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rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 10B--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings

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Archive-name: bodyart/piercing-faq/personal-experiences/partB
Last-modified: October 25, 1999
Posting-frequency: Quarterly

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Summary: This posting contains information about body piercing. Anyone 
    interested in the subject and/or who wishes to read/post to 
    rec.arts.bodyart should read the Piercing FAQ first.

The rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ is divided into 30 parts:

2A--Jewelry Materials
2B--Jewelry Sizes & Designs
2C--Facial Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2D--Body Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 
2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
3--Getting A New Piercing
4A--Professional Organizations, Piercing Instruction
4B--Professional Piercers - United States - Alabama - California
4C--Professional Piercers - United States - Colorado - Iowa
4D--Professional Piercers - United States - Kansas - Nevada
4E--Professional Piercers - United States - New Hampshire - North Dakota
4F--Professional Piercers - United States - Ohio - Pennsylvania
4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
4H--Professional Piercers - Canada
4I--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America
4J--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America Cont'd
5--Care Of New Piercings
6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
7--Healed Piercings
8--Historical Information
9--Resource List
9B--Resource List Cont'd
10A--Personal Experiences - Facial & Unisex Piercings
10B--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings
10C--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
10D--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
11A--Jewelry Manufacturers
11B--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd
11C--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd

This section includes:

10B  Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings
   10B.1  Triangle Piercing 
   10B.2  Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing
   10B.3  Ampallang Piercing #1
   10B.4  Foreskin & Septum Piercings
   10B.5  Frenum Placement with Intact Foreskin
   10B.6  Ampallang Piercing #2

All texts written and (c) 1999 by Anne Greenblatt unless otherwise
Please see Part 1 of the FAQ for information regarding copyright and
dissemination of the FAQ.

DISCLAIMER!  The Piercing FAQ contains material of a sexually explicit
nature. The information contained in the Piercing FAQ should not be
construed as medical advice.


10B.1 Triangle Piercing by Susan 1994

I got my Triangle piercing done by Raelyn Gallina in mid-February
(1994). I
was expecting a very painful experience; a lot of people had told me it
would be much more intense than my clit hood piercing. Actually, it
I don't know if it was my (mostly) lack of nerves this time (the clit
was my first non-earlobe piercing and I was scared to death) or that I
more psychologically ready for this one or what, but it was not nearly

Bled like crazy, though. I think happy thoughts about blood - keeping
wound clean and all that. It was swollen at first, but the swelling went
down in about a day. It was a bit interesting to sit and cross my legs
about two days, and then it itched for a day or so. After that, I've
noticed it except occasionally when I manage to get it twisted a little
sitting or something. At six weeks, I would call it fully healed, and
it has
been almost no trouble. I cleaned it first twice a day for about a week
once daily with Triadine (generic Betadine). I am wearing a surgical
captive bead ring in it.

Actually, I shouldn't say I've hardly noticed it. Rather I have hardly
noticed any *pain* from it. For the first few days it was so intensely
*pleasurable* I had trouble concentrating - it was a perfect, intimate
in *exactly* the right place, if you know what I mean...Thankfully, that
hypersensitivity has faded a bit. But I still have only to think about
it to
be able to feel like someone has placed one exquisitely delicate finger,
just so...My, this is distracting to write...

I'm delighted with the piercing, and recommend it highly to everyone
who has
the right anatomy for it (not every woman has enough flesh for this one,
don't get your heart set on it until you are sure it can be done).

It also goes beautifully with the clit hood piercing, which is also
horizontal with a matching ring. They sort of nest around my clit. I am
thinking of getting another clit hood piercing above the existing one,
that I will have a set of three rings in a row.

