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alt.adoption FAQ 4: USA Open Records Lobby Orgs

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Archive-name: genealogy/adoption/part4
Posting-Frequency: alt.adoption 2x/month, less frequently elsewhere.

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alt.adoption FAQ 4: USA	Open Records Lobby Orgs

1. Advocacy and Reform Links
  Tenneesee Challenge

    Read about the suit against the Tennessee Open Records law.

  Adoptees Resources Home Page

      Available at this site:
      - sign up for the adoption related mailing list
      - full text of the proposed Uniform Adoption Act approved
        by the NCCUSL
      - connections to other adoption related sites and sites
        that may be of interest to searching adoptees

  Adoptees' Right To Know

      Text of WA state statutes relating to adoption. Comprehensive
      information on the Rost case coming soon. Information on the
      Krasniqi family.

  Adoptees Rights

  Adoption Reform

      Links to home pages of AAC, Forget Me Not Society, NYSCCC 
      and OARA.



   Each ftp site has subdirectories /search and /law/ca/cases.

   See file /pub/km/kmc/adoption/readme.txt for a full description,
   some files available in more than one version [Ascii, GNU, ZIP,    

   Among the offerings at these sites:

   - In the /search subdirectory, forms for AOL and VSN.
   - Commentary on some proposed laws and recent studies.
   - In /cases subdirectory, information on some high profile cases.
   - UN Convention documents related to adoption.

  F.R.E.E. - Father's Rights and Equality Exchange

  Krasniqi Family Information

      Information on the efforts to help the Krasniqi family.
      Council on American-Islamic Relations

  Losses in Adoption

       A listing of names of those who have sufferred the 
       "second loss" of death before reunion.  Also essays on 
       adoption practices and reform. 

2. Lobbying Organizations: ADOPTION REFORM COALITIONS

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA CA]
1138 Aqua Vista St. #22
Studio City, CA 91602

Colorado Adoption Dynamics
4301 E. Amherst #212
Denver CO 80222

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA DE]
20 Yeats Dr.
New Castle DE 19720

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA FL]
3100 Hunter Rd.
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33331

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA HI]
55 Niuiki Cir.
Honolulu HI 96821

STAC state contact {Stop the UAA ID]
1512 Shenandoah
Boise ID 83712
voc: 208-384-1054
fax: 208-368-9885

PO Box 8393
Northfield, IL 60093
voc: 847-441-7581
fax: 847-446-1615

Informed Choice for Birthparents
444 E. 2150 North Rd
Deland  IL 61839
voc: 217-664-3342
fax: 217-664-3342

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA IL]
222 E. Pearson #602
Chicago IL 60611

Indiana Adoption Coalition
Candy Jones
P.O. Box 1292
Kokomo, IN  46903-1292
voc: 317-453-4427
fax: 317-453-7418

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA IN]
6131 Maren Dr.
Speedway IN 46224

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA IA]
1049  36th St
Des Moines  IA 50311

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA MD]
4622 Woodfield Rd
Bethseda MD 20814

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA MA]
20 Nagog Hill Rd.
Littleton MA 01460-2212

Liberal Ed. for Adoptive Families
23247 Lofton Ct. N.
N.Scandia  MN 55073

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA MN]
6429 Mendelssohn Ln
Edina  MN 55343

STAC state contact {Stop the UAA MO]
2606 Meadowview DR.
Jefferson MO 65109

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA NH]
Box 447
Nasua NH 03060

New Jersey Coalition for Openness in Adoption
Legislative Office
29 Hill Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
voc: 201-267-8698
fax: 201-267-8305

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA NJ]
306 Lenapi Dr.
Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

Adoptees Political Action Coalition
P.O. Box 2807
Glenville, NY 12302
Membership $20/yr individual

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA NY]
188 Vliet Bl.
Cohes NY 12047-1816

Adoption Coalition for Open Records
Box 4153
Chapel Hill NC 27515

AAC - Ohio
fax: 216-261-1164

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA OH]
1148B Clarion Ave
Holland OH 43528

Oregon Adoptive Rights Association

PA Coalition for Openess in Adoption
20 Runnemede V2
New Hope, PA  18938
President: Abigail Lovett

PA Adoption Legislation Coalition
24 North Merion Avenue #127
Bryn Mawr, PA  19010
voc: 610-631-2829
fax: 610-520-4552
Director: Nancy M. Newman, Esq.
(reform relating to all adoption issues)

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA PA]
8130 Hawthorne Dr
Erie PA 16509
voc: 814-899-1493
fax: 814-866-2535

Tennessee Open Records Task Force (TENOR)
voc: 415-461-3036
fax: 415-461-4686

Tennessee Coalition For Adoption Reform
P.O. Box 41808
Nashville TN 37204
voc: 901-386-2197 (memphis office)
fax: 901-385-5453

TxCARE Texas Coalition for Adoption Reform and Education
STAC state contact [Stop the UAA TX]
Adoption Triad Forum [newsletter]
P.O.Box 832161
Richardson TX 75083-2161.
voc: 214-699-8386
fax 214 699-1269
Subscriptions are $15 for one year (six issues)

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA VT]
RR 2  Box 2280
Charlotte  VT 05445

K. Butterfield
Box 267
Williston VT 05495

Coalition For Adoptive Reform
P.O. Box 8461
Richmond, VA 23226-8461

STAC state Contact [Stop the UAA WV]
3500 Syaunton Ave SE #17
Charleston WV 25304

STAC state contact [Stop the UAA WI]
4511 Woodridge Dr
Eau Claire WI 54701

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provided it is given freely, not sold, and this notice remains 
intact.	 All rights reserved.	Rosemarie Ventura

Rosemarie Ventura

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