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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Werner Raetz                                                          12/09
  See also: WASEO
Postfach 16 40
D-75006 Bretten
Telefon: 07252/4827 or 07252/3058
Telefax: 07252/85565
  Publisher: developed by WASEO: Der WASEO Publisher,
Die WASEO-Publisher-Designer-Diskette, Die WASEO Trilogy-Diskette,
Das WASEO Grafinoptikum, Das WASEO Labouratorium, Das WASEO Practoscope,
WASEO Demo Disk, WASEO BASIC Hits, WASEO DISK-LINE disk magazine issues 1-50.
also publisher of: ATARImagazin (back issues available?)

Burkhard Rau  (HCRBurk)                                                5/06
  Developer: SUBMON 4.1D (Atari), 
ATARI FileManagement (AFM) 1.7 0002 (WIN 95/98/NT/2000/XP)

raz0red                                                                2/09
  Developer: WiiXL v0.1 (port of Atari800 emulator for Nintendo Wii)

Ready Magazin  (Sascha Leidel)                                         2/07
  Publisher: READY. Magazine.  Atari part: 100%, only Atari.
2.60 euro per magazine. 6 magazines per year
Special lower prize for ABBUC members available.

READY Technologies  (Thomas Smailus)                                   5/06
254 Nelson Dr Apt U
Baton Rouge LA 70808-5059
Fax: (225) 578-5263
  Developer: design, layout, and manufacture of electonic analog and digital
hardware systems; design, development, and production of software systems;
software: Olympics, Word Processor for the Blind, Blip, Putzman, Saturn
Lander, Menu Master, DOS 17; Data storage and media conversion; Engineering,

Red's Retro Computing  (redrumloa)                                     8/09
USA or
  Developer: Competition Pro Retro Joystick (by Speed-Link),
Micromys V3 Mouse Adapter (allows the use of modern mice on the Atari) 

RETRO magazine                                                         2/07
  See: CSW-Verlag

Rewindgames  (Fred Meijer)                                             4/06
  See also: Mirage Interactive
  See also: Sikor Soft
The Netherlands
  Vendor: new and used hardware, new and used commercial software including
all Sikor Soft titles (new in box), exclusive distribution of (new in box) ANG
titles, and (new in box) Mirage titles. ANG/Mirage titles: Bang! Bank!,
Basicdup, Eureka, Hack Picture Program II, Mines, Operation Blood, Operation
Blood for the lightgun, Problem Jasia (Johny's problem), Sh*t!!, Simple Minds,
Tanks, T-34 the Battle, Thinker, Thinx, Tron, Whooops! 2, Zebuland Utility
Thomas Richter                                                        11/09
  Developer: Atari++ Emulator (800/XL/XE/5200 emulator for Unix/Linux/
Solaris/Irix) Stable Release 1.58, CVS Snapshot 1.58, atari++ 1.58 for win32

Markus Roemer / R.I.K. of Kaisersoft                                  10/06
An der Roehr 6a
55606 Hochstetten-Dhaun
  Publisher: Top Magazin 2006

Pawel Rosowski                                                         4/05
  Developer: IK+ C64 to Atari 8-bit Conversion Project (game)
version 0103 (March 2005)

RTS Software / BBK Enterprises  (Bryan P. Schappel and Barry Kolbe)    7/05
USA  or
  Developer: Utilities: ANALOG Database, BCALC, BCOPY (SuperCopy),
BBK Artist, BBK C.P., BBK Monitor, Debug+, Disk Enchanter, Disk Master,
Personal Spell Checker, T:EDIT. Atari 8-bit Games: Capital, Clash of Kings,
ROBOX, Snow Plow, Snow Plow Editor

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