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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: FTP Resources 7/7 [Monthly posting]
Section - [7-5] AI-related CD-ROMs

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: FTP Resources 7/7 [Monthly posting]
Previous Document: [7-4] List of Smalltalk implementations.
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Prime Time Freeware for AI:

   Prime Time Freeware for AI is an annual CD-ROM collection of
   Artificial Intelligence freeware source code and documentation. Prime
   Time Freeware for AI in no way modifies the legal restrictions on any
   package it includes.  Each issue consists of two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs,
   bound into a 224 page book.

   The current issue (1-1; July 1994) includes a selection of the
   contents of the CMU AI Repository (see [5-1]), including most of the
   AI Programming Languages section and most of the AI Software Packages
   section. Thus the CD-ROMs contain nearly every free implementation of
   Lisp, Prolog, Scheme, and Smalltalk, including graphical user
   interfaces, object-oriented programming extensions, and other software
   development tools.
   They also contain the most complete collection of free software in 
   every area of artificial intelligence research and practice, including 
   Artificial Life, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms,
   Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Natural Language 
   Understanding and Generation, Neural Networks, Planning, Reasoning, 
   Speech Recognition and Synthesis, and Theorem Proving, and much, much more.
   All of the more than 1,300 packages are extensively annotated and
   indexed, with programs for searching the index included on the CDs.
   Since the CD-ROMs use gzip for compression, this means that Prime
   Time Freeware for AI contains more than 5,000 megabytes of
   AI-related software.  

   Prime Time Freeware for AI is targeted at AI researchers, educators,
   students, and practitioners.  Prime Time Freeware for AI is
   particularly useful for programmers who do not have FTP access, but
   may also be useful as a way of saving disk space and avoiding annoying
   FTP searches and retrievals.
   Prime Time Freeware helped establish the CMU AI Repository, and sales
   of Prime Time Freeware for AI will continue to help support the
   expansion and maintenance of the repository. The product sells (list)
   for $60 US plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling
   charges. Payable through Visa, Mastercard, postal money orders in US
   funds, and checks in US funds drawn on a US bank. Thus Prime Time
   Freeware for AI offers more than twice the contents of the NCC AI
   CD-ROM. For more information write to

       Prime Time Freeware
       370 Altair Way, Suite 150
       Sunnyvale, CA  94086  USA

       Tel: 408-433-9662 
       Fax: 408-433-0727


   The AI CD-ROM Revision 3 is available from Network Cybernetics Corporation
   for $89.00 per copy (plus $3 shipping domestic, $8 shipping international).
   The AI CD-ROM is an ISO-9660 format disk usable on any computer system, and
   contains a variety of public domain, shareware, and other software of
   special interest to the AI community. The disk contains source code,
   executable programs, demonstration versions of commercial programs, 
   tutorials and other files for a variety of operating systems. Among the
   supported operating systems are DOS, OS/2, Mac, Amiga, and Unix. Among
   the items included are the latest version NASA software such as CLIPS v6,
   NETS, and SPLICER, the collected source code from AIExpert magazine from
   the premier issue in June of 1986 to the present, and complete 
   transcriptions of the first annual Loebner Prize competition. It also
   includes examples many different kinds of neural networks, genetic
   algorithms, artificial life simulators, natural language software,
   public domain and shareware compilers for a wide range of languages
   such as Lisp, Xlisp, Scheme, XScheme, Smalltalk, Prolog, ICON, SNOBOL,
   and many others. Complete collections of the Neural Digest, Genetic
   Algorithms Digest, and Vision List Digest are included. Most files on
   the disk are compressed in ZIP format. Macintosh specific files are 
   in BinHex v4 (.HQX) format. Network Cybernetics Corporation releases annual
   revisions to the AI CD-ROM to keep it up to date with current developments
   in the field. For more information, write to Network Cybernetics
   Corporation, 4201 Wingren Road, Suite 202, Irving, Texas 75062-2763, call 
   214-650-2002, fax 214-650-1929, or send email to


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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: FTP Resources 7/7 [Monthly posting]
Previous Document: [7-4] List of Smalltalk implementations.

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