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This regular posting was last revised June 29, 1999.  Changes since
the last posting are marked by a vertical bar ("|") in the left margin.
("rn" and "trn" users may search for new materials using "g^|".)  It
answers frequently asked questions on rec.aviation, and provides a
glossary of frequently-used acronyms, so posters don't need to provide
translations of these terms.  This posting was written by Geoff Peck,
with input from many other netters.  The author takes full responsibility
for any omissions or errors.  (Use of this posting in flight is prohibited.
:-) ) Comments and questions are most welcome.  This article is now
being automatically posted twice per month.

The questions which are answered include:

Q1:   How is rec.aviation organized?
Q2:   What other sources of aviation information are there on the net?
Q3:   I'd like to learn to fly.  How do I do it, how much does it cost, how
      long does it take?
Q4:   I'm flying to Canada, Mexico, or the Carribean.  What do I need to know?
      I'm having trouble getting a medical.  Who should I call?
      Does someone have sample aircraft partnership agreement?
      Where can I get the bluebook value of a particular aircraft?
Q5:   I want to buy a headset.  What should I buy?
Q6:   What about aircraft intercoms?
Q7:   Tell me about mail-order.
Q8:   I'm a private pilot.  How should I log time in instrument conditions?
Q9:   What about logging cross-country time?
Q10:  Tell me about DUATS on-line weather briefings.
Q11:  How do I start a brand-new thread of articles?
Q12:  I'm a non-U.S. licensed private pilot.  Can I fly in the U.S.?
Q13:  Where can I get a copy of public-domain flight planning software?
Q14:  I'm considering buying an airplane.  How much will it cost?
|Q15:  What are the expenses involved in owning an airplane?
Q16:  Can I use my cellular telephone in an airplane?
Q17:  Can I use a radio, either a broadcast or aviation receiver, in an
Q18:  I have a physical disability and would like to learn to fly.  How?
Q19:  What are the alternatives for taking an FAA written examination?
Q20:  Are slips with flaps prohibited in certain Cessnas?
Q21:  How can I get a copy of an NTSB accident report?
Q22:  From what does "I have slipped the surly bonds..." come?
Q23:  Is there a resource on the net for getting aviation fuel prices?

You can search for the question you're interested in in "rn" or "trn"
using "g^Q13" (that's lower-case g, up-arrow, Q, and a number) where "11" is
the question you wish.  Or you may browse forward using <control-G> to
search for a Subject: line.  The Subject: lines and the lines of dashes
are an experiment; please send comments on this format to

The glossary follows the questions and answers.  The new and exciting
rec.aviation guide to proper spelling follows the glossary.


Questions and answers

Subject: rec.aviation organization

Q1: How is rec.aviation organized?

A:  There are now 20 distinct newsgroups which comprise rec.aviation:

    aerobatics	  aerobatic flight, techniques, events, and clubs
    announce      events of interest to the aviation community  (moderated)
    answers       frequently asked questions about aviation  (moderated)
    hang-gliding  all aspects of hang-gliding
    homebuilt     selecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft
    ifr           flying under Instrument Flight Rules
    marketplace   selling and buying aviation-related things
    military      military aircraft of the past, present and future
    misc          miscellaneous topics in aviation
    owning        information on owning airplanes
    piloting      general discussion for aviators
    products      reviews and discussion of products useful to pilots
    restoration	  questions, techniques, and groups for restoring aircraft
    rotorcraft    articles related to helicopters and other rotorwing aircraft
    seaplane	  all aspects of seaplanes
    simulators    flight simulation on all levels
    soaring       all aspects of sailplanes
    stories       accounts of flight experiences (moderated)
    student       learning to fly
    ultralight    ultralight, microlight aircraft

    It is suggested that you read rec.aviation for a little while
    before you post, so that you can best determine which subgroup is
    appropriate for your posting.

    If you post to a moderated newsgroup, please note that your posting
    will be e-mailed to the moderator for approval.  Generally, approval
    occurs within 48 hours.  If your posting does not conform to the
    charter of the moderated group, it will not be posted, and, in general
    you will not receive a response.

    In addition, the following newsgroups outside the rec.aviation
    hierarchy may be of interest:
    sci.aeronautics   the science of aeronautics & related technology (mod.)
    sci.aeronautics.airliners (moderated)
    sci.military      discussion about science & the military (moderated)    airline travel around the world

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