post Jan 1, 1995.

   The Family Court of Western australia can issue an order to 
   prevent the release of any identifing info. This will only be 
   granted if there are exceptional grounds.

   vetos: There are 2, information vetos, and contact vetos.
   Contact vetos prevent the release of any id info till a 'no-
   contact' agreement is signed. Info vetos prevent the release of 
   any id info.

   All people must register with the department	for Community 
   Development before any info can be obtained.

     over 18:
      some records of court proceedings about the adoption
      original birth certificate
      non-identifying information

     under 18:
      non-identifying info if adoptive parents give consent.
      as above, but both adopive and birth parents must give consent.

   Post 1/1/95 adoptees	can obtain the above unless there is a _court
   order_. Non-id info is always available.

   Adoptive Parents:

   Pre 1/1/95
   Some records of court proceeding. If adoptee	is under 18, birth
   parent must give consent.
   Adoption order
   Original birth certificate. If adoptee under	18, bp must give 
   Non-id info

   Post 1/1/95 there is	no requirements for BP consent, and only
   a court order can prevent release of	BC or court records. The
   infamous 'some' still applies...

   Birth Parents:
   pre 1/1/95
   'some' records of court proceeding. AP must give consent if 
   adoptee is under 18.
   Original BC
   Amended BC. AP must give consent if adoptee under 18.

   Grand-parent, descendant if adoptee over 18,
   sibling over 18 if adopteee over 18
   Non-id info only.
   IFF the adoptee has died, or can't be found and is over 18, 
   relatives can apply for copy of birth records.

  Search and Support Groups:

   Association of Relinquishing Mothers, WA, Inc.
   PO Box 60
   Tuart Hill, WA 6060

   Adoption Jigsaw WA, Inc.
   P.O. Box 252
   Perth, West Australia  6025
   voc: 09-388-1922
   fax: 09-382-3916

   ARMS - Western Australia
     +61 (09) 367 1211,	447 3970 ( Kath	)
			390 5603 ( Carol )
			444 1214 ( Beryl )
			335 7961 ( Helen )

   Meeting is ever 3rd Monday at 8pm, upstairs at 16 Rheola St, West

   Adoption Jigsaw
   Jigsaw Centre
   91 Hensman Rd.
   Subiaco 6008
     Open from 9-4, Mon	to Fri. Staffed by volunteer adoptees, birth
     and adoptive parents.


   Osterreichisches Rotes Kreuz
   Gusshausstrasse 3
   A-1041 Wien


   Vereniging voor Kind	en Adoptiegezin, VZW
   Sulferbergstraat 38
   8000 Brugge

   Euro-Korean League asbl,
   Mickael Vanardois
   109 Rue Carton de Wairt,
   B-1090 Bruxelles
   tel: 00 32 3 736 62 40


  Canadian Search FAQ
      The Canadian Search FAQ is available for downloading
      at  Problems, questions,
      changes should be directed to Jim Kelly

  Alberta Adoptees

      Information for adoptees rights in Alberta, support groups,
      links to government sites, etc. Maintained by
      Jim Moriarty     

  Canadian Adoptees Home Page

      Information of particular interest to 1950's era
      Canadian adoptees and birth parents.
      Alice McDonald

  Canadian Adoption

      Information and links for the triad.
      Myria Sawler

  Forget-Me-Not Home Page
      To encourage and develop a recognition of the benefits
      of family preservation and openness in adoption practice.   

  LINKS Post-Legal Adoption


   Records are open to adoptees at age 18.  The	ICBF offices,
   adoption house, or court where the adoption took place can
   provide information from their files.  Those	wishing can
   hire a lawyer to access the information and search for them.


   Lillian Molin
   Folkets Alle	37
   2000 Frederiksberg


   Service Social d'Aide aux Emigrants
   Association reconnue	d'utilite publique
   72, rue Regnault
   F-75640 Paris Cedex 13

   GEN-AB  (Genealogies-Abandonnes)
   B.P. 5010
   38821-Grenoble Cedex


   Frau Ingrid Baer, Direktorin
   Internationaler Sozialdienst (Deutscher Zweig) e.V.
   Am Stockborn	5-7
   60439 Frankfurt/Main

   Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
   Suchdienst Munchen
   Zentrale Auskunfts- und Dokumentationsstelle
   Infanteriestrabe 7 A
   80797 Munchen


   Anton Sweeney
   Adoption Action
   c/o 3 Gandon Hall
   Lwr Gardiner Street
   Dublin 1 
   Republic of Ireland  Anton Sweeney
     Adoption Action is a voluntary group representing all involved in adoption.
     They campaign for open records for those involved in adoption and operate
     a tracing network.     

   Department of Foreign Affairs
   Inveagh House
   St. Stephens Green
   Dublin 2
     If yours was an international adoption involving Ireland.

