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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: FTP Resources 7/7 [Monthly posting]
Section - [7-2] Technical Reports available by FTP

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: FTP Resources 7/7 [Monthly posting]
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This section lists the anonymous ftp sites for technical reports from
several universities and other organizations. Some of the sites
provide only an online catalog of technical reports, while the rest
make the actual reports available online. The email address listed is
that of the appropriate person to contact with questions about
ordering technical reports. 

When ftping compressed .Z files, remember to set the transfer type to
binary first, using the command
        ftp> binary

Other general locations for technical reports from several
universities include: []  (see Index for an index)
      AKA []

The uwaterloo archive includes tech reports from the Logic Programming
and Artificial Intelligence Group (LPAIG) of the University of Waterloo.

There is also a WAIS server containing tech report abstracts that can be
searched. To use, create the file ~/wais-sources/cs-techreport-abstracts.src 
      :version  3
      :ip-address ""
      :ip-name ""
      :tcp-port 210
      :database-name "cs-techreport-abstracts"
      :cost 0.00
      :cost-unit :free
      :maintainer "")
and invoke your local wais client. To add to it, email abstracts of
your papers to in the following format:
   %TI Title
   %AU Author (use multiple %AU lines for multiple authors)
   %PU Published In (citation information)
   %AV Availability (e.g., ftp
   %OR Organization (see cs-techreport-archives.src for institution codes)
   %LT Local title (e.g., tech report number)
   %DA Date (and, if you want, %MN Month, %YR Year)
   %AB Abstract
If your papers are not available by FTP, you can use a %AV line such as:
   %AV mail
Further instructions are available from  
[Based on a post by Ashwin Ram.]

Also see the Unified Computer Science Technical Report Index

A list of FTP sites for technical reports and papers can be found in

A list of more than 230 sites publishing CS tech reports may be
obtained by anonymous ftp from

To receive notification of new tech report sites, send mail to to join the mailing list.

An archive of linguistics papers and preprints is available from Contact John Lawler
( or for more

The Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) at West Virginia
University has placed ASCII versions of the concurrent
engineering-related abstracts (over 500) that were on CERCnet, ASCII
back issues of the Concurrent Engineering Research in Review journal
(now discontinued), and Postscript copies of CERC technical reports in
the gopher server  In addition, many of the CERC
technical reports, including journal articles, symposium papers,
theses, dissertations, and issues of the Concurrent Engineering
Research in Review journal, are available as Postscript versions via
anonymous ftp from []

An index to all the reports, including some that are
available only in hardcopy, is contained in the file "CERC-TR-INDEX".
If you need additional information, contact Mary Carriger, CERC Office
of Information Services, at

The newsgroup comp.doc.techreports is devoted to distributing lists of
tech reports and their abstracts.

   MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory:
      ftp    --
      email  --
      browse -- telnet
      www    --

      A full catalog of MIT AI Lab technical reports (and a listing of recent
      updates) may be obtained from the above location, by writing to
      Publications, Room NE43-818, M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
      545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA, or by calling
      1-617-253-6773. The catalog lists the technical reports ("AI Memos") 
      with a short abstract and their current prices. There is also a charge
      for shipping. Some recent tech reports (since 1991) are available in the
      ai-publications/ subdirectory; older technical reports are NOT
      available by ftp. A bibliography is in the bibliography/ directory.

   CMU School of Computer Science:
      ftp   --
      email --
      www   --

   CMU Software Engineering Institute:
      ftp   --
      email --
      www   --

      ftp   --

   University of Washington CSE Tech Reports:
      ftp   --  
      email --


   AT&T Bell Laboratories:
      ftp   --
      bib.Z contains short bibliography, including all the technical
      reports contained in this directory.

      ftp   --

      [Maintainer's note: I assume these have been moved over to Lucent's

   Argonne National Laboratory:
      ftp   --
      email --

      Contains MCS Division preprints and technical memoranda,
      available as either .dvi or .ps files. For descriptions of the
      contents, see the subdirectory pub/tech_reports/abstracts; for
      the files themselves see the subdirectory pub/tech_reports/reports.

   Boston University:
      ftp   --
      email --

   Brown University:
      ftp   --
      email --

   Cambridge University: Speech, Vision & Robotics Group
      ftp   --

   Columbia University:
      ftp   --
      email --

   DEC Cambridge Research Lab:
      ftp   --

   DEC Paris Research Lab:
      email --
                Put commands in Subject: line of the message.
                To get a list of articles, use
                        send index articles
                To get a list of tech reports, use
                        send index reports

      email --
               To get a helpfile, send a message with 
	       in the subject line.

      ftp   --
      email -- Martin Henz (

   Duke University:
      ftp   --
      email --  [unknown user, 7/7/93]

      A list of available reports can be sent via email. Send requests
      for information about reports from the Center for Cognitive Science 
      to, and from the Human Communication 
      Research Center to 

   Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan:
      Reports from the Cooperative Architecture project (half AI, half
      software engineering).
      ftp   -- []
               See file Index.English.
      email -- Hideyuki Nakashima <>.

