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Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions

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Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions  

Information about this document
Contained below is a list of commonly asked questions in
comp.client-server. Before posting a question to comp.client-server,
check to see if your question(s) are already answered below.

Additional questions (and answers!) may be emailed to
If the question is of general interest, it may be added to the CS-FAQ.
Questions that relate to specific client/server implementation issues
may be answered in one or more of the books listed in the FAQ.  If 
answers cannot be found there, consider posting your question to
comp.client-server.  Due to the volume of email I receive, I cannot
respond to individual questions.

Vendors of client/server products and services are welcome to submit
*brief* summaries of their offerings for inclusion in a separate portion
of this FAQ.  A single paragraph which includes pointers to additional
information (www, ftp, email, or voice telephone) is welcome.

The most recent (authoritative) version of this FAQ is always available at:

In addition, this FAQ is archived at many sites, including the
following. Any site which mirrors "" should have a current
copy as well. If you did not receive the entire posting, please check

-- Lloyd Taylor
   comp.client-server FAQ maintainer
   Home Page: <>
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Updated contact info for Talarian

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