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rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 10D--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd

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Archive-name: bodyart/piercing-faq/personal-experiences/partD
Last-modified: October 25, 1999
Posting-frequency: Quarterly

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Summary: This posting contains information about body piercing. Anyone 
    interested in the subject and/or who wishes to read/post to 
    rec.arts.bodyart should read the Piercing FAQ first.

The rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ is divided into 30 parts:

2A--Jewelry Materials
2B--Jewelry Sizes & Designs
2C--Facial Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2D--Body Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 
2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
3--Getting A New Piercing
4A--Professional Organizations, Piercing Instruction
4B--Professional Piercers - United States - Alabama - California
4C--Professional Piercers - United States - Colorado - Iowa
4D--Professional Piercers - United States - Kansas - Nevada
4E--Professional Piercers - United States - New Hampshire - North Dakota
4F--Professional Piercers - United States - Ohio - Pennsylvania
4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
4H--Professional Piercers - Canada
4I--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America
4J--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America Cont'd
5--Care Of New Piercings
6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
7--Healed Piercings
8--Historical Information
9--Resource List
9B--Resource List Cont'd
10A--Personal Experiences - Facial & Unisex Piercings
10B--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings
10C--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
10D--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
11A--Jewelry Manufacturers
11B--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd
11C--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd

This section includes:

10D  Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
   10D.1  Inner Labia Piercing
   10D.2  Fourchette Piercing
   10D.3  Dolphin Piercing
   10D.4  Childbirth with Clitoral Hood Piercing

All texts written and (c) 1999 by Anne Greenblatt unless otherwise
Please see Part 1 of the FAQ for information regarding copyright and
dissemination of the FAQ.

DISCLAIMER!  The Piercing FAQ contains material of a sexually explicit
nature. The information contained in the Piercing FAQ should not be
construed as medical advice.


10D.1  Inner Labia Piercing
       by Laura Bryannan

I'd been itching to get a below-the-neck pierce for *ages* and finally
decided to get my inner labia pierced.  I have one 10g ring that goes
through both labia, just underneath my clit (you can see a picture of
type of pierce I got in BME).  I decided on this particular pierce for
sexual aid reasons.  The underside of my clit is *so* sensitive, any
time a
tongue, finger or pubes scrapes along there it borders on pain unless
totally aroused.  After twenty years of this I decided to do something

It seemed to me that my clit hood could be treated just like any other
with the ring essentially "tying" it underneath my clit to prevent
from underneath.  I discussed this theory with my piercer (Bliss, a very
helpful and knowledgeable woman here in Chicago) and she agreed--I had
enough inner labia to hold a ring (not all women do).  We spent some
discussing the placement; I didn't want the ring so close to my clit
that it
would rub against it, or so far away to not perform it's purpose.

I had been hoping that the ordeal could be done with one pierce through
labia at the same time, but Bliss disagreed.  She decided that healing
be facilitated with two pierces and two rings for the initial healing
process. This was a bit of a scare for me, but I demurred to her
even though I was afraid I'd get through the first pierce and then tell
"Forget it!" Bliss took her time making sure everything was just right,
placement-wise, and then we were ready.  The clamp went on and I was
instructed to breathe slowly and deeply.  The first pierce happened so
quickly I was surprised and amazed how little it hurt--one sharp pain
then it was over--I didn't even feel the ring going in.  The second
hurt a little more (probably because I knew what to expect at that
but still no more than my ear cartiledge pierces - definitely not
enough to
have waited as long as I did to get it done!

So, there I was with two 10g 1/2" rings in my privates!  They bled for
a day
or so, and I'll admit I was a bit squicky about them that first night
they were the most ouchy, but the healing process went much faster than
could ever have imagined--no pain after two days!  Thanks to a tip I
read in
rec.arts.bodyart, I was ready for my first cleaning with a small jar
that I
filled with warm water and simply held to the area to loosen the
and blood that had accumulated on the rings.  This technique worked
like a
champ! Bliss recommended using Summer's Eve Feminine Wash as a cleansing
agent as I'm allergic to Betadine-type solutions, and this worked just
for me.  I washed diligently twice a day and didn't have one problem
infection-wise.  I switched myself over from two rings to one sooner
Bliss preferred--after two weeks--but I had no problems there either,

The pierce looks great and feels wonderful--I couldn't keep my hands
out of
my pants for over a month!  It will be a great help for clueless lovers
it stimulates my entire clitoral area as a unit; I figure it can also
as a road sign "Clit this way -->" (above the ring, folks!)  If this is
pierce you're considering, I'd definitely say "Go for it!"  You won't

1996 update:  I've stretched this pierce and now wear an 8g 1/2" ring
I've also added a 10g 7/16" horizontal clit hood pierce to the
constellation. Between the two rings, my sex life has been *greatly*
enhanced (yes, I've tried them out in real life at this point!)  Not all
women find their orgasmic ability increased this way, but I was one of
lucky ones, I guess.  My lover thinks they're wonderful as well--he
how they look and he finds they make even easier to turn me on than it
before!  Again, I say, "Go for it gals!"

