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rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 10C--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd

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Archive-name: bodyart/piercing-faq/personal-experiences/partC
Last-modified: October 25, 1999
Posting-frequency: Quarterly

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Summary: This posting contains information about body piercing. Anyone 
    interested in the subject and/or who wishes to read/post to 
    rec.arts.bodyart should read the Piercing FAQ first.

The rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ is divided into 30 parts:

2A--Jewelry Materials
2B--Jewelry Sizes & Designs
2C--Facial Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2D--Body Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 
2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
3--Getting A New Piercing
4A--Professional Organizations, Piercing Instruction
4B--Professional Piercers - United States - Alabama - California
4C--Professional Piercers - United States - Colorado - Iowa
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4E--Professional Piercers - United States - New Hampshire - North Dakota
4F--Professional Piercers - United States - Ohio - Pennsylvania
4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
4H--Professional Piercers - Canada
4I--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America
4J--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America Cont'd
5--Care Of New Piercings
6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
7--Healed Piercings
8--Historical Information
9--Resource List
9B--Resource List Cont'd
10A--Personal Experiences - Facial & Unisex Piercings
10B--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings
10C--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
10D--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
11A--Jewelry Manufacturers
11B--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd
11C--Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd

This section includes:

10C  Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
   10C.1  Reverse Prince Albert
   10C.2  Apadravya
   10C.3  Bead Implants
   10C.4  Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin
   10C.5  Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs
   10C.6  Double Ring Wedding Ceremony

All texts written and (c) 1999 by Anne Greenblatt unless otherwise
Please see Part 1 of the FAQ for information regarding copyright and
dissemination of the FAQ.

DISCLAIMER!  The Piercing FAQ contains material of a sexually explicit
nature. The information contained in the Piercing FAQ should not be
construed as medical advice.


10C.1  Reverse Prince Albert
       by Steve Weston <>

On July 1st of this year (1995), I finally got my reverse PA. I have
thinking about it for over two years, and decided to go for it. I got it
touch with someone in the Albuquerue area who new about the piercers,
name on the net is O Captain My Captain, and he agreed to be my saving
and drive me to and from the shop.

I had it done at Sine Qua Non by Eerin. He was great. He was nice and
and relaxed the whole time. The thing is, is that he had never done a
reverse PA, but told me that if I was comfortable with him doing it, he
would be more that happy to. I decided what the hell, since he was so
and straight forward about it, what could really go wrong.

Anyway, I signed the release, picked out the jewelry (12g black Niobium
captive bead hoop), and waited for him to say that everything was ready
sterilized. When I went into the piercing room, I was quite relieved to
all of the equipment packaged and or soaking. I dropped my pants, got
the chair, and he began his thing on my thing. I was thoroughly cleaned,
marked, and set. I asked if Lydocaine was available and he already had
handy. He put some into my urethra and after a few seconds, he inserted
recieving tube. This is where I got a little nervous. That tube was a
lot bigger than I thought, and I didn't even feel it, just it's weight.

He took some time to explain to me that because this pierce does not use
clamps, and because it goes through more meat than most others, it would
take longer than usual. So I began breathing deeply, and he told me
when he
was about to start.

Now, I won't lie, it hurt quite badly, but not as bad as I imagined,
and not
in the same manner that I thought it would.  The only problem I had was
I was expecting an actual feel of puncture, and when this did not occur
after quite a while of pain, I began to freak out mentally.  Just at the
time when I was about to say stop, Eerin said O.K. we're all of the way
through.  My first reaction was to say "Really?" but I just continued
breathing calmly.  Now, I expected the pain to continue, but after the
needle was all of the way through, there was no more pain at all.  He
threaded the hoop, and voila, I was finished. It was about this point in
time when I started feeling like I had smoked about seven bongs single
handedly, and he said I could lay there as long as I wanted. This was a
thing, because I don't think that I could have walked evenly and in

The dreaded glove and rubber band came next, yuck, what a pain in the
He informed me that things might hurt a little when I first go to the
bathroom and when I get my first erection.

When I got home to Las Cruces, I went to the store and bought all of the
cleaning stuff and proceeded home to clean it for the first time. This
no problem, a little tender, but nothing I couldn't handle. The only
that I bled where during the night for the first four nights, I guess
because they were the only times I got an erection. When I decided to
masturbating, about five days afterward, the only thing that hurt was
cum that got onto the exit "wound" afterward", but manipulation was no

As for healing, it took almost four months for it to completely heal,
now I am quite active with it in most ways. The crusties were gross and
pain, but less pain cleaning them than rotating them into the pierce
cleaning. I got infected once, and a little iodine and frequent
cleaning did
that very well. I think I cleaned three times a day for just about a
and I think I really needed to too.  After that, I just was carefull to
the crusties off when I took my daily shower. And now, I don't have to
about those anymore either.