   Georgia Tech College of Computing, AI Group:
      ftp   -- ( 
      email -- Professor Ashwin Ram <>

   HCRC (Human Communication Research Centre):
      ftp   --
      mail  -- Fiona-Anne Malcolm
               Human Communication Research Centre
               2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, UK

      email -- Erna Amerman <>

   Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL):
      email -- Eric Thompson <>
      phone -- 217-333-2346 (9AM to 5PM CT, M-F)
      mail  -- Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory
               Department of General Engineering
               117 Transportation Building
               104 South Mathews Avenue
               Urbana, IL 61801-2996
      ftp   --
               Includes the GA bibliography and the Messy GA code in C
               (in /pub/src/) and preprints (in /pub/papers/Publications)
      www   --

      ftp   --         []
      ftp   -- []

   INRIA, France:
      ftp   --

   Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University:
      ftp   --
      phone --  708-491-3500

   Mechanized Reasoning Group (MRG):
      ftp   --
      email --  Fausto Giunchiglia <>
                Mechanized Reasoning Group, IRST
                38050 Povo Trento, Italy
                Tel: +39 461-314444 (secr.)
                     +39 461-314436 (office)
                Fax: +39 461-302040 / 314591

   National University of Singapore:
      ftp   --

   New York University (NYU):
      ftp   --

      ftp   --
      email --

   Ohio State University, Laboratory for AI Research
      ftp   --
      email --

   OSU Neuroprose:
      ftp   --  (

      This directory contains technical reports as a public service to the
      connectionist and neural network scientific community which has an
      organized mailing list (for info:
      Includes several bibliographies.

      ftp   --
      Very spotty collection.

      email -- Donna O'Neal,

   SUNY Buffalo:
      ftp   --

   SUNY at Stony Brook:
      ftp   --
      email -- or

      The /pub/sunysb directory contains the SB-Prolog implementation
      of the Prolog language. Contact for more

   TCGA (The Clearinghouse for Genetic Algorithms):
      email -- Robert Elliott Smith <>
               Department of Engineering of Mechanics
               Room 210 Hardaway Hall
               The University of Alabama
               PO Box 870278
               Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
               205-348-1618, fax 205-348-6419

   Thinking Machines:
      ftp   --

      This file contains a list of Thinking Machines technical reports.
      Orders may be placed by email (limit 5) to, or by US
      Mail to Thinking Machines Corporation, Attn: Technical reports, 245
      First Street, Cambridge, MA 01241. In addition, the directories
      cm/starlisp and cm/starlogo contain code for the *Lisp and *Logo

   Tulane University:
      ftp   --  []

   University of Alabama:
      ftp   --

   University of Arizona:
      ftp   --
      email --

      The directory /japan/kahaner.reports contains reports on AI in
      Japan, among other things, written by Dr. David Kahaner, a
      numerical analyst on sabbatical to the Office of Naval
      Research-Asia (ONR Asia) in Tokyo from NIST. The reports are not
      written in any sort of official capacity, but are quite interesting. 

   University of California/Los Angeles:
      ftp   --

   University of California/Santa Cruz:
      ftp   --
      email --

   University of Cambridge Computer Lab:
      email --

   University of Colorado:
      ftp   --

   University of Florida:
      ftp   --

   University of Genoa, Mechanized Reasoning Group:
      ftp   --
      email -- Fausto Giunchiglia <>

   University of Georgia:
      ftp   --

   University of Illinois at Urbana:
      ftp   --
      email -- 

   University of Indiana, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition:
      ftp   --
      email --

   University of Kaiserslautern, Germany:
      ftp   --

   University of Kentucky:
      ftp   --

   University of Massachusetts at Amherst:
      email --

   University of Melbourne, Australia,
   Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL):
      ftp   --

   University of Michigan:
      ftp   --
   University of North Carolina:
      ftp   --

   University of Pennsylvania:
      ftp   --
      email -- [email bounced 7/7/93]

   USC/Information Sciences Institute:
      email -- Sheila Coyazo <> is the contact. [email
	       bounced 7/7/93]

   University of Toronto:
      ftp   --   (Cognitive Robotics)
      email --

   University of Virginia:
      ftp   --

   University of Western Australia:
      ftp   --
      Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems (CIIPS)
      EE Engineering Department

   University of Wisconsin:
      ftp   --
      email --

Some AI authors have set up repositories of their own papers:

   Matthew Ginsberg:

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