10D.2  Fourchette Piercing
       by Julie Nicholson
       October 1996       

My experience with my fourchette piercing was a little different than
people's piercing experiences. I had it done at Taurian Body Piercing in
Houston, TX. They are an excellent shop with a good reputation (and my
boyfriend works there). Anyways, I decided to have my piercing done by
Michael Heath, one of the apprentices in his second level of piercings.
was his first fourchette piercing.

After filling out the appropriate paperwork, I settled down on the
table. I had been pierced quite a few times before (and I'm a piercer)
so I
was well aquainted with the routine. Since this was Michael's first
fourchette piercing, and since this piercing is still relativly
Byriah (the owner of the shop and senior piercer) asked if I minded if
(my boyfriend and the other apprentice) observed the piercing as well.
course I didn't mind, though I thought he might've been a little
uncomfortable watching two other men observe and pierce my genitals.

I removed my pants and underwear and lay prone on the table. Byriah
asked me
to put my feet together so that they would have full access to my
That was a little uncomfortable for me, as I am not all that flexible,
it wasn't too bad. After getting into the position I tried to get my
mind in
focus, and listen to what was happening at the same time. First, Byriah
spread me open a little bit and gently tugged on the area to be pierced,
showing Michael and Mike exactly where the fourchette is located. He
them to feel the area for themselves. ( I didn't mind this, as we are
professionals and I feel very comfortable with them) When they were
the area ( which is, for you who don't know, the bottom lip of the
opening, pierced out toward the anus) I didn't feel too much of a
This lessened my fears as I realized that my fourchette itself isn't

Marking took awhile as this area can be tricky and because Byriah was
instructing both Mike and Michael. As the marking process was coming to
close, I began my breathing. Slow inhales through my nose, and out
my mouth. I concentrated solely on breathing, becoming almost oblivious
what the piercers were doing. Marking was finished and they got
prepared for
the piercing. Byriah let me know they were going to clamp the area. They
used a very small pair of pennington forcepts. Both Byriah and Michael
excessivly gentle, but the clamps were very uncomfortable, especially
Michael was moving the tissue to get the marks lined up. It felt like I
being bitten by a small animal. Once the clamps were in place, Michael
over. I had gotten into a very good relaxed cycle of breathing and I
continued this as I heard him letting me know that he was ready. In a
quick seconds, the piercing was done. I barely felt a thing, the
of the needle as he got it into position, and then a quick burn as his
guided it through. We had decided to put a 14g barbell in the piercing
as I
understood that the area can stretch and I didn't want to start too big.

I felt great! A little rush, butbthat was all. I put my clothes back on
I couldn't even feel that the piercing was there. I was a little
dissapointed, since I was hoping for a little sensation, but it wasn't
or anything, and my clothes didn't seem to effect it at all.

The next morning, as I was showering the worst thing I could think of
happened. I heard a tinkle and saw my bottom ball of the floor of the
shower. I didn't panic, I got out and attempted to screw it back on.
Unfortunatly, Mike had gone to work so I was on my own. If you can try
imagine screwing the ball on a 14g barbell when it's in a piercing
facing your ass, you can see it wasn't easy. It took me close to 45
to get myself into a position that I had access to the area and could
enough (with the help of a mirror) to get that sucker screwed back on.

Luckily that was my only mishap with this piercing. With the barbell I
no problems relating to comfort, as far as intercourse, it doesn't "do"
anything for me, but I haven't had problems with it twisting or getting
the way. (except for that one time it got hung up somehow with Mike's
ampallang, but that's a different story) I have tried fisting with it
and I for one only found that somewhat uncomfortable. Recently, for a
of pace, I tried wearing a ring in it. I enjoyed the sentsation of the
being tugged on, but it was way too bulky for rough sex in any position.

