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alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Section - 5-3. Who's who of apse?

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Top Document: alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Previous Document: 5-2. What's with the tattoos and stuff?
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    On 09 Jul 1997 elliott <elliot13@postoffice!ptd!net> wrote:
    "My full name is jason elliott, I was born on Nov 24 1974, and live
    in Dallas (The Wilkes Berre/Scranton) area of PA. I publish zines
    (right now it's called Hellcat) but I have a hard time sticking to one 
    name. I've been involved in hardcore/punk rock since 1989, but I'm not 
    one of those people who sit and talk about how cool it was "back in
    the day" or whatever. I think punk rock needs more activism and a
    better sense of humor...on Irc my nick is Lucky_13."

    On 10 Jul 1997 "Elvis..." <dench@coastnet!com> wrote:
    "Um...Self proclaimed vegan warrior."

    On 11 Jul 1997 "Elvis..." <dench@coastnet!com> wrote:
    "xgerryedgex lives in a secluded heritage house in Victoria BC where 
    he spends his time playing dumbass computer games (mostly real-time
    strategy) when he's not working. He is the friendliest vegan on the
    west coast, and he is full to the brim with integrity.
    He does sing in a band as of July 1st and he is hoping that it will 
    be called MonkyBoy. He hopes...
    He does a zine and distro under the name of xburn it cleanx and hopes
    to start a label in the near future.
    He is married to a beautiful woman that he calls dench, and together
    they have three cats...which are all the family they need.
    He loves to talk about religion and spirituality and their place in
    a modern HC society, as well as all things pertaining to sexuality.
    Try him out...he loves it.
    His all time favourite band is Trial, who are second only to Bane and
    sometimes Earthmover...depending on the day.
    He will do shows for touring bands solely because he likes bands and
    most of the sounds they can make.
    Do not be fooled into believing he is a HC kid only, because
    xgerryedgex has vast musical tastes ranging from Elvis to the

    "All in all xgerryedgex is a damn good guy. Visit his web page at
    <> or email him at


    On 24 Jul 1997 Ralf Sandner <RalfSandner@swol!de> wrote:
    "uuh. emm, real name is Ralf, age is 32, got involved with Punk at 14 
    in 1979, putting up gigs in Stuttgart/Germany since 1989, writing for 
    PLOT fanzine, constantly playing in bands since 1980...
    like punk of course ;-)
    hate the bad apects of punk today: major label sellouts, sXe jocks, 
    gang bullshit in hardcore, the heroin revival in the crust scene...
    racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia becoming tolerated in parts of
    the scene(s).
    the scene here is pretty much divided... i, among some other older 
    guys, am the only one who visits mostly all kind of shows (as long 
    as they are not by major label acts) which can qualify as "punk"...
    so on every show i see faces who will never come to shows of the
    other clique... you have 77 style gigs, hardline sXe, moderate sXe, 
    emo, "new york" hardcore, crust and hardly never the crowds mix...
    on the other hand you have the kids who watch mtv and they just go 
    to every "punk" band on a major, without finding out that there is 
    another scene...

    check for some more info about me"


    On 03 Dec 1997 Sikander <SikanderXe@aol!com> wrote:
    "ok. my name is sikander, I'm vegan sXe. I listen to all kinds of 
    hardcore, but I like old school the best. my favorite bands right 
    now are ten yard fight, ensign, and youth of today. I'm from michigan 
    where the hardcore scene is kinda crappy, but in the summer lots of 
    good bands stop by here. I also skateboard, which I've been doing for 
    4 years.  I've got a homepage but it sucks right now, all there is 
    right now is hardcore reviews, I will be working on it during winter 
    break though., so here's the URL:"


    Hi. I'm the kid who looks after this FAQ for ya. I live Sydney,
    Australia with my lovely wife, our very cute son and two kittens. 
    I'm an eclectic mix of old school and new school. I like my Xs big.


        Lars Norved     
        Technology Research & Development                       '\ /\ /`
        Australian Broadcasting Corporation                     | \  \ |
        GPO Box 9994, SYDNEY NSW 2001, Australia                ./ \/ \,
        Tel +612 9333-5230  Fax +612 9333-5443   Net

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Top Document: alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Previous Document: 5-2. What's with the tattoos and stuff?

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