10B.2  Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing by Erika Ferguson

Piercing performed by Morganna at Inkporium Tattoos in Lansing,

In the summer of 94 I had my intro into below the neck piercing with the
ever popular navel ring. I wanted another piercing before I was even
off of
the table and I had a nipple piercing about a month later. About that
time I was exposed to the benefits of genital piercings through
conversations with my piercer but was still a little skitish. I had a
nipple pierced and began stretching my ears, all the while trying to
myself for a genital piercing. Most of my concerns centered around
myself to the piercer, I felt uncomfortable with the idea even with the
piercer being female because of severe scarring on my inner thighs and
labia from childhood surgery.

We began to discuss the piercing and I originally wanted a clitoral
but the piercer felt uncomfortable so we settled on a vertical clithood
piercing low down towards the glans, which is well exposed. I was
settled on doing it and got up the nerve to tell her about the scars,
just shrugged and said it made no difference, which took a weight off
of me.
The piercing itself was done with a 12 gauge needle and receiving tube
as my
hood is very loose. I was very nervous and shaky before the piercing
and I
found the cleaning painfull as the glans is very very sensitive. It
felt a
little strange to have the recieving tube directly on my clit so I held
still, soon I felt a very intense sharp pain but I barely had time to
in my breath before it was over. She instilled a 12 gauge 5/8 SSS
bead hoop and sent me on my way with strict care instructions echoing
in my

I found that the rolling of my wheelchair down the sidewalk was a whole
experience, every bump in the sidewalk an interesting tickle. My healing
time was suprisingly rapid with one day of light bleeding, one day of
itching and two days of plasma secretion before I was completly healed.
pleasent change compared to months of fighting with a navel and
trangus. Its
been a few months now and the sensation is still nice but a little too
so Im getting bored. I plan to instill an 8 gauge 3/8" or 1/2" inch
to heighten the sensation some more. I think I will enjoy the barbell
because I tend to get caught up in the hoop so I play a little more
than I'd like. Despite my recent complants, Id still rate this as my
favorite piercing, well worth the two seconds of pain.

10B.3   Ampallang Piercing by <>

So I happened to be in New Orleans for the first time this weekend, and
was having a great time wandering around the place, and on Sunday I was
the Quarter checking out a thrash clothing store and noticed a poster
advertising Body Piercing, Wings of Desire, Elaine "Angle" Binnie; I
thought, "Oh, cool, I've heard a lot about her on rab." I decided to

Her shop is located on the second floor of another thrash clothing
It's a cool place, not terribly crowded like Gauntlet seems to be
whenever I
stop by (of course, crowded with people with great bodyart!).  The
woman who
assisted me, another Elaine, was very cool (and is occassionally online,
"Hello!").  I looked at a few pieces of jewelry and started wondering
had made me come in, and I realized maybe it was an indication that I
go ahead and get the Ampallang I've been considering for the last two
I was concerned that I might not be able to get an appointment, but
Elaine 2
said that they could probably fit me in in about an hour.

Meanwhile, another customer offered that ampallang's heal quite quickly
don't hurt excruciatingly afterwards, and that I should have no problem
going to work the next day.  I thought it over as I perused an issue of
that discussed the procedure.  "Angel" came over and chatted with me
the procedure and healing regimin; she was very nice and made me feel
comfortable. I decided to go for it.  Release forms were signed, money
exchanged.  Elaine 2 asked if she could watch; I replied, "No problem."

In about 10 minutes t"Angel" was ready ("Hey - you told me I was going
get to wait an hour!").  We adjourned to the front alcove, where I
my drawers and climbed up onto the table.  I decided I would feel more
comfortable without my shirt - somehow being naked felt somewhat less
embarrassing in a clinical setting.

"Angel" marked the piercing's entrance and exit holes, further back
than I
expected but correct I see now.  I tried to clear my mind.  "Angel"
against using clamps.  I found myself surprisingly lacking in
and the thought of the pain really didn't scare me at first, but then
she told me to take deep breaths ("When you exhale I'll go ahead with
there was that moment of raw panic and I thought, "I can stop this right
now," but I didn't, and exhaled.