   Adoption Advice Service
   Christ Church Square
   Dublin 6
   011-353-1-473-2110 (voice)
   011-353-1-453-0300 (fax)

   c/o Sally Bank
   Co. Killdare

  Association of Korean Adoptees
      This is the homepage of a support group meeting in California.
      Bryce Hilton

  Korean American Adoptees - Crystal Chappell's Home Page
      Links to her Korean American Adoptees Page and other sites
      of interest to Korean Americans and/or adoptees.  The KAA Page
      has narratives on searching in Korea, growing up adopted, 
      dealing with race issues and more.

  Korean Adoptees
      Maintained by

  Korean War Project

      List of people Searching for Korean and Vietnam era Vets,
      info on getting data from the military including downloadable


   Prof. Dr. Rene A.C. Hoksbergen
   Adoption Centre
   University of Utrecht
   Heidelberglaan 1
   3584 CS Utrecht

   Stichting International Social Service
   Laan Copes van Cattenburch 139
   NL-2585 GA's-Gravenhage


   Adoption Support Link
   GPO Box 4164

   Jigsaw, Inc.
   Box 38681
   Howick, Auckland
   voc: 09-274-6605
   fax: 09-274-3835   

   Hutt Adoption Search	and Support
   P.O. Box 38304
   Petone, New Zealand
   tel: 68-7460

   Adoption Jigsaw, Inc.
   Thelma Scerber
   P.O. Box 28-037
   Remuera, Aukland 5

   Adoption Support Services
   Dept. of Social Services
   Private Bag 21
   voc: 04-472-7666
   fax: 04-472-3916


   At 18 an adoptee can	write to the county offices in the county
   where adopted and request information about birth parents.
   You will be provided	with the names and current addresses of
   both birth parents.	The county will also write to each birth
   parent informing them of your letter and ask	whether they
   are interested in a meeting.  The birth parents are legally
   obligated to respond	to the county's letter.	 The county then
   sends a summary of the responses to the adoptee.


   Child Welfare Society
   P.O. Box 2539
   2000 Johnanesburg


   Servicio Social Internacional
   Consejo Superior de Protection de Menores
   Condesa de Venadito 34
   28027 Madrid

Sri Lanka

   att: Jan Blomstrand
   24 Ebenezer Place
   Sri Lanka
      See entry for Weladama in Sweden.


   att: Jan Blomstrand
   ersens 6
   211 42 Malm
   email: (Jan Blomstrand)  or
     Weladama is an old	sanskrit word for a holy well that never 
     ends. Specialized in helping:
     - birthparent in Sri Lanka searching for adult adoptees.
     - adoptees born or	adopted in Sri Lanka, no matter what country
	 they live in today.
     See also entry for	Sri Lanka.


   Fondation Suisse Du Service Social International
   10, rue A. Vincent
   CH-1201 Geneva
   phone 022-731-67-00,	fax 022-731-67-65

 Self Help Groups
   Schweizerischer Gemeinnuetziger Frauenverein
   Zuerichbergstrasse 7,
   CH-8032 Zuerich
   Tel: 011 41 1 252 57 56 (searching adoptees and birth moms)

   IGADO Schwiez
   Postfach 8557
   CH-8050  Zuerich 
   Tel: 011 41 61 313 85 00 (recorded message)

UNITED KINGDOM and dependancies

  Adoption InterLink - UK

      Information on all aspects of adoption.  The site
      is maintained by Bill Simpson
      and the search information is maintained by
      Phil Ormsby

The most recent information on hours and prices for government
services can be found at:

  United Kingdom Government Information 

  Central Office of Information Home Page (U.K.)

      These two sites have information on a variety of
      government offices and publications including post-adoption
      services like access to birth certificates and registries.

UNITED STATES and territories

   Sra. Maria Walsh
   Dept, of Social Services
   P.O. Box 11398
   Santurce, Puerto Rico 00910

   Virgin Islands
   DCYF Post Adoption Unit
   Spenceley Bldg. 3rd floor
   Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, VI 00802

   International Social	Service
   American Branch
   390 Park Avenue South
   New York, NY	10016
   Tel 212-532-6350
   Fax 212-532-8558

   Adoptees' Foreign Searches
   P.O. Box 360074
   Strongsville, OH 44136

   Angela Challis
   Birth Parents/Adoptees Support Group	(U.K.)
   4038 Clayhead Rd.
   Richmond, Texas  77469

   Family Search Services  (Italy)
   Box 587
   Camarillo  CA 93011-0587

   Operation Identity (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
   805 Alvardo, N.E.
   Albuquerque, NM 87108

   TRACE (Transatlantic	Children's Endeavors) (UK)
   c/o Brenda Wilson Hasty
   P.O. Box 1541
   Sierra Vista, AZ 85636

   Tracers, Ltd. (Ireland, Germany)
   Box 18511
   Tuscon  AZ 85731-8511

Faq 3 of the alt.adoption FAQ may be reproduced and redistributed
provided it is given freely, not sold, and this notice remains 
intact.	 All rights reserved.	Rosemarie Ventura

Rosemarie Ventura

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