About a month ago though (three months after the fact), I noticed that
I had
a raised white ring around the exit hole, but I read that that is quite
normal for a lot of certain kinds of pierces. That is gone also.

Overall, I consider my pierce to be a high point of my existance, in
that I
despise pain, but I did it, and am quite proud.  I would not discourage
anyone from getting a reverse PA, but I will say that it takes quite a
while, and patience. If you can get through the first week, and into a
routine, it's cake.

Over X-mas or maybe in January I am going to be getting upsized to a
and I can't wait. And for X-mas, I am giving myself a nose pierce as a
present. Pierce number three, here I come.

10C.2  Aparavya Piercing Experience
       by Joshua <> October 21, 1995

I got my apadravya today, and boy did it hurt. Did it ever. I can
barely remember the pain, but for the first time ever, I screamed.
loud too, when I went out everyone asked if I was ok.  Different kind of
pain than the nipples, which was shortlived and searing, this was like
pain. Like getting an arm broken, only worse.  Jim Weber at Infinte Body
Piercing did the job, as he's done all my other genital piercings (and
body ones as well). It's been about 4hrs since then and I'm still just
coming down from the rush...

I've already got a 0ga PA, so the hole on the bottom is quite large.  We
decided on using a regular length apadravya barbell (10ga) with a 5'16"
on the bottom of it, to prevent slippage up the urethra (I already had
a ball in my posession). Not a perfect solution, but it works for now (I
evenually plan to stretch up to about 6ga. The barbell will still slip
the hole if I pull enough, but the barbell tends to stay in it's place,
since the new top hole is very tight.

Basically, we decided that we would use a needle receiving tube (0ga,
my hole is that big on the bottom) and then pierce through the top into
that. He marked the spot, and I made him move it a bit to the left.
I was satified with the mark I prepared, by lying down and beginning
nice relaxing breaths (not). My heart was racing quite rapidly and I
feel it. The tube went in easily, since I've already got the 0ga hole
and the clamps fit on nicely, altough they were a bit tight, but not too
painful. I stuttered a few time, in terms of starting the three-breath

Then I steeled myself up, told Jim that "this is the first

<insert gut-wrenching scream here>

Then it was over. Jim removed the insertion tube, pulled off the clamps
then screwed in the ball on the bottom. I was then wrapped up in a
pad, gauzed and taped (covered by a surgical glove, to catch leakage of
blood, if there was any).

I was getting very light-headed, so Jim offered me some Gatorade (which
Infinite keeps around for such occasions) drank about half the bottle
lay down for a little while (1 minute or so). I was fine after that, but
I'm still a bit shaky (4 hours later).

I took off the bandages, because I had to go the bathroom and there was
quite a bit of blood, but none in the glove, so it wasn't flowing
freely (no
bloody glove). Going the bathroom was a bit painful, but nothing I
felt before due to my PA, or some random bladder infection (sorry to
anyone out). I rebandaged with a sterile-pad, gauze and tape, and we'll
how much blood there is overnight.

I'm quite happy with the placement and look of it (I just want it to be
larger and have bigger balls, but I can wait until it heals).  Much
more so
than my PA, which I don't know how happy I was with it, since I
stretched it
out so much. The good news is, I can now pee standing up, which is
something I haven't been able to do since I went above 6ga in my PA. The
only bad news is the blood, but we'll see how long that lasts.

A few days later: The blood has been almost non-existent (except for
crusting) after that first removal of the bandage. I soak every morning,
remove the crust, clean with betadine and wash out. Do the same every
evening. I'm soaking it in epson salts at night (after betadine, before
washing) to keep keloiding down (worked before so...).

Waiting for sex isn't a problem, since my SO is out of town for the next
couple of months, which makes this piercing choice good planning.