The piercing took about 2 seconds or so.  I could feel the needle
through, a very strange sensation.  The jewelry insertion was hardly
noticeable.  When the procedure was done I saw that I was bleeding
quite a
bit. She wrapped me up in tissue and a rubber glove.  She detailed the
recommended cleaning regimine - twice a day, soak, push back and forth
diluted soap, rinse, continue for up to six months and don't touch it
dirty hands!  No swimming AT ALL.

Sporting the rubber glove I reclothed and thanked "Angel" and Elaine 2
numerous times, and wandered off...I was a bit wasted the rest of the
though it didn't really seem like a rush or high, just a stuporous

I washed the piercing as prescribed, and changed gloves - I was provided
with a good supply.  I also picked up some unlubricated condoms which
well in lieu of the glove the next day at work, where I walked gingerly
was generally ok.

I bled a fair amount the first night, less the second day, and on day 4
not require a dressing.  Now I find that it actually hurt less the day
was performed than it does when I occassionally sit down wrong or get an
erection, which wakes me up in the middle of the night. I cannot sleep
on my
stomach yet, and I do wake up at night to adjust the barbell position.

The barbell is about 1/8" to 1/4" longer than the width of the piercing
of the time.  It is especially painful when it pulls to one side, but I
tell it is steadily getting better.

I would say (and "Angel" suggested this reaction is common) that the
Ampallang was and continues to be less painful than either nipple
The piercing took longer but it hurt less.

I wonder how much increased sensation I will get (the nipple piercings
wonderful in this respect!).  I'm not really worried about WHEN I'll be
to use it again, since I haven't really used it in a number of
years...Though I'll probably immediately meet some woman and fall madly
lust and everything will be fine until...I know that one of the women I
a crush on st the moment finds the idea intriguing - we happened to
the matter impersonally a while back; she was disagreeing with a woman
said it was "Gross" ("No, I heard it can feel quite good.")  And yes, I
since proven that the equiptment is still functional!

10B.4  Foreskin  and Septum Piercings by Pierre Honeyman

I decided to get my foreskin pierced for several reasons.  I was
an Ampallang, but I thought my foreskin might get in the way, so I
to pierce it instead.  I had seen drawings of several such piercings
and I
thought it could be an attractive piercing in itself.  I was never
about the pain factor as I didn't find the area that pain-responsive.

Once my mind was made up I proceeded to find a piercer here in
Edmonton.  I
called a few friends and got some suggestions, and I decided on an
visit to Larry at Joeyy and Bear.  I had heard of good experiences with

During the initial appointment we discussed the piercings I wanted
and two foreskin).  When we discussed the foreskin piercings, Larry
up aspects I had not thought of - for instance, I would have to plan the
piercings to avoid any veins visible with a flashlight.

We made an appointment for the piercings, and I went home to look for
suitable piercing locations.  I studied the areas several times over the
next week, and marked the locations the night before I was to get

I wasn't too nervous until I arrived at the shop, and then I became very
excited.  Larry and I talked for a little bit, and he described the
procedures completely.  Relaxing music played in the background which
established a sothing atmosphere.  I decided to get the foreskin
first, since I thought they would hurt the least.  I showed him where I
wanted the piercings and he checked the areas himself.  He showed me the
equiptment and explined the procedure again, as well as how he wanted
me to
breathe throughout the procedure.  He had me take a few deep breaths at
speed he liked and I found the method very relaxing and helpful in
controlling the pain.  He clamped the area and I resumed breathing, and
after a few breaths he said he would push the needle after the next
I felt the him press the needle against my skin as I inhaled, and then
pushed the needle through as I exhaled.  I looked down at the needle -
I had
felt no pain at all, and was very surprised.  He inserted the ring
closing it, until he had performed the second piercing.  The second
hurt, but it was still nothing, really.  It hurts more to play with a
cat than get my foreskin pierced!  Once both rings were in he adjusted
jewelry and popped in the beads.

