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alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Section - 5-1. What do you guys wear?

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    On 12 Jul 1998 Jeff Cristiani <jef82@stlnet!com> wrote:
    "Don't listen to what anyone here is telling you.  Dress for yourself, 
    and don't judge others by what they are wearing, unless they are 
    wearing the clothing of exploitation (and even then, don't judge them, 
    just know that they are ignorant to other people's suffering)"

    On 14 Aug 1998 Chad McMann <> wrote:
    "Why all the corporate crap? Sure, some of it's unavoidable, but Nike
    Windbreakers and shoes?  Champion sweat shirts? Yeah, support the
    corporate sweat shops and union busters! that's really helping the
    world...I'm not going to mention what I wear, because the only 
    important thing is the x's on my hands...To any newcomers reading 
    this, please don't take these answers as rules. It doesn't matter 
    what you wear, and there's no reason in the world to go out of your 
    way to find certain corporate shit."

    I'm currently wearing a stussy sweat shirt under a birdhouse 
    skateboards t-shirt with "I love cigarette smoke in my face", a pair 
    of XL Fuct jeans, a pair of black Etnies, and my trusty Billabong
    snowboarding backpack. Under my NY baseball cap I sport a marine

    On 28 Jul 1997 Beverly <ihames@unlinfo!unl!edu> wrote:
    "Well, I don't exactly wear the typical sXe dress. I mean I got my 
    little neckalce with the XXX on it, got the beads god knows where. 
    It really doesn't matter that much. I guess I am kind of into the 
    mod/glamour/riot/rude grrl style. I don't know, that is what people 
    tell me i guess. It just depends, like when I skate I got the etnies 
    or whatever. The shorts, but hen of course, I guess we might be
    different, cause well, I am a girl. But umm, if you wanna know I
    just go fer the pants, like nice ones, polyester, whatever, just
    rolled up, or the right length kind of 50's style, the whole little 
    Gidgit beach scene. Got my shirts, they fit. I don't know, just 
    like to have a lot of style. Got short hair, bleached blonde. I don't
    know, like this is helping anything. I hate shorts, they suck. OH 
    yeah, and about that leisure suit, try the Salvation Army or 
    Goodwill, they have tons of them lying around, of if you want a bit 
    nicer one, I'd try a vintage shop, just don't let them rip you off."

    On 28 July 1997 X GLEN CONFRONT X <gconfront@aol!com> wrote:
    "I usually just wear some baggy shorts, t-shirt, and low top vans.
    Whatever suits you is cool."

    On 27 July 1997 xDeltaT.A.C.x <deltatac@juno!com> wrote:
    "It doesn't matter how you dress in the HC scene. As long as your 
    loyal to HC then I respect you. If you must know, I myself wear
    baggy ass pants with HC band shirts or sXe shirts. Basketball
    jerseys are the best for me. I skate, so I wear DC skate shoes
    (torn up) and skateboarding shirts.  That's me. Oh, and I have a 
    shaved head because I got sick of my long ass skater hair. I've
    seen alot of HC kids wear just about anything. So choose what you 
    like but be loyal."

    On 27 July 1997 Porcell <SchismHQ@aol!com> wrote:
    "Shirt: any old HC band shirt in good condition. It isn't cool to 
    wear new shirts, you know. Look for these bands Project X (my
    old band), Youth Of Today tour 88' shirt, Judge Schism logo, Bold 
    shirt with Crippled Youth logo on back, Chain Of Strength "true 
    till death" design, NFAA "NO" design, Wide Awake 7" design, and 
    anything from 80-83. Thrasher shirts are rad, too.

    "Shorts (for the summer): This is crucial! They have to have cargo 
    pockets, and usually tan is the best. But nothing beats a
    good pair of camo shorts. But don't be a dirtbag and cut pants, 
    buy them as shorts. Make sure you wear a belt, too.

    "Pants (for the winter): Another crucial item! I hardly ever wear 
    pants, but when it comes time, it has to be either tight-ish (not 
    too tight, though) blue jeans, a little rolled at the bottom, camo 
    pants, or cargo pants(tan, of course). As always, you want a belt 
    with them. Don't cut the bottoms either!

    "Shoes: Alright, you have some choices here. Air Jordan's are 
    probably the best because you can do the highest kicks and dives 
    with them. Yo, check out Matt Pinkus on the Judge lp, you think 
    that's possible with any shoe? Other hightops work good too, but 
    make sure it's Nike! I like Chuck Taylor's too. For those of you 
    who prefer lowtops, it's either youth crew Nikes (check out Al SSD 
    on "get it away"), or Vans low tops (black, blue, checkered, or 
    two-tone). I have seen some with the New Balances, and they are 
    pretty comfortable.

    "Jacket: Man, this is important! Either Stussy or Nike windbreaker, 
    or a Varsity Jacket.

    "..Don't forget the hair! Crew cut, Alex Pain, or shaved, it has to 
    be neat! Gel is optional. If you have an X Swatch lying around, put 
    it on!"

    On 28 July Schism Ray <youthcrewjams@schism!com> wrote:
    "the MOST CRUCIAL item of them all - the motherfucking CHAMPION 
    HOODED SWEATSHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just make sure it's 
    the pull over one, not the zip-up one! and remember, only Champion 
    is acceptable!!! also, for that extra special youth crew look, you 
    can wear white long johns under your camo shorts when the cold 
    weather sets in. if you are in a band (especially the guitarist/bassist) 
    you also have to wear wristbands - you know, the athletic ones. that 
    should solve all of your dress problems!!!"

    On 03 Dec 1997 Sikander <SikanderXe@aol!com> wrote:
    "I guess I wear skateboarder clothes, just t-shirts and jeans or cargo 
    pants. when it's cold either a sweatshirt or a windbreaker. nothing 
    special. as long as it's vegan."

    On 17 Nov 1998 xrichx <XDicMilesX@aol!com> wrote:
    "I wear overalls sometimes, gap wide-leg jeans often, camo pants
    sometimes,running shoes or synthetic-leather work shoes and I love 
    wearing my xturning pointx t-shirt and some days I wear a sweater-vest 
    over my shit and I like my izod windbreaker and alot of times I just 
    wear checkered bell-bottoms w/ zip-up beatle boots and a shirt that 
    zips up the front"

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Top Document: alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
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