The piercing has stretched on it's own to 10g. I have a girlfriend whose
piercing has stretched so much that the barbell will slip right
through. I
think that may be the main difficulty with this piercing. Otherwise, I
it's a very attractive addition to my genitalia.

10D.3  Dolphin Piercing
       by E. George Oeser
       02 Feb 1997

A few weeks ago you emailed me requesting an account of getting my
piercing for the faq, well, here it is.

To start at the begining I got a PA about 2 years ago. All was well
with the
PA and I stretched up to 6ga and was pretty happy with it over all. But
about a year ago an idea popped into my head. WHat if a second hole was
further down the shaft and the 2 holes joined by one piece of jewelry?
I posted to r.a.b. about it and found out that it had been done and
that it
had a name, dolphin. While I was happy to hear that it had been done
I did wonder about the people warning me about the possibilitiy of
tract infections. These warnings however didn't scare me off and I
asked my
piercer about doing the pierce. He seemed to have no interest in doing
but asked me what I had found out (we went thru the same thing before
he did
my lateral ear lobe pierce) we talked about it and he said he would
have to
think about it. The idea of this pierce basicly left me for a while,
but one
day I decided that it had been too long since I had gotten a new hole
and I
called my piercer. He said he was willing to do it and so we set up a
I went to the shop a few days later with a freind and a video camera
if I ever adopt a grandkid) and got ready for the pierce. I had marked
spot for the piercing earlier (figured it would be good to mark it when
erect) and so the piercer (Ian Bishop at Lone Wolf Bodyart in
Nashville) got
everything ready and went to work. The pierce was performed just like a
except deeper and went off with out a hitch. We wondered how the jewelry
insertion would go since he had to manuver the 10ga 1/2" ring thru 2
but it was very simple. The bead was inserted and I was on my way home.
I got home I found that I had been doing quite a bit of bleeding... a
of a lot of bleeding, but this wasn't a complete surprise. I will say
it did bleed quite a bit more than my PA, but since this pierce went
slightly more tissue I wasn't too surprised by this. About 3 days later
bleeding stopped and all seemed fine, for the moment at least. After
about a
wekk I began to get a bit concerned as the pierce was still quite
and after 2 weeks I was getting really worried. I went back to the
and he took a look at the pierce and noticed that the ring was a bit too
wide and seemed to be moving the original PA hole forward, not to
that I noticed anytime there was pressure on the ring from my clothing
I was
put through some pain that is almost unbelievable. We finnaly got a
barbell that would fit the pierce and installed it and from that point
have been no problems at all. So what is having a dolphin like? in a
wonderful. It is like having a PA without any of the problems, no more
problems with urination, and no painful twisting of the ring in my sleep
which I sometimes experienced with the PA, as far as sex goes, it is
just as
good if not better, it really feels like there is a lot more metal in my
ureathra although I'm not sure if the actual amount is any greater. The
problem I can see is that I can no longer hang 3lb weights off my penis
impress my friends :) All in all, it looks great, it feels great, and I
longer piss on my feet... I think I like it.

10D.4  Childbirth with Clitoral Hood Piercing
       by Samantha <>
       August 1998

At the moment I wear a 14ga stainless steel captive bead ring, because
teardrop-shaped ring was somehow uncomfortable during pregnancy,
although I
don't now why.

The topic of what to do with my pierce came up some weeks before the due
date during one of the prenatal appointments with my midwife. She was
really interested in how it was done and who did it and why one would
to have something like the clit hood pierced (now *that* was easy to

We discussed if I would have to take the ring out when giving birth and
she said it would be better to take it out just in case, although she
didn't think the ring would be really in the way.

So when the birth started (my waters broke) I didn't think about the
at all and left it in all through the first stage of labour. Only when I
was nearly ready to push the midwife reminded me of the ring and Chris
husband) took it out. The bead is quite loose, so he was able to open it
without pliers. He put some almond oil on the ring and rotated it
the hole to keep it lubricated and moist and then took the ring out.

90 minutes later our son was born without any problems and about an hour
later Chris re-inserted the ring. I was really surprised that the hole
didn't close a bit, but maybe I just didn't feel that the hole was
because of the oil. Chris used some oil again and nearly didn't manage
get the slippery bead in.

Before the birth I didn't expect to keep the hole because I thought
genital pierces would close very fast and I already thought about
it redone, but I am very glad I didn't have to.


                              Anne Greenblatt
                Manager of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ
                             Piercing Exquisite

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