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Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 6.1 Middleware Vendors

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NobleNet specializes in providing high quality middleware tools for
client-server development. Our premier product is EZ-RPC, an RPC
precompiler tool kit that includes our enhanced XDR (packaged as an
IDL), precompiler, and various libraries. EZ-RPC is available on more
than 40 platforms, including most UNIXes, most Windows, Macs, Vms,
OS/2, and several others. We also publish a Windows rpcgen and
distribute the IONA coporation's Orbix Object Request Broker
development toolkit.  A new product, a distributed two-tier ODBC driver
SDK, is available for those working with databases. We provide free
evaluation copies of EZ-RPC to qualified programmers.  For more
information, contact NobleNet, Inc. at 508-460-8222, send email to, or browse <>.  An EZ-RPC
mailing list is available. Subscribe by sending a message to with the single word "subscribe" in the
message body.


Piccolo(tm), from Cornerstone Software, Inc. is a message-oriented
middleware product that provides application developers with peer-to-peer
connectivity without regard for the underlying communications transport
(i.e. TCP/IP, NetBios, Async).  Piccolo is supported on UNIX versions AIX,
SCO, HP-UX (HP9000/700 & 800), Tandem S2 Integrity, Solaris 2.1, and Silicon
Graphics (SGI).  It is also supported on Windows 3.x, Windows NT, and the
Tandem NonStop Kernel. Application developers use the Piccolo API to access
data and applications residing on any of the supported platforms on a
network.  The developers need no programming knowledge of the underlying
transport protocol.  For more information, point your Web browser to, or E-mail, or call Piccolo Sales
at 603-595-7480.


PIPES Platform, from PeerLogic, is message-oriented middleware that
provides the essential communications services for distributing
applications across the enterprise.  PIPES Platform's process-to-process
messaging allows development of applications with an asynchronous,
non-blocking, event-driven architecture.  A dynamic name service lets
you find at run-time and communicate with any application resource in
the PIPES Platform network. PIPES Platform automatically maintains
information on all PIPES Platform resources, even as machines and
applications are added or moved. Session management services provide
guaranteed message delivery, integrity, prioritization, sequencing,
dynamic re-routing, and error handling. PIPES Platform's cross-platform
and multiprotocol support provide a consistent communications interface
that allows developers to focus on business logic, not communications.
Contact  Jennifer Hart, Director, Product Marketing, 800-733-7601,;


SmartSockets (tm), from Talarian Corporation, is a rapid application
development toolkit which enables processes to communicate quickly,
reliably, and securely across different operating system platforms,
through the use of messages. The communicating processes can reside
on the same machine, on a LAN, on a WAN, or anywhere on the Internet.
SmartSockets is an industrial-strength package which takes care of
network interfaces, guarantees delivery of messages, handles communication
protocols, and deals with recovery after system/network failures.
SmartSockets's programming model is built specifically to offer
high-speed interprocess communication, scalability, reliability and
fault tolerance. It supports a variety of communication paradigms
including publish-subscibe, peer-to-peer, and RPC. Included as part of
the package are graphical tools for monitoring and debugging your
application. SmartSockets is available on most UNIX, OpenVMS, Windows
3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2. For more information, contact
Kelly Bernardo at 650-965-8050 ext. 145. Also, visit our home page at, or E-mail


Entersoft Systems Corporation supplies NCR's TOP END (tm) 
Transaction Request Broker middleware. TOP END has been used by 
customers in banking, retail, telecomm and other industries to 
build some of the largest transaction processing systems 
connectiong 100s of nodes and up to 10,000s users. TOP END runs 
on Windows (all versions), UNIX, and legacy platform, and 
includes support for Java and Active/X applications. Entersoft 
is the sole supplier of TOP END on most platforms. Entersoft 
also provides add-on products for transaction processing, such 
as the TOP END-Tuxedo Message Gateway. Customers can contact 
Entersoft at or at 908-575-9100. 
Customers can also get additional TOP END information at NCR, at

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Top Document: Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
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