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alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Section - 5-2. What's with the tattoos and stuff?

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    Many straight-edgers tattoo slogans of their beliefs on their bodies. 
    This signifies the commitment they have made to those ideals, which 
    like the tattoos are a lifetime commitment.

    Tattoos and piercing are part of the punk/hardcore subculture so its 
    going to be found in straight-edge also. 

    However, when you're planning to get a tattoo you need to think not 
    only about what its going to say but also how its going to look. 
    Remember its going to be with you for a long time so its worth the 
    effort to make sure you'll like it in ten years time.  For more 
    information see the rec.arts.bodyarts Usenet news group, the Tattoo 
    FAQ, and the Piercing FAQ. Both are available via anonymous FTP at

    On 15 Apr 1997 Justin <I.Horus@ix!netcom!com> wrote:
    "A body modification will not change your mindset, make you act any
    different, or effect you in any negative way, so I don't see
    any contridiction with a sXe life style.  I think there would be a
    lot less straight edges in this world if a tattoo or body 
    piercing disqualified you from said lifestyle."

    On 9 Jan 1997 refuge <ebmgieda@refuge!microserve!com> wrote:
    "i think the best one i've ever seen was in a show in upstate new 
    york...this guy took off his shirt for his friend, and instantly a 
    crowd gathered...he had a full-back piece that looks like it took weeks 
    to do. it said "straightedge" in old english letters about 3-4" per 
    character on his upper back, then the rest of his back was covered with 
    the most intricate, detailed tree i've ever seen. it was beautiful.
    tattoos fucking rule!"

    On 9 Jan 1997 <xvincex@westcomputer!be> wrote:
    "got one... the youth of today fist on my left leg."

    On 9 Jan 1997 Ryan <ryanph@mindspring!com> wrote:
    "Personally, I don't think injecting ink into your skin is very sXe."

    On 9 Jan 1997 refuge <ebmgieda@refuge!microserve!com> wrote:
    "i have three collegate/strife/youthcrew X's on my leg. i dig them.
    my brother, brian got the phattest fucking straightedge tattoo...
    my mom took him out to get it (he's only 16), it's these 
    three story-book font looking black (about 2 inches big) x's with
    all these green vines wrapping around them, connecting them 
    together. the tattoo is the best... he only payed 90 bucks for it
    and the work is esquisite, much unlike my own...i need touch up 
    work, but i love them...i'm planning on another one soon. 
    totally addictive."

    On 9 Jan 1997 Bhaskar Sinha <bsinha@ucdavis!edu> wrote:
    "the last line is quite ironic..."

    On 9 Jan 1997 X Natalia X <xscoutx@erols!com> wrote:
    "I like Teresa Brat's tattoo-it's a dragon with "poison free xxx"
    in oriental-type letters. It's bootiful. I don't have any though-
    I'm just gonna stick with my EF! fist and monkeywrenches..."

    On 10 Jan 1997 XConradx <xconradx@aol!com> wrote:
    "my brother took me to get my sXe tattoo in the summer. it's 3 x's with
    "straight-edge" written below it. on my upper thigh(so my parents don't 
    see it, i'm only 16) it's nothing special artwise but it means a lot to 
    me.  oh boy do i plan to get more!"

    On 10 Jan 1997 eirix <eiriksv@notam!uio!no> wrote:
    "My friend has two carrots in a cross with an x in the middle (vegan
    edge..) it rocks"

    On 10 Jan 1997 elvis <sarah.and.gerry@bc!sympatico!ca> wrote:
    "I have a band of creepy trees arond my leg which form letters...
    V.E.G.A.N. I'm a REAL rock and roller."

    On 10 Jan 1997 XstraightedgeboyX <ian-one@demon!net> wrote:
    "I like tattoo's as well, I have a Crass logo on my arm not sXe
    I know but cool all the same. Tattoo do fucking rule!! I want 
    another but don't know what to get any ideas??"

    On 03 Jul 1997 Leaf <nospambern@cyberg8t!com> wrote:
    "Gods... don't you love a good Mystery?  This second tat of mine... 
    this snake.. has affected me in really profound ways.  I keep wanting
    to share it, explain it, put words to it... but of course, the
    essence of Mystery is not being able to put words to the experience.

    "This tattoo has changed me.  Not changed, exactly.  Clarified me, made
    me *more* me.  It changes my appearance in such a way that my outside
    is more in harmony with what's inside of me.

    "The experience is so profound, that I've been joyfully telling my
    friends and family "tattoos are cheaper, faster, and prettier, than
    therapy" <grin>."

    XjeffX has "X straight edge X" tattooed across his back and comments:
    "What does my tatoo mean to me. Well, in short, my tatoo symbolizes 
    my life long commitment to being Straight Edge. The symbols we mark 
    our bodies with are not adolescents just "having fun" but rather 
    marking ourselves as pure individuals. We don't go out and get dumb 
    butterfly tatoo's just because they look cool. Our symbols stand for
    what we feel and what we will feel for the rest of our lives. No 
    other commitment comes close to the dedication involved with Straight 
    Edge. I'm proud to be Straight Edge. Not many have the dedication it 
    takes to be clean their whole lives. And this is not just some fad 
    that kids go through. Maybe for the kids who just want to stay clean 
    until they are 21, this is just a fad, but for the TRUE Straight 
    Edgers, this commitment is lifelong. Just like tattoos." [6]

    On 18 Dec 1997 AWAP <> wrote:
    "A friend of mine, a tattoo artist who will remain nameless, got one 
    of the COOLEST sXe tattoos I've ever seen. After he got out of 
    the sXe crowd and started smoking pot, he had SELLOUT tattooed 
    inside his lip."

    On 17 Nov 1998 Dominic Henning <> wrote:
    "Ive got one straight sdge tattoo on the small of my back.  Its about 
    a year old.  Its three bold X's going form black to red to yellow all 
    shaded.  Then theres a schrol that reads "true til death"  I love it.
    It is in a place not that many people can see cos it's for me and me 
    only.  Just like straight edge.  If other people see it, it;s ok, and 
    i'm proud, but its mainly for me.  I resently got two japanese kanji 
    symbols right above it.  They could be interpreted as sXe tattoos cos 
    they stand for "true, really sinsere, and proud"  I love tattoos  and 
    i think sXe is like a tattoo in your mindset, so why not get it 
    inscribed on you for life."

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