10C.3  Bead Implants

The author writes: "Due to company restrictions on my account, I am
to give you my e-mail address, but will continue to monitor this

A while ago on this news group I saw someone was asking about putting
and such under the skin of the penis. I read about this somewhere
years ago. This was a time when I had just done some of my own
piercings. I
had done a PA along with a Hafada and a Frenum (which didn't "take"),
with my left nipple. I had enjoyed all of them, not necessarily the
but the having later. I also have two tats. Those I didn't do myself

I decided to try the implants. I had gone thru a knee surgery and had
excellent pain pills left. I chose to use glass bead from a bead shop
instead of pearls. I went to my local crafts/bead shop and bought some
the smallest black beads I could find. Actually the two smallest sizes
had. I know I should have had them autoclaved, but didn't. I boiled them
forever in a microwave. I had heard that the microwaves are good at
disinfection. [This method of "sterilization" is not recognized as
-ed]  I took two of the pain pills and waited 30 minutes for them to
hold. Then secluded myself in the bathroom. I have to admit, it is
strange to cut into yourself. But I managed. I found it rather
difficult to
cut the pocket under the skin to hold the beads in. I remembered that I
some a surgical suture package. Don't ask how I got ahold of that! I
that one small suture to close the self inflicted wound did the job. I
the smallest of the two bead sizes. I put two in. One on each side,
about an
inch down from the glans ridge. It was an experience that I'm not sure I
want to repeat.

The afterwards part is the best. They healed nicely. In a week and a
half or
so had sex for the first time. Wife didn't say anything! Did she not
it? In fact she didn't say anything til about another week when she was
stroking me that she asked. She's not sure if she likes them or not.
non-committal. Shes like that. I however do enjoy them. I love the feel
I'm, stroking myself. Plus I feel them when fucking. I never have felt
need for the larger bead size. These I'm very happy with.  And since I
gotten black ones, the color shows thru the skin. If someone else is
to do this I would suggest getting a more natural color maybe. This way
someone could say its just a mutation of some sort.

I have since gotten a dydoe piercing. This I had done professionally.
that one HURT!

10C.4  Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin
        by Sean Corfield

Well, I just got back from Into You, the proud owner of a 10ga 3/4" SSS

Got to Into You about half an hour late and Mark had taken his 6pm
appointment early, but he was finished by five past so it was my turn (I
didn't recognise him without his bright orange hair -- too attractive
wasps he said!). I signed the release form, picked a ring (well,
no...once I
said I wanted a CBR he produced a 10ga 3/4" and I just looked and said
yeah" :-) Paid up (20 GBP for the pierce, 6.50 GBP for the ring).

Downstairs, I peel off and sit in the "dentist's" chair feeling a
little bit
ridiculous but Mark chats away putting me at ease. I'm the third PA in
a row
he's done, apparently. Teena, he says, is in Burma and likely to stay
for a year or so. Then we chat about Dunstable Tattoo Expo. He dons
and marks me up after confirming that I 'hang to the right' -- 'yeah' he
says 'that'll sit nicely in there'. Change of gloves and he lays out the
needle etc -- ulp, it looks awfully big! 'Just relax and get yourself
he says 'you'll just feel a little push' I look away at this
'OK, just putting the ring in...there, you're done!' I unclench my
from the arms of the chair and look at the ring: WOW!  And I only had to
suffer that short, sharp pain for this...yeah!!!!

Mark gets me a glass of water and a sucker and I dress and we chat some
more. I mention that I've still got my long tongue barbell in. 'Want to
change it now?  No charge if the old one's not damaged' So he gets a
14ga barbell and swaps it over after some minor trouble getting access
the lower thread: 'Stick your tongue out straight' Unngh, says me... :-)

Yeah, it feels a lot better like that!

'Any idea what you'll get next?' Dunno... So we discuss some other
and I leave thinking I might get a frenum next... Who said the A-word?

So it's now about 4 hours since the pierce and, apart from some bleeding
when I took a shower, it's fine. No discomfort (just fascination :-) and
I've started the 'glass of warm salt water routine' that really is
something to make you feel ridiculous!!

To sum up then: I'd recommend Into You anyway having been there before.
is great - his relaxed chatty manner really helps and he seems to take
that the piercing is well-placed and you're going to be happy with it.
PA is so much less painful than I expected -- Mark actually said 'yeah,
guy comes up to stick a needle in your dick and you're
thinking...uh-oh, do
I _really_ want to do this and's over and you _know_ it was
right decision!' and I'd agree with that.  Brilliant! It bled a bit for
first four or five days and is still a little tender but I'm happy with
way it's going. My only concern is that I'm uncircumcised and, since it
isn't entirely comfortable to keep the foreskin back all the time, I
generally have it covering the PA during the day and uncovered at
night. I'm
soaking it in warm salt water fairly often and it seems to be healing
incredibly quickly!

10C.5  Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs
       by Camilla Calberg

Guess what I'm sporting in my nipples... A couple of earstuds mounted
in a
somewhat intricate way!

I dont know if some of you remember, but some time ago I wrote to this
newsgroup and asked about special frontal Nipple piercings so that I
wold be
able to wear special * Nipple studs *, my own name for them , straight
from the front of the nipple.

