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[alt.backrubs] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQL), (5/5)
Section - Discussion: Newsgroups, mailing-lists and gateways

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Top Document: [alt.backrubs] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQL), (5/5)
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(A complete list of all of the subsections of question 5.2.4 is in part 0
of this FAQ list.)

  The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of this FAQ
list.  Here is the list of subparts for this question (in no particular
  (a) newsgroup
  (b) BODYWORK mailing-list
  (c) PARACELSUS mailing-list
  (d) newsgroup
  (e) newsgroup / FIBROM-L mailing-list
  (f) tuite mailing-list
  (g) aromatherapy mailing-list
  (h) alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup
  (i) alt.aromatherapy newsgroup
  (j) SOREHAND mailing-list
  (k) iu610-L mailing-list
  (l) alt.reiki newsgroup
  (m) newsgroup
  (n) More lists


a) newsgroup
        The newsgroup sometimes carries
discussions of the same or similar topics to those discussed in
alt.backrubs.  Its charter includes discussions of Aromatherapy for
example.  The charter can be found in the `control.messages' file in the
archive (see question 5.1.2).  Sunsite (see question 5.2.2) has collections
of many postings to the newsgroup.


b) BODYWORK mailing-list
     In [alt.backrubs,] article
<4h4gqj$> (Greg Tobias)
announced the BODYWORK mailing-list thus:
>BODYWORK is a restricted, but unmoderated, mailing list for discussion
>amongst bodywork practitioners.  The list owner intends for the
>definition of bodywork to be fairly expansive, including all sorts of
>body-centered therapies and modalities.  Examples include Swedish
>massage, Trager  Approach, trigger point therapy, Rolfing, Polarity
>Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Alexander Technique, Jin Shin Do,
>acupuncture, Shiatsu,  physical therapy and training, and
>body-centered psychotherapy.
>Membership on the list will be restricted to practitioners and 
>students.  New subscribers will be screened by the list owner before
>being added to the subscriber list; however, the discussions will not
>be moderated.
>To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
>LISTPROC@ECHONYC.COM on the Internet:
>For example:
>Owner:  Greg Tobias (

[Added 29 February 1996]


c) PARACELSUS mailing-list
        In [] article
<> Mitch Stargrove
<> wrote that
   PARACELSUS, is a mailing list aimed at promoting communication,
   cooperation and exploration among health care
   professionals. Subscription is limited to practitioners, educators,
   researchers and students in alternative and conventional medical
   fields. The list is intended to focus on interesting cases,
   practical clinical pearls, recent publications, useful anecdotes
   and medical news.
        "We all have unique experiences, different perspectives and
   valid insights. No one has all the answers," commented Dr. Mitchell
   Stargrove, Research and Education Coordinator of AMR'TA.    "We can
   serve our patients best and advance the evolution of the  healing
   arts and medical science best by working together, sharing ideas
   and being willing to learn," the naturopathic physician continued. 
        Those wishing to participate in PARACELSUS should send a
   e-mail message to <>, reading "subscribe
   paracelsus". As part of the subscription approval process, send a
   biographical note indicating training, practice and interests to
        The entire article is in the archive's `w3.sites' file.  See
question 5.1.2 for details about the archive.  Other AMR'TA information
sources are listed in question 5.2.3 a).


d) newsgroup
        According to a report that appears in the archive's `group.split'
file, the newsgroup is for the discussion of 
professional massage by professionals.  (The archive is the subject of
question 5.1.2.)  The pdax newsgroup hierarchy has a small distribution so
most people can't read it.  Repostings of significant postings from that
newsgroup to alt.backrubs would probably be appreciated.


e) newsgroup / FIBROM-L mailing-list
        The newsgroup is a gated version of the
FIBROM-L mailing-list.  Jim McIntosh <> wrote in article
>FIBROM-L is a discussion forum for the disease/syndrome known as
>fibromyalgia / fibrositis. It is an opportunity for patients, family and
>friends of patients, physicians and researchers, and other interested
>persons to discuss this condition.
That article is in the archive's `fibromyalgia' file.


f) tuite mailing-list
        The tuite mailing-list is `[t]o discuss the theories of traditional
chinese medicine as it relates to the martial arts.  Pressure points, KO's,
revivals, massage techniques will all be discussed.'  [This is according to
the 18 Dec 1994 version of the Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists list, see
question 5.2.7c.] 
        To have your address added to the list send mail to
with the line:
  "subscribe [address]"
in the body.


g) aromatherapy mailing-list
        Steven Katz <> told the FAQL maintainer: to
subscribe to the Aromatherapy List, send mail to with no
subject and `subscribe aromatherapy' (without quotes) in the body of the
        This is the second address for the list (as of 13 Dec 1995).
Articles announcing and describing the list are in the archive's
`oil.scent' file.  Please note that this is the second incarnation of the
list.  The first one was accidentally lost.  For archival reasons, the
announcement of the first list is in the archive too.  Take care not to
confuse them.

[This part last updated on 13 Dec 1995]


h) alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup
        You might be able to have specific questions about herbs (for use
with oils), Aromatherapy, etc. answered in the alt.folklore.herbs
newsgroup.  It would be nice if summaries of information thus obtained were
posted to alt.backrubs.


i) alt.aromatherapy newsgroup
        The alt.aromatherapy newsgroup doesn't exist in many parts of the
Usenet because of the way it was made.  My site didn't even receive the
message that the group had been created!  (See the `control.messages' file
in the archive.)  Discussions of Aromatherapy also occur in the mailing
list and in other newsgroups listed above.  A collection of postings to the 
newsgroup is available from Sunsite (see question 5.2.2).


j) SOREHAND mailing-list
     The SOREHAND mailing-list is `for the discussion of Typing injuries,
Repetitive Stress Injuries/Disorder, Cumulative Trauma Disorder, Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome, etc.' [according to the Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
list, see question 5.2.7c].
     To have your address added to the list send mail to with the line:
  subscribe sorehand your-name 
in the body.
     For more information, write to <>.

[Addresses updated on 14 Oct 1997.  Thanks to Deanna McHugh.]


k) iu610-L   Revolutionary Health/Health Care Workers Info Clearinghouse 
     A mailing-list for news, information about and discussion of  
       - working in the health care industry 
       - union organizing as health service workers
       - self-health maintenance and protection
       - health and safety in the workplace 
       - building a new health industry for life on earth
     The mailing-list was created by the San Francisco Bay branch of the 
   Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

   Subscribe by sending e-mail to:
                 Post messages to:

   [This entry was added on 24 September 1995, with help from Lee Murray.]


l) alt.reiki newsgroup
     If you would like to write a description for the alt.reiki newsgroup
please contact the FAQL maintainer.


m) newsgroup
     If you would like to write a description for the newsgroup please contact the FAQL maintainer.

     According to Roy Fox in message 
<Xns907ADD4D94C0BScarmageddonnewsguy@> the charter of the
group is:
       Topics to include discussions about the practice and various
       modalities of professional massage therapy, including Swedish,
       NST, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Reiki, differences between
       professional massage therapy and non-professional massage,
       etc. DO NOT solicit for non-professional massage, or post
       advertisements of any kind except for professional massage
       therapy or massage products. Binaries are prohibited. Please do
       not cross post to newsgroups that are sexually or erotically
       oriented.  This newsgroup will not be moderated.

[entry added 15 March 2001, last updated 13 April 2001]


n) More lists
     More mailing list information is available in question 5.2.7(c).

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