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[alt.backrubs] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQL), (5/5)

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  Section 5 -- Other Network Sources of Information

        This posting contains information about the following:
    5.1) Other Frequent Postings to alt.backrubs
      5.1.1) The backrubs exchange
      5.1.2) The alt.backrubs archive
      5.1.3) The World Wide Web version of the alt.backrubs FAQL
    5.2) Other Network Resources
      5.2.1) Reference: Frequent postings to other newsgroups
      5.2.2) Reference: Other archives and collections
      5.2.3) Reference: World Wide Web Sites
      5.2.4) Discussion: Newsgroups, mailing-lists and gateways
      5.2.5) Discussion: Other groups (not Usenet, not mailing-lists)
      5.2.6) Miscellaneous: Network resources
      5.2.7) Miscellaneous: Major lists of Internet and Usenet resources

        The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of
this FAQ list.

        Each question begins with `Subject:' on a line of its own.  Users
with suitably equipped newsreaders can automatically skip to the start of
the next question, e.g. trn will display the start of the question when you
press ^G (control-G).  Of course if your newsreader doesn't do this
automatically, you can still use a search command to find the next question.
        To find the answer to question 5.2 search for a line beginning with
`Q5.2)', there will be only one.


        Your suggestions for changes to these articles are welcome.  Please
see section 0 (entitled Administrivia and Acknowledgements) in the earlier
posting for information about whom to contact and what changes are planned.

        The questions are divided into the following general sections.
Questions from each section are answered in articles of their own.  A list
of all questions appears in the first article (section 0).
        Section 0  Administrivia and Acknowledgements
        Section 1  General Questions
        Section 2  Basics of Massage
        Section 3  Novice Questions
        Section 4  Professional Massage
        Section 5  Other Sources of Information


Section 5 -- Other Network Sources of Information
        If you are unfamiliar with network basics see question 1.4 in the
section 1 article.

Subject: Other Frequent Postings to alt.backrubs

Subject: The [extinct] backrubs exchange 

Q5.1.1)  The new backrubs exchange programme was a list of people from
around the globe willing to exchange backrubs.  The list used to be posted
to the alt.backrubs newsgroup on the first of every month.  In January
1996, a WWW version of the list was created (its address is below).  There
was once another backrubs exchange programme but it disappeared without a
trace long ago.  Paul Selkirk was the third person to maintain the new
         There are two files in the archive (see question 5.1.2) about the
backrubs exchange programme: the announcement, `exchange.prog', and the
most current update, `exchange.update'.
         The archive also contains information about other exchanges held in
Chicago (`exchange.chicago') and Seattle (`exchange.seattle').
         In late 1998 Paul stopped maintaining the list because there was
so little interest in it.  If anyone wants to start up the list again they
should contact Paul.  Copies of all of the files and web stuff are
available if you want to start it up again.


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