I have a pair of 0.24" gold beads sitting on/through the front surface
of my
nipples tips, and they are doing a good job decorating their position.
very pleased with the look :-)

Here are a couple of ascii drawings of how my nipples look:

Top view:
               _W_        stud
              |   |   
             0|   |O      barbell
           ---     ----   areola

I have the "normal" horizontal piercing through my nipples, plus one
coming in from the front that connects to the horizontal piercing
This means that I have a T shaped hole inside my nipples.  I am wearing
10ga barbell through thease piercings and they are well healed.

The comments I've received are: encouraging whistlings from the boys
of my female friends must have gossiped :-) ] I have allowed some of
them to
have a look also and they made big eyes and almost dribbled and said

The girls have looked enviously at me and said Didn't that Hurt very
How brave of you!  They look very sexy!  How pretty your nipples look! 
do look very cute!  I must know how you did it, because I also want to
such jewllery!

This is how the jewllery are made:

It consists of two parts the regular "ear stud" plus an adaptor that
into the horizontal barbell.

For healing and technical reasons the smallest gauge that is
recommended to
use is 14g,so that is what we chose.  If the piercing is made with a
gauge it doesn't tend to heal too well and would be difficult to find
changing the jewellery.

The bar coming forward out of the centre of the nipple will be 14g
into the horizontal barbell at one end. the bar itself is a hollow tube
most of its length (except the threaded bit).  The hollow tube is
thinner at
the inner end that have the threads, like this:

   Drilled hole here ----> 0                 |   This end threaded ~
1.0 mm
And of cource there is no abrupt changes in diameter it changes
Into the adaptor can be inserted any ear stud from the high street.

This is how he made the piercings:

First of all sterilizing all jewlerry parts in an autoclave.  The
barbells with threaded holes in the middle, stud holders and the gold

Then I got a good cleaning of my nips. Then we spent a good time
out the center of my nips and trying to get them symmetrically placed.
finally marking the exit holes.  After that I got some mild numbing
dabbed on my nipples.

He used a Cannular Needle, this has a plastic sleeve around the needle. 
First he removed one ball from the barbell and then withdrew the needle
the plastic sleeve.  Then put the sleeve over the barbell.

Now comes the trick:

Pull/push the sleeve into the very centre of the nipple, (measure
carefully). Hold the Sleeve steady and pull the barbell off the end. 
the sleve should be exactly alligned with the marking on the nipple
Gently tilt the nipple sideways and Push the needle forward and out of
centre of the nipple, including the sleeve.  This means that the needle
pierces from inside and out.

At this point we had a rest and I was beginning to se how everything
turn out.

He then removed the needle leaving the sleeve behind.  And inserted the
holder bar threaded end first into the sleeve pulled the sleeve out and
bar into the new hole.  Next step was to gently loosen the sleeve and
the threaded barbell,while holding the stud adaptor.  Now he screw the
bar into the barbell and the reamaing ball on the barbell.

The new stud holding adaptors are made too long by 2/3 mm = 0.026" for a
while until it heals to adapt for swelling and to give something to hold
onto for insertion.

I had a chance to take a good look now and I could see the adaptors
out as little as they should. My nipples looked a bit sore but otherwise
everything looked OK.  Finally he swabbed me with a cleaning agent and
popped in the gold bead studs.

My breasts looked absolutely marvellous with thease golden studs
sitting in
the nipple tips.  By this time my head was spinning and I was bubbling
Joy! The studs sit a tiny bit in front of the skin during the healing
but later on I will have  the adaptors shortened so that the jewlerry
settles in my nipple tissue, just slightly pushing the skin down.

My boyfriend was with me during the whole "operation",and that was a
Afterwards he took me to a faboulus restaurant and I felt like I was
on clouds.

I had a dull ache for some days after and I could not sleep on my tummy
had to use a couple of paper towels shaped as doughnuts round the
nipples in
order to release them from pressure but now it has disappeared.

The cleaning and care of the piercings is almost as with every other
piercing the only differences are that I can't work as easily from both
sides of the holes. I apply the fluid on my nipples and adaptors and
slightly loosen the adaptor in order to work the fluid in the holes by
rotating the adaptor.  I have found that a tiny syringe with a blunt
tip is
ideal for rincing from behind. Just put the syringe "tube" in one of the
barbell holes and gently squeeze till the fluid comesquirting out
the front hole.

And my loved one has bought the promized set of Qubic zirconium studs
so I
can hardly wait until the healing weeks till I can try them out.  They
are a
bit larger than the gold studs and I don't want to screw up anything so
be patient!