The endorphins kicked in and I was surprised since I hadn't felt them
when I
had my nipple pierced previously.  I got fressed, shaking, and sat down
again to ready myself for the septum piercing.  Larry asked me if I felt
well enough to continue, and I replied affirmatively.  He discussed the
septum piercing procedure, and said he prefers to perform them with the
customer lying down. He said that I may feel to vulnerable laying down,
that he could pierce me sitting up if I prefered.  I told him to go
ahead as
he prefered, and he reclined the chair until I was flat with my head
him, upside down.  It was unnerving, but not overwhelmingly so.  I was
a bit
afraid about the piercing since I thought it would hurt a lot.  He
the equiptment and had me start breathing as before.  He placed a needle
receiving tube on one side and the needle on the other.  At this point
were briefly interupted by a friend of mine who had stopped by.  I
asked him
to wait in the foyer and we got back to the business at hand.  Again,
was no pain and I was very surprised.

After the ring was in place, Larry instructed me on healing and
He recommended Baciguent ointment and Hibitane for cleansing.

Healing the foreskin piercings was no problem at all.  Initially,
the inside of my foreskin was dificult due to the swelling.  The
was gone after about a week.  I discovered that during healing briefs
much more comfortable than my usual boxer shorts.  The briefs held my
more securely and there wasless bouncing against my leg.

To clean the foreskin piercings, I first cleaned away the dried
(crusties) with a wet cotton swab. Then I washed both sides of the
with diluted Hibitane (1/3 to 2/3 water), again using a cotton swab.  I
the solution in place for three minutes, then rinsed thoroughly.  After
rinsing I applied Baciguent ointment, which I used for 10 days, 5 days
on, 2
days off, 5 days on.  The Hibitane I used for 2 weeks. It's been 6
weeks now
and I haven't had any discharge for 2 weeks.  I can rotate the rings at

So far I haven't encountered any difficulties with my piercings.  I
have not
had sex yet so I cannot say how they will affect sex.  I am able to
my foreskin without problems and the rings fold back nicely against my
penis.  I was able to masturbate after 2 days.

I enjoy my foreskin rings for the amusement value.  I can make them
when I'm naked and I like the sound; naturally I want bells now!  For me
they are definitely serving the purpose I got them for, which is
aesthtic. I
don't know if there will be other benefits of the rings since they don't
really add to sensation, although I have received some very interesting
suggestions that I will follow up on later.  They'll make a handy leash
B/D scenes, I'm sure!

10B.5  Frenum with Intact Foreskin by  Clive Neil <>

I think there ough to be a paragraph in the FAQ about frenums with a
foreskin. Which other pierce offers such a difficult task in placement. 
foreskin can change so much between flacid and erect. I can't think of
another pierce where the skin involved can move so much.

I can fill you in on a few things. I had a frenum two weeks ago (and
weeks ago - more later). I am also 100% intact (uncircumstised).

My piercing is about 3/4" down from the head about level with the head
the top so I can put on a loop after healing. I had it done 12ga with a

Before the piercing my foreskin would be in a variety of positions from
covering the head at all to most of the way over. This hasn't changed. 
of the time the barbell is on the outside sort of anchoring the foreskin
back but sometimes I have to go in and find it. I'd prefer it to stay
exposed for air circulation but it is fun to unroll my foreskin to look
the barbell.

Cleaning is easy and was completely painless for me from day one. Since
skin is loose I can push the barbell one way or the other to expose both
sides of the bar for cleaning. So far not too many crusties.

So in fact I think the only disadvantage in having a foreskin and a
piercing is in positioning the jewelry. How do you know where the flacid
skin will be whilst erect.  I wanted the piercing to be centred and
horizontal whilst erect. I had thought about this before going to get it
done.  When I went in I spent quite a while with my piercer trying to
position it. We pulled the skin moved the ink dots and agreed on a
I was still a bit dubious but whatthehell. Afterwards I went home and
checked the erect position. As I feared it was off to one side and
I went out to see a band and thought about it some more. I decided that
would probably bug me for years so took it out.

