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[alt.backrubs] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQL), (2/5)

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Section 2 -- Basics of Massage

        This posting contains answers to the following questions:
    2.1)  What is massage?  What is bodywork and how do they differ?
    2.2)  What are some examples of massage and bodywork techniques?
    2.3)  Where can I read about massage techniques?
    2.4)  Is massage a sexual technique?
    2.5)  Could I hurt anyone if I do something wrong?
    2.6)  What does this technical term mean?

        The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of
this FAQ list.

        Each question begins with `Subject:' on a line of its own.  Users
with suitably equipped newsreaders can automatically skip to the start of
the next question, e.g. trn will display the start of the question when you
press ^G (control-G).  Of course if your newsreader doesn't do this
automatically, you can still use a search command to find the next question.
        To find the answer to question 2.2 search for a line beginning with
`Q2.2)', there will be only one.


        Your suggestions for changes to these articles are welcome.  Please
see section 0 (entitled Administrivia and Acknowledgements) in the earlier
posting for information about whom to contact and what changes are planned.

        The questions are divided into the following general sections.
Questions from each section are answered in articles of their own.  A list
of all questions appears in the first article (section 0).
        Section 0  Administrivia and Acknowledgements
        Section 1  General Questions
        Section 2  Basics of Massage
        Section 3  Novice Questions
        Section 4  Professional Massage
        Section 5  Other Sources of Information


Section 2 -- Basics of Massage

Subject: What is massage?  What is bodywork and how do the two differ?
Q2.1)   Massage includes a number of disciplines which share the use of
pressure, friction and strain upon the muscles and joints of the body for
therapeutic or affectionate physical responses.  In the book _Massage: A
Career at your fingertips_ Martin Ashley identifies several types of
massage: massage for preventive general health; massage for relaxation,
pampering or `beautification'; sports massage, massage for pain relief;
rehabilitative massage (for recovery from physical injury); massage as an
adjunct to medical or chiropractic treatment; and massage for personal
psychological transformation.  See Section 4.1 for more details about the
        The term `bodywork' is often used to refer to therapies that are
often combined and confused with massage, e.g. Shiatsu, Trager, Rolfing,
Polarity and Reflexology.  Some of these therapies are described briefly in
question 2.2; there are postings about all of them in the archive (see
question 5.1.2).

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