I will almost never need to remove the adaptors - I can just switch the
fancy part.  I like to change my earrings and nose studs rather
so I am very glad that I will be able to do so with my nipple studs

I will be able to use what ever "Ear-" or in this case "Nipple-stud" I
It combines the good parts of ear studs and body jewllery.  It's very
to switch the fancy part + you get the stimulation from the jewllery
and you
are still playing it safe!

My nipples has become a bit more sensitive now than before but not so
that it bothers me. I had to use a couple of paper towels shaped as
doughnuts round the nipples the first days in order to release them from
pressure.  Now I think it's quite nice to get stimulated when the blouse
moves during the daily duties.

10C.6  Double Ring Wedding Ceremony
        by Calyxa Omphalos

Three years ago I met Chucko, my husband-to-be, at a Thanksgiving Day
His ears perked up at all the right times, especially when I mentioned
I was thinking of getting my labia pierced. He talked about how he'd
to get his nipples done but that the plans fell through.

We fell in lust, and then in love. On our 10th day together, he said
something about getting maching wedding rings. "Wedding?" I asked. He
quickly said, "uh, nipple rings, yeah, that's what I meant!"

Over the years Chucko changed his mind about nipple rings, I guess
seeing me
get my labia pierced (twice, but that's another story), and watching me
my nipple (took less than a year, but it's still kind of a long time)
what did it; he'll probably follow up and explain when he sees this post
(hi, dear!).

Then, last year, I proposed, giving him a gold and diamond ring. He said
"Yes" and on October 14th of this year we were married.

Now the fun begins. A wedding present we received was a gift
certificate for
Gauntlet! (The givers asked us first if we'd be into that, and I told
that it was his decision, I'd be up for it if he was.) By this time,
decided that a PA would be just the thing, if it could be gold. I'd
on getting my other nipple done, but thought it'd be more appropriate
this ceremony if I chose something more intimate.

I meditated on my anatomy, having large outer labia and almost no inner
presented what I thought was a problem. I considered the triangle, but
couldn't really do the "pinch test." If I had known abou the q-tip
test, I
would have tried that and known that a vertical hood piercing would
work out

We scheduled our appointment for last sunday, November 26th, which was
three-years-to-the-date anniversary of when we met (though we consider
Thanksgiving to be our primary anniversary). We had a couple friends
show up
as witnesses, including my maid of honor (I had her put her 4 ga big
earrings in for the wedding). She took photos of the piercing.

First, I had one of the Gauntlet staff "check me out." I still wasn't
about the vertical hood. I went back into one of the booths, dropped my
drawers and sat up on the table. The Gauntlet staff woman took a q-tip
did something I couldn't see with it (put it under the hood with the
clitoris, hmm, interesting sensation, that...) She said, "no problem"
the piercing. I went back out front where we were looking at jewelry.

Picking out the jewelry was surprising. Chucko knew he wanted gold, and
single-bead captive style ring. The first ring he was shown was a 12
ga. I
said, "put a 10 up there for comparison." And that turned out to be the
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, I knew he was a size queen when I
married him.

I chose niobium, 14 ga. There was a wide selection of color. I have a
green ring in my outer labia, so I didn't want to clash with that. I
on a dark blue ring with a lapis bead.

We read the care instructions while waiting, and finally John called us
to the booth. All five of us crammed in there, John, Chucko, our two
witnesses and myself. John asked, "Who's first?" Chucko said, "I guess I

I should let him write his PA experience. It was his first piercing of
kind, and it was 10 ga, and it looks beautiful.

Then it was my turn. I got up on the table again, just as I did when
checked out earlier. John had cleaned up and switched gloves and he
me gently, "to get to know it a little." He wiped me with betadine, then
drew a mark for the entry. I had a mirror and after looking at the mark
said, "Looks scary!  Let's do it!" That got laughs and smiles of
from all in the room. He put the needle receiving tube in there the
had gone earlier, which was even more interesting than the q-tip. Then
cautioned me, "Try not to slam my head between your thighs when I do
A few breaths later, the needle was through. I was still breathing, but
getting dizzy. John put the ring in, but before he got the bead in
there, I
had to get horizontal. With my legs above my head, I no longer felt
like I
was going to faint or something. Soon the bead was in and we were done!

I can see why some women find the vertical hood piercing "too intense"
leave in all the time, but I think I'll get used to it pretty quickly. I
plan on trading in the ring for a barbell when it heals.


                              Anne Greenblatt
                Manager of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ
                             Piercing Exquisite

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