A week later I did some homework. I got hard and drew a grid on my
cock. One
line down the exact centre, one each side on the egdes of the front
and a couple of horizontal lines. Then I went down to the piercer and we
tried again. More endorphines etc - good value - two hits - one pierce
- I
now understand play piercing.

The second time was perfect. It is exactly where I wanted it to be. The
initial healing has been good. No pain, easy cleaning and not much
Unfortunately my girldfriend is about 6750 miles away so I haven't fully
tested it yet but on a couple of solo missions it felt great.

10B.6   Ampallang Piercing #2 by Adam <>

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice last week about choosing between
frenum, ampallang, and PA.  Of course, I ignored most of your advice and
went for the amp  :-)

I had it done by Tee, on Church St. in Toronto.  I have nothing to say
her but good.

I managed to convince VioSpazz, with whom I have been talking in e-mail
a couple of months, to lend me some moral support.  Actually, it didn't
much persuading.  We had never met in Real Life before, so meeting for
first time at a piercer's, and dropping my pants within a half hour,
was a
bit weird. It worked out well, though.  She was wonderfully supportive,
distracted me with conversation when I needed to be, and held my hand
whole time.

Tee spent quite a while making absolutely sure that I wanted an amp,
this is my first metal (case of beer! - no, wait a minute, wrong
- I've never even had an ear pierced.  When she was convinced, I chose
size of balls for my barbell, and we got down to business.  She cleaned
things like crazy, spent quite a bit of time locating the cavernosa and
double-checking, then marked the placement for me to check.  She doesn't
like to pierce through the urethra, because of the chance of scar tissue
bridging across it, so she marked a little higher up than I had
pictured. No
matter, it still looked good, so... on with the forceps.  At that point,
your faithful narrator decided it was time to stop watching.

It stung a little when she moved the clamps a couple of times, which
made me
flinch a bit, making me wonder how much I'd jump when I was actually
pierced. She relaxed the clamps a bit for me, them told me she was
done.  Yeah, right, I was thinking.  Everything but the *real* pain. 
asked if I was ready, and if I wanted any warning.  I made sure I had
two of Vio's fingers in my hand, so that I wouldn't break anything, and
kinda hum'd and ha'd about getting warned.  Tee said, nah, you don't
any warning. Then...

Yow.  Two or three seconds of yow.  I'm afraid I made a bit of a racket
before I got control of my vocal cords.  The pain was about as intense
the time I got stitches in my hand, but, fortunately, it didn't last
as long this time.  And putting the barbell in just stung a bit.

Eventually, I psyched myself up enough to look.  Wow.  It looked pretty
cool, even though I was in denial about actually having metal through my

Tee cleaned everything up, wrapped me up, and taped a glove over
to contain the blood.  Then I realized that the endorphin rush that
talks about just wasn't materializing.  Not that I needed it - things
just smarting at that point - but it might have been fun to be more than
just a bit shaky (and feeling obnoxious).

So it went pretty well.  I even felt up to driving home afterwards
(with a
manual transmission!), it hurt so little.  Just a small nagging
reminder of
what I'd just had done to such an... important organ  :)

It's just as well that I got pierced below the waist, because despite
intending to let any of my friends know (they'd FREAK), I have this
urge to show it off.  I'm kinda proud of my metal.   So far, though,
three people other than myself have seen it.

Anyway, hats off to Tee for professionalism, bedside manner, and
concern for
my well-being.  And, certainly, a *huge* hug goes out to VioSpazz,
whose support I don't think I could have either chosen to do this, or
actually gone through with it.


                              Anne Greenblatt
                Manager of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ
                             Piercing Exquisite

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