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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Filippo Santellocco                                                   10/09
  Developer: L.E.M., Cookie Monster v1.4

Satantronic  (-XI-, Jookie, Nir Dary, Patarik)                         8/05
Slovakia or
  Developer: Msx: LL02 party version. Gfx: Beauty, FLY, IHL, Oko, Desire,
Manga, Alien, Indigen, Atari girl. Intro and Demo: TE.MOD, Liquid, Dragons,
zzZumRotator, Transparent ANULOID, 3D tunnel with texturemapping,
TuTuBes party version, Matrix 1kB party version. Games: Jurassic Park II.
XRAM 0.21.0 - eXtended RAM test, 1MB SIMM RAM expansion blueprint,
MultiJoy 16/2 hardware interface

Darren Schebek                                                         6/07
Canada  or
  Developer: Envision (character editor & screen editor), Solitaire Game,
Yahtzee Game

Serious Magazine                                                       5/05
  See: Dial Group

Sijmen Schouten (Mr.Atari)                                            10/04
The Netherlands
  Developer: MyIDE--IDE interface project.  800 and XL/XE versions

Bo Schreurs                                                            9/06
The Netherlands
  Developer: DTR2ATR 5.05.00 (Image Creator), XDIRLIST (Image Disk Directory
Lister), ATR2XFD (Convert ATR to XFD), XFD2ATR (Convert XFD to ATR), 
XDIR 10.05.00 (Disk Image Browser), POOLDISK TOO (PD/freeware/shareware CD-

Ernest R. Schreurs                                                     9/06
Kempenlandstraat 8
5211 VN Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
  Developer: DISKCOMM (.dcm file format specifications), DCM2ATR (Diskcomm
archive to SIO2PC archive converter) 1.01, WAV2CAS (Digital Cassette Image
system, including CAS2SIO) Ver. September 30th 2003, CAS2WAV (Create a 
clean .wav file from a Digital Cassette Image), POOLDISK TOO 
(PD/freeware/shareware CD-ROM)

Ken Siders                                                             4/05
  Developer: Emulators Utilities: ATR/DCM utilities (DOS),
AtrUtil95 1.13 (Win32), FixRom (DOS). Utilities: DiskFormer, 
KEdit 1.51 Text Editor, Flash40 E: Handler, Flash80 E: Handler, 
Flick 80 E: Handler, Ultra Speed Boot Menu, AtariWriter+ Super Menus.
Programming: KASM65 2.51 Assembler, KLINK65 1.51 Linker, 
KLINK65 0.07 Cross Linker (DOS), Ken's Super Basic,
Project ICE (Internet Connectivity for Eight-bit Ataris - TCP/IP and PPP).
Games: Beef Drop, Burger Boy, Pac-Munch Jr, The Fish-Adventures of Mr. Fish,
Circle of Richness

Sikor Soft  (Pawel Sikorski)                                           1/05
  See also: Rewindgames  (Fred Meijer)
ul. 1-go Sierpnia 28 m 64
02-134 Warszawa
  Developer: 5 x 5, 5 x 5 Editor, ABC, Centurion, Cyborg, Fire Stone,
Ketchup, Liga Polska, Magic of Words, Max, Moscow 1993, Neuroid, Nexus, Orto
Puzzle, Pilkarski Poker, Sexy Six, Sexy Six Data Disk #1, Sexy Six Data Disk
#2, Sexy Six Data Disk #3, Teacher Killer, Tekblast

Mark l. Simonson                                                       9/06
  Developer: Atari Classic TrueType Fonts, v1.1

Sintech   (Thomas Eberle)                                              8/05
Gastackerstr. 23
D-70794 Filderstadt
Tel: +49 - 711 775033
Fax: +49 - 711 48969466
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

Soudi                                                                  1/06
  Developer: makeATR v0.06 (software for MS-Windows)

Len Spencer                                                            1/09
  Developer: HyperSpeed (high-speed R: handler for Multi I/O (MIO) and Black
Box interfaces), FoReM-XE Professional BBS Version 5.4

Sascha Springer                                                        3/04
  Developer: A8E (Atari 800 XL Emulator for Windows, "developed completely
from scratch")

SquoQuo  (Hopper, Bugger, Genetic Gemini, Scythoior, Yoda)             4/06
  Developer: Let's Hop, Sh*t Alpin 2005, Ms.Bulimia

STARSOFT Berlin                                                        3/08
  See also: PP's
  Developer: 1st START Berlin Demo, 2nd STARSOFT Berlin Demo, 
3rd STARSOFT Berlin Demo. CCB-Club-Mag: 01/1992, 02/1992, 03/1992, 04/1991,
04/1992, 05/1991. ECS Info-Mag: 01/1991, 02/1991, 03/1991. 
Gamtro ABBUC-Magazin 73, GFX 0 Scrolls, Multiple GFX 12 Scrollers,
New Years Disc 2007, New Years Disc 2008, STARSOFT Berlin TurboBasic Demo,
STARSOFT Magazine: 01/1992, 02/1992, 02/1993, 03/1992. TIF2PIC beta,
TOP-Magazin Intro

