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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge  (Paul Rixon)                                                2/05
United Kingdom
  Publisher: authorized digitized editions of Page 6 (1982-1989),
Page 6 Atari User (1989), New Atari User (1989-1998)

Eric Parent  (Joyful Coder)                                           11/07
  Developer: Memo Pad for Windows Release 6 (November 12, 2007) - 
read ATASCII files

James R. Parish  (J-Com Enterprises, Inc.)                             1/04
1012 E Lake Dr
Tarpon Springs FL 34688-8100
Phone: 727-943-5737
Fax: 727-943-0749
  Repair Shop.  Most Atari 8-bits, especially 1050 and 800XL

Michal Pasiecznik / "Pasiu"                                            1/08
Poland and
   Developer: 576 kB - 1 MB RAM expansions (based on the Amiga 500 and Amiga
600 RAM expansion modules), 1 MB - 2 MB SIMM Expansion, ROM Changer,
AutoStereo, XF551 LED Track Display, intSDX (an internal SpartaDOS X
upgrade), ARC (Atari Real Clock - an alternative realtime clock), IDEa
Interface (100% compatible with the KMK/JZ IDE interface), Simple 65c816
Processor Adapter, Warp4 (4 MHz 65c816 accelerator card), Warp4 MegaMEMboard
(1 MB of linear RAM for Warp4), Project F7 (16 MHz 65c816 accelerator card).
Software: CD Audio Player 0.9 for KMK/JZ IDE and IDEa Interface.

Pecus and Pirx                                                         6/07
  Developers: OMC65 crossassembler - Our 5oft MaCro assember for 6502
ver. 1.3 (Win32 executable); Scorched Earth for Atari XL/XE build 114,
Chip 8 & SuperChip 8 emulator v1.1

Tomasz Piorek / electron                                               7/07
  See also: Taquart
  Developer: VBXE - Video Board XE - project is a programmable, FPGA based
graphics subsystem for Atari XE computers

Pixels Past  (Joe Grand)                                               4/06
2907 Shelter Island Dr Ste 105-169
San Diego CA 92106-2797
Telephone: 619-222-4100
Facsimile: 619-222-1797
  Developer: Atari 8-bit computer 8K/16K PCB (make cartridges for the Atari),
Stelladaptor (Atari Controller-to-USB Interface, attach an Atari joystick/
paddle/etc to a modern computer)

PMWD                                                                   1/06
Piotr '0xF' Fusik, Lukasz 'X-Ray' Sychowicz
  See also: Piotr Fusik
  Developer: Drab (1K intro), Knit (256b intro), Mahna-Malysz (4K game)

Pokey Foundation                                                       2/05
  See: Stichting Pokey

PP's  (Ralf Patschke)                                                  3/08
  See also: STARSOFT Berlin
  Developer: G2F pictures: bos2002, Brandenburger Tor Sylvester, htlogo,
htlogo2005, joggingsheep, Lotus2_001, Lotus2_003, Lotus_003-1, Lotus2_004,
Lotus2_006, Lotus2_006-1, Lotus2_007, Neujahr 2007, New Year, 
rasenspriesssheep, Schneemann, STARSOFT Logo, Venus Express, weihnachtsbaum.
other: Boersenspiel Version vom 11.01.1992 

Publicaciones Creativas S.A.  (Ivan Antezana)                          6/04
Van Dyck 188
San Luis
Lima 30
tel/FAX: (51)(1) 346-2649
  Publisher: Atari Creativo #0, Informatica Creativa #0, #1, #2
(paper magazines, no longer published but back issues are available)

PVBest   (Philippe Vuillerme)                                          1/05
France or
  Developer: Atari software: Dropzone modification (score table saving),
The Famous List Of Hight Score, File Designer (convert from cassette to disk
or from boot program to Atari DOS binary file), Disk Wizard II modification
(updating and improvement of the disassembly code), Boot Loader.  PC software:
Atari File Designer 1.70c (AFD - read/write XFD disk images from/to a real
Atari disk drive via a 1050-2-PC serial cable), Atari Monitor 2.00 (for use
with Atari800 emulators), Atari ROM File Designer 1.9.1 (ARFD - advanced
version of AFD, create XFD/ATR images from real Atari disks via a 1050-to-PC

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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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