Steel Rodent  (Ken Jones "MetalGuy66", Sergio Larrondo "WareRat",      9/08
               Stephen J. Carden)
  See also: Integrated Logic Systems
  Developer: The "NEW" MIO

Radek Sterba (Raster/C.P.U.)                                           5/09
  See also: C.P.U.
Czech Republic or
Games: Zahada, Volleyball, Predator, Posthelper, Videopoly, Dangerous Street,
Magnetit, Naturix.
Games co-developed with Roberta Knilla/FUCO/Funny Computer: Android, Cityhawk,
Imagine, Gunhead.
MPE (MIDI Pattern Editor) v2.3.
utilities: HiLoader4.2, CompressCopy4Hi, TurboToDisk3, RSTos3.1, RSTos3.7,
More games: Head On, Speed Up!, Speed Up!! Gold Edition.
demos: YamahaDemo, Illusion 3, 80 rectangles, Motor, Search6502, Flame999,
SelfDemo, Wow1k, Fort 320, RMTdemo, Hellix, Basix, Fireworx, Forever 3000,
Plastic, Victory, Easter Night, Seawolf, Virtuoso, Fluid Chessboard,
Binary Celebration, Jozin z Bazin.
RMT1Player v1.06 (plays *.RMT (Raster Music Tracker) song files on the Atari.
Atari/PC software:  ATADIM v3.05 Beta (work with XFD/ATR Atari disk images),
DRATEX 1.6 (Drop file Atari Czech text convertor), MAC2MTX (Mac65 to Text),
Raster Music Tracker (RMT) v1.28 - cross-platform tool for making Atari XE/XL
music on PC (OS Win9x), SA_POKEY (Standalone dynamic DLL library for emulation
of Atari Pokey sound chip), SA_C6502 (Standalone dynamic DLL library for
emulation of Atari 6502 processor), Creaxin1 ("Create X in 1") v1.03 (creates
ROM image or Atari executable feeder program for X programs in one S/XEGS
RAMcart 128KB).
Atari/PC hardware: LPTJOY (connect an Atari joystick to a PC), MultiJoy4/
MultiJoy8/MultiJoy 16 (use 4/8/16 joysticks on a single Atari), 
SIO D-SUB15M Standard Atariklub PV.
Games for MultiJoy: Cervi, Multris, Shot'em all (SEAL), Cervi 2, Astro4 Road.

SteveR's Classic Cartridges (Steve Reed)                               8/05
  Vendor: used hardware and software

Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation)                                 4/05
The Netherlands or
  Publisher: authorized online editions of: Pokey's Magazine (Dutch),
The Best of Pokey's Magazine (English), Mega Magazine ("MegaZine")(English)

Carsten Strotmann                                                      8/03
  See also: Project USB Cartridge
  Developer: Kaiser II (game), Multi Zoom Master (gr15 picture editor), 3SDOS
- 3Sector Read-Only DOS version 0.8, Hercules drivers for the A.R.G.S. (ARGS)
PC-ISA Card, Bootdisk Loader with Sectorcounter, Picture Fade-In Routine for
BASIC, Little Typo Joke Program, Movie-End-Credits Scroller, Display Routine
for MultiColor (128 Col) Pictures, Screen Print Routine without ATARI OS,
ST-Mouse Routine, Atari port of Sweet 16 Interpreter (Apple II pseudo machine
interpreter, original by Steve Wozniak), Infoline for ACTION!

Super Products                                                         4/09
c/o James Bradford
"encoded" email: OOOjames_bradfordOOO@OOOeftelOOO.OOOnetOOO.OOOauOOO
  Developer: SuperMon, PrintMon, SuperMax, SuperRAM, Super800, SuperDOS

Jiri Svoboda                                                           1/07
Czech Republic
  Developer: Atari800 emulator binaries/patches for iPAQ (Linux).
old projects: Color Palette, XE ramdisk doubler for QMEG 256kB, 
Binary load+ (for TURBO 2000 Operating system V4.1), 
Prochazka v C... ("A walk in C..." text game)

Peter Svoboda  (Fly)                                                  11/08
Czech Republic
  Developer: Day After One, Demo 2001, Donkey Kong Junior, Gangsters 2007,
Gangsters Intro, Indiana Jones 3 aneb Tajemstvi Svateho Gralu, K.I.,
Kolony cz, Logik, Maturita 2001, Mesta CR, Mesta SR, No Name, Podraz 2001,
Pomsta Sileneho Hulice, Ruleta, Sniper, Sniper 2007, Sniper Intro, Strategi,
Textovky, V.U. 5259 aneb Utek z Hejcina, V.U. 5259 aneb Utek z Hejcina intro.
ALSO: a large number of